Hype Video: Rhys Millen (Almost) Backflips A Truck!

Towards the end of ’07 Rhys Millen got this crazy idea that he wanted to back flip a truck for new years eve.  However, before he had a chance to make his attempt he badly injured himself during a practice run when the truck over shot the safety landing and hit cold hard concrete!  After the injuries he sustained many thought he might have ended his career.  But in typical Millen fashion not only did he recover he still remained a top contender for the 2008 Formula D title and won the Red Bull Drifting World Championship.  That’s a pretty good year coming off such a major injury right?  So, how does the Kiwi celebrate?  By deciding to try the backflip again!

This time he avoided any practice mishaps and made it to the big moment.  He almost made it too! Personally I feel like he pulled it off but technically since he didn’t stick the landing it doesn’t “count.”  I guess that means we’re going to see this “one more ‘gain” at the end of 09!  Check out the video below.


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