Hype School: UTI (Universal Technical Institute) Is Pretty Freakin’ Cool

A long time ago back when I first realized my passion for cars and motorsports I reached a point where I knew that I wanted to be part of the automotive industry but I had no idea how to get my foot in the door or what to do.  Eventually I realized that I would take the path of journalism and marketing but I came across that by luck.  I think that’s a place that a lot of enthusiasts are at right now who are still searching for their niche.

For those of you who haven’t found what you’re looking for yet I highly suggest you check out Universal Technical Institute (UTI).  If you’re a gear head and prefer to do your own work on your car instead of just taking it to a shop to have someone else do it then you would love this place.  They each just about EVERYTHING there is to know about cars of all shapes and sizes and a lot of OEM’s go to UTI to harvest talent.

More interesting than that however is the fact that a few of the guys in the pits at Formula D events also went to UTI.  There is even a driver that graduated from UTI named Quoc Ly.  Yes grassroots drift hero Quoc Ly went to and graduated from UTI.

That’s one of the coolest things about the place.  They stress that the things that you learn there aren’t just for landing a job at the local dealership or shop.  The stuff you pick up at UTI can be taken to just about any motorsport level: Indy Car, NASCAR, NHRA, and of course Drifting.

Earlier today I went to UTI for the Formula D tech day and took a walk around inside and it was like the promised land for mechanics.  State of the art lifts, halfed cars, dynos gallore, a row of hot rod coupes, there was even a washer and dryer in there!  Why? Why not!

Anyway I was so impressed with the place that I wanted to rant on to you guys about it.  I also snapped a few shots of the inside so you could see what I was drooling over.

If you want more info about UTI just check out their website.

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