On Blast: Nigo’s BAPE Mercedes Benz AMG 300SL Gullwing

First of all I want to throw in a disclaimer here.  Don’t get it twisted! We like Nigo’s clothes and the stuff he collab’d with Pharell on (BBC, Ice Cream).  Heck the only time RJ isn’t wearing BAPE is when he has to wear a suit. He even bought the freakin BAPE hand towels!  Personally I think Nigo is brilliant and a true artist….HOWEVER…

This DOES NOT give him a free pass to continue to FAWK up perfectly good cars!  OK it was fun when he wrapped a Rolls Royce Phantom and when he did the pink BAPE wrap to a Bugatti Veyron it was…daring.  I wasn’t the biggest fan but it didn’t bug me because those cars are nice but they’re just modern toys.

So I head over to Hypebeast and to my unbridled horror I see a perfectly good Mercedes Benz 300SL decked out in BAPE camo!  WTF Nigo?! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 300SL in good shape??  Not only did he wrap it all crazy but he also hired AMG to rip out the original engine and replace it with an AMG built SL engine which sounds cool on paper but this car is a classic!

Nigo please..in the future stick to the modern stuff ..please!


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