Former NFL Quarter Back Campaigns Lamborghini Gallardo In World Challenge

So what do you do when you’re a retired NFL Quarterback, live in the great state of Texas and have a little bit of disposable income?  In Dan Pastorini’s case you buy a Lamborghini Gallardo, gut it, and go racing.  After a playing QB to the Houston Oilers back in the day Pastorini made a decision to try his hand at motorsports.  This weekend he attempted to make his debut at Sebring in the World Challenge race piloting his track prepped Lamborghini Gallardo but during practice the motor popped. 

So rather than tempt fate and further ruin a very expensive Itailan supercar he packed it up for the weekend and is setting his sights on the next race at Long Beach.  Good choice Dan!  I can’t wait to see his car in action during the LBGP in April.  If they grant us press passes this year I’ll try to get an interview for you.  In the meantime check out the video below.

Thanks to Bill Wood for the tip!

Photo Credit: Mark Weber


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