Advan Model F7

This was the wheel of the show for the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2008. Advan has decided to release a new edition of they’re hugely popular and most imitated wheel called the Model 7. What most companies cannot copy is the technology of this new version. As they say “often imitated but never deplicated”. Believe it or not Advan looked to Rays Engineering to manufacture a “mold form forged” version and called it the Model F7. What you get is a timeless design with the integretity and lightweightness often seen in Rays Wheels (like the Volk Racing TE37 and RE30). Advan offers this wheel in 19 and 20 inch variations in two colors (Platinum Silver and Platinum Black) and offer them in popular Japanese and European bolt codes. This is a great wheel for new GT-R owners among others! Customers in the US can go to Vivid Racing to buy a set.

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