SEMA 2009: RM460 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

You’ve probably seen this a few places already but here it is on MotorworldHype shot with our own camera.  The RM460 Hyundai Genesis Coupe was the first car I approached when I stepped foot on the SEMA show floor for the first time.  I have to say Rhys’ take on the Genesis coupe is pretty impressive up close.  The only gripe I had is the front bumper.  Something about the shape just puts me off, but apart from that this car is pretty close to pure awesome.  The big bad Tau V8 in the back is just begging to be revved but so far we don’t have any video of it in action yet.  But with SEMA all wrapped up I think we can expect some road test footage soon.  We’ll try to keep you posted.


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