BMW 335i Blow Off by Titek USA

Ever wanted that “swoosh” sound from your twin turbo inline six luxury mobile. Titek USA now offers a blow off valve kit for your BMW 335 utilizing an the HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve. 

The TitekUSA Blow-Off Valve kit for the BMW 07+ 335i has one goal, prevent compressor surge. Compressor surge happens when the butterfly plate of a turbocharged engine closes and the remaining air is fed back into the turbocharger’s compressor housing creating resistance against the turbine. Compressor surge not only decreases the spool of a turbo but can also damage its center cartridge. TitekUSA has designed this Blow-Off Valve kit for the BMW 335i in conjunction with the HKS SSQV (Super Sequential Blow Off Valve) to prevent compressor surge by venting the excess pressure when a throttle plate closes to improve spool-up and longevity while maintaining the OEM BMW factory fit, quality, and finish.

Find out more at Titek USA.

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