Surprize!: Rhys Millen Wins Red Bull World Drifting Championship

I know conspiracy theorists will be all over this story like white on rice but despite superficial appearances Red Bull sponsored driver Rhys Millen won the Red Bull World Drifting Championship on skill and one heck of a crew.  This event saw drivers from 12 countries battling it out for the title of the world champion.

One by one each drifter took on the specialy designed high speed course as the brackets got widdled down more and more until there was only one! (highlander reference…check).  Despite the best efforts from the international drivers no one was able to take Rhys off his game who set the fastest entry speed of day at 103.7 mph!

The whole thing was an awesome sight to behold.  Stay tuned for a small picture gallery!

Photo courtesy of Formula Drift

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