Coming Soon: Samuel Hubinette “Drift Ya Later” DVD

If you’relucky enough to know two-time Formula D champ Samuel Hubinette you also know that he ends almost every conversation the same way: a sideways peace sign and an enthusiastic “Drift Ya Later Dude!”  Now the “Crazy Swede” is taking his popular catch phrase and putting it on a DVD.  “Drift Ya Later” will pretty much be a semi-documentary of what Sam’s life was like over the last year or so.  In typical Sam fashion you should also expect a few crazy stunts as well.  One part I’m looking forward to in particular is a short “instructional” segment where Sam will give a way a few drifting tips.  According to his blog they just finished filming so it might be a while before its out.  However I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get this released right before the first round of the 2009 Formula D season this April.  In the meantime check out the trailer.

Drift Ya Later DVD Trailer from Samuel Hubinette on Vimeo.

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