F1: Sebastien Vettel Wins Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

With the championship already decided the last race of the 2009 Formula 1 season at a brand new track in Abu Dhabi was about making history and having a strong finish to the season.  At first it looked like Lewis Hamilton would have all of that as he was the fastest in practice and captured the pole position.  When the lights went out he shot to the lead but unfortunately he suffered brake problems which ultimately put him out of the race early.  It was the first mechanical retirement for Lewis and the McLaren Mercedes team all year so he couldn’t complain all that much. 

With Lewis out all it took was some extra effort and a pit cycle for F1’s newest superstar Sebastien Vettel to take the lead and run away from the field.  Once he got open air he was unstoppable and pressed on to a victory and history as being the first driver to ever win a race at the brand new Abu Dhabi race track.  Check out the video below for a full post race report via SPEED.

[Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images]

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