LA Auto Show: Lotus Evora

One of my favorite debuts of the show was when Lotus finally pulled the sheet off their first all new car in 15 years, the Evora.  Don’t get me wrong the Lotus Elise is great and the Exige is amazing but the truth is you really have to love those cars to own them.  Due to their small size and high revving motors neither the Elise or Exige are considered “livable.”

So the Evora is really the car for those of us who want the same Lotus formula of big power with light weight (The Evora sports a 276HP V6 but only weighs 2,976lbs) but who want the comfort of a mid-size sports coupe.  And when I say “comfort” I mean it.  The interior is plush and you have a ton of amenities.  It also has carpet! Can you believe that? A Lotus with carpet.  The whole thing is bloody genius!  Hopefully Lotus will let us take a test drive when the Evora is released hopefully next year.  At the show I was able to catch up with Kevin Smith from Lotus USA to get a little more info about the Evora.  Check out the video below.

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