WALD E60 M5 Aero Package

WALD (a tuning company in Japan) has been a busy bee rendering out and developing quite a number of aero concepts for high end luxury autos along with sports cars and sedans. Earlier this week we showed you the R35 GT-R concept rendering. It looks pretty good if you like it aggressive. Many of the WALD kits that have been rendered out are hitting production. Some have been hits in my eyes (like this M5 and the S Class) and others have been misses (like the 3 series / C Class / and ISF). One of my favorites is the said aero package for the E60 M5. It’s sleek and accents the lines of the BMW well. Much more so than most other M5 kits (at least in my opinion) and the carbon fiber is positioned in the right places to give it just the right touch of performance. 

Find out more at WALD Japan or contact Jonari USA (North American WALD Importers).



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