Dynolicious Performance Meter iPhone App.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with the iPhone.  I think it has cool features and possibilities but its become such a trendy status symbol it sickens me!  So I’ve been on the fence about trying to get one.  Although I’m leaning more towards the “give in and buy it” side now that I’ve seen the “Dynolicious” appliation for the new 3G iPhone.

The Dynolicious application makes use of the 3G iPhone’s built in accelerometer to calculate things such as 0-60 times, wheel horsepower, estimated engine horsepower, lateral G’s, and braking G’s.  And its only 13 bucks!

Several people have tested the application against real world dynos and other performance meters like the G-Tech Pro and has been shown to be fairly accurate.  Not as accurate as the more expensive methods, but for 12.99 it can’t really be beat!

Now all I need is an iPhone…Anyway most recently the guys at StreetFire.net tested out the software.  Check it out.

iPhone Dynolicious video review


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