Swift Racing Technologies IS-F High Flow Intake w/ Race ECU

Do you have the new IS-F and already itching to make more power? Swift Racing Technologies is one of the first to offer a high flow intake and ECU for the already potent Japanese super sedan.

The High Flow Intake systems allows much more air to get in the engine and adjusts the air/fuel ratio via the SRT AAFC (Advanced Air Fuel Computer) to optimize settings in conjunction with a real High Flow Intake system.

The stock intake system from Lexus has deficiencies in supplying air needed by the engine. Swift Racing Technologies has engineered the most advanced and first ever real High Flow Air Intake system for the Lexus IS-F luxury sport sedans. This system helps the engine ‘breath’ much better and gives the car quicker acceleration and much crisper throttle response throughout the entire RPM range while at the same time improving your gas mileage by upto 0.5mpg* in the city and 1.5mpg* in the highway and also not deminishing the emissions produced by the car.

The HFI system uses a 3.5″ mandrel bent intake steel tube, CNC machined high flow 6061 aluminum MAF (mass air flow) housing and 5052 aluminum CNC cut heat shield, the intake tube has a ceramic based enamel coating and uses a 5″ conical AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering) lifetime air filter with built in velocity stack. It also includes the SRT AAFC that recalibrates the air/fuel ratio at all RPM ranges (at 350 points) and for every load situation for optimal performance and enhanced fuel economy. All tube connectors are made from high quality silicone hoses.

Typical Performance gains: +20RWHP and +20ft/lb RW torque. Other enhancements like our true dual SS exhaust system will only compliment the system and the system will automatically adapt to accomodate the enhancements.

* Actual mpg increase will vary dependent entirely on driving habits and driving conditions.

Thats 20 WHEEL HORSEPOWER more than stock!

For more info visit Swift Racing Technologies.

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