SEMA 2014: Vorsteiner Debuts The GTRS4 BMW M4 Conversion

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Vorsteiner is known for their BMW tuning and back when the E9X M3 came out they blew everyone’s minds with their GTRS3 widebody conversion that added some significant junk in the M3’s trunk (no pun intended).  When BMW released the new M4 coupe many were wondering how long it would take for Vorsteiner to work their widebody magic or if they would even do it at all.  Well right now at SEMA Vorsteiner has answered those questions with “yes” and “right now” as they revealed the GTRS4 (the 4 is for M4…get it?).

Vorsteiner_GTRS4_1 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_2 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_3 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_4

When Vorsteiner was creating the GTRS4 conversion they wanted to go for something that was still aggressive but not quite as wild as what they did with the GTRS3.  On lookers will notice that when comparing the GTRS4 to the GTRS3 the S4 has very few hard lines or angles.  Its much smoother and more in harmony with what BMW was already going for when they designed the M4.  I would almost go as far to say that the GTRS4 looks like something BMW created themselves, which is a testament to how good Vorsteiner’s body design artisans are.  Despite its harmonious looks the GTRS4 conversion actually adds an additional 4 inches of width to the front of the car and a whopping 7 inches of width to the rear.

With fenders that wide it would take a special wheel to fill it.  Luckily since Vorsteiner also produces wheels they created a forged three-piece specifically for the GTRS4 finished in “Gloss brushed shadow”.  The 20 inch wheels are 10.5 inches wide in the front and 13 inches wide in the rear which contributes to a massive footprint left behind by the Pirelli tires adorn the rollers.

SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_1 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_2 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_3 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_4 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_5

Naturally all of the body pieces on this conversion are made from Vorsteiner’s patented carbon fiber.  With many wide body kits these days made from fiberglass, its crazy to the think that Vorsteiner sticks to their guns and always uses carbon.  Its also crazy to think how much this set up will probably cost due to the quality of the materials used.  There aren’t many performance mods on this particular GTRS4 but the mods that were done certainly count.   First, a KW Suspension system was bolted on which gives the GTRS4 its low stance.  Then, Vorsteiner turned to ESS Tuning for a special ECU flash that bumps the horsepower to 550HP at the crank.  However those performance bits are not included as part of the package.  Everything else you see (including some special edition badges and interior bits like floor mats), is included.

Even though this is only the debut of the GTRS4 and Vorsteiner has not “officially” began taking orders, as of this post I know of at least one confirmed customer of the kit so far.  Although I am sure that number has likely gone up significantly since the car has been seen by thousands of people online and on the SEMA show floor.  Again, pricing and availability of the GTRS4 is still unknown at this point but I already know for sure its WAY more than I can afford!  If you are in the same boat then dream with me by checking out some official pics and live pics from the SEMA show!

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Wheel Wednesday: Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Flows Freshly

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This week’s Wheel Wednesday pick comes to us from Vorsteiner in the form of their new V-FF 101 wheel.  We picked this week for its unique take on the wide split spoke design.  At first it might seem as if it has been seen before but when looking closer there are all types of small nuances that set it apart.  Throw in the fact that this wheel features the new flow forged technology which seem so be the new hotness among forged wheel manufacturers and you have all the components you need for a nice set of rollers.


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Hype: Vorsteiner Debuts McLaren “MP4-VX” Package For MP4-12C (Video)

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When a performance company throws a swanky VIP, invite-only event to celebrate the release of what is effectively a body kit, then you know that said performance company is in a playground that most of us tend to daydream about.  Vorsteiner is one of those companies.


Last night they invited a small group of loyal customers and industry VIPs to literally pull the sheet off their newest project: the MP4-VX package for the McLaren MP4-12c.  For almost half a year the designers at Vorsteiner have been racking their brains trying to figure out how to make a beautiful car look even better, while still retaining functionality and avoiding any weight-gain.


The MP4-VX is the fruit of all those mental gymnastics.  The MP4-VX package is an 8 piece aero package which, when combined are meant to aesthetically enhance a MP4-12c while improving downforce and cooling.  This is done with some great design, lots of ducts, and plains to guide the flow of air over the McLaren’s body.


What do I think? I think this package will be polarizing.  I believe some will love it while others will absolutely hate it.  Personally, I am on the side that loves it.  I think the MP4-VX is beautiful and a credit to the design sense of the Vorsteiner team.  It is just as hard to make an ugly car look good as it is to make a good looking car look even better, yet Vorsteiner pulled it off.

I always tell my friends that the McLaren MP4-12C is my “if I won the lotto” car and now I can safely say the MP4-VX package would likely be the first mod I get for it should the day come that I hit those numbers!  For now I can only dream of what could be.  I invite you to dream along with me by checking out the video of the official debut of the MP4-VX below as well as a gallery of studio pictures and the official press release.  You can also check out pictures from the party by clicking on any of the thumbnails between the above paragraphs.  Enjoy!

Debut video:

Studio Gallery:




Press Release:

Vorsteiner’s latest release of Mclaren MP4-VX marks our entry into Mclaren tuning world with their new clay modeling and digital modeling program.

In their effort to stay true to the Mclaren brand, the designers kept as much of the existing body lines of the MP4 intact while enhancing the original line to a more edgier and aggressive form.

The new body parts also took into account everyday drivability and functionality as we took great efforts in maximizing ground clearance for the daily drivers while improving overall aerodynamics & looks. The MP4-VX program also features our latest in 1-piece aluminum forged wheels technology.

The wheels were engineered to be specifically load rated for the weight of this car so that the wheels can maximize weight savings during the CNC milling process without compromises in safety. The new wheels are 20x9J and 21x12J inch wide with 245/25/20 and 325/30/21 tires to keep the car well planted around corners.

The MP4-VX program is composed of:

• Carbon Fiber Front Bumper with dual air duct system and side ventilation louvers

• Carbon Fiber Add-On Front Spoiler

• Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper with dual ventilation louvers & central vent opening

• Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser with integrated Dual Diffuser Tunnels

• 4 Piece Carbon Fiber Side Skirt blade with floating front fin element

Starting at the front the Mclaren MP4-VX showcases a completely redesigned nose made entirely out of latest dry carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave technology. This new front end consists of a full replacement bumper cover with features such as a completely redesigned ducting system, side air vent elements and a separate front spoiler that aids in front end downforce. The bumpers like all Vorsteiner original products utilizes all factory mounting hardware and is 100% reversible if the vehicle was ever returned back to its stock form.

The most visually striking component of the MP4-VX kit would be replacement carbon fiber rear bumper cover and rear diffuser element. The optical carbon fiber rear bumper also features 2 ventilation louvers on the side and 1 in the center to assist in heat being dissipated from the engine and exhaust.

The new carbon and kevlar reinforced composite rear diffuser features race inspired tunnels to further improve on airflow and keep the rear end planted against the road with larger mesh perimeter opening to further assist in cooling the engine temperature.

Lastly, the vehicle has improved airflow dynamics with our 4-piece carbon fiber side blade elements giving the vehicle a lower sportier stance while improving downforce at high speeds.

For more information please visit our website at or email us at

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Italian Hype: Vorsteiner Releases Ferrari 458 Tuning Program

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Viva Italia!  Vorsteiner is continuing their foray into the Italian supercar market with their latest tuning program for the Ferrari 458.  Granted only a small percentage of those reading this actually have a Ferrari 458 but if you are one of the lucky few then you should be happy there are a few new carbon fiber goodies for your car!

The tuning program starts with a front add-on spoiler which is specifically made to work with the factory contours of the front end.  Out back is a deck lid spoiler and a rear diffuser which raises the diffuser bridge ever so slightly for clearance.  The extra space allowed the Vorsteiner designers to work in a vent to help pull away warm air from the exhaust.  The rear diffuser design also includes housing for the rear fog lamp. As always the all the aero components are made from Vorsteiner’s signature pre-preg carbon fiber.

To really set things off, a set of monoblock-forged VS-110 wheels are available as an option for this package.  The wheels are available in 20″ and 21″ sizes and come tailor made to retain the Ferrari center cap.

It all makes for a slick but subtle package.  If only I had a Ferrari to put all this stuff on!  If you happen to have a 458 just hit up your local Vorsteiner dealer to put in an order.  Or just visit to find a dealer in your area.  For a better look, just click the thumbnails below for HD resolution pictures.


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Hype: Vorsteiner Releases Tuning Program For BMW F12/F13 M6 (Grand Coupe)

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Heads up Bimmer fans!  Today Vorsteiner announced that their tuning program for the F12/F13 BMW M6 is now available.  As usual Vorsteiner went the subtle route by creating a program based on “add-ons” to enhance the original body lines rather than alter them.  The program consists of a front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear decklid spoiler.  All aero pieces of the program are made with Vorsteiner’s trade pre-preg carbon fiber  Buyers can also opt for a set of 21 inch VSE-003 forged monoblock wheels.


All together the program turns the M6 into one smooooootthhhhhh scoop of ice cream!  I especially love how the rear diffuser dances on the line of subtlety and aggression.  Very fresh!


The cool part about doing an “add-on” program like this, is that no matter what color the M6 the package looks right at home and matches up perfectly.  Not sure how big the production run will be on this package so interested parties should hit up a Vorsteiner dealer ASAP to order.  For a closer look, just click any of the thumbnail pictures you see for an enlarged version.



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Hype Preview: Vorsteiner “Renazzo V” Tuning Program For Lamborghini Gallardo LP

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Little by little Vorsteiner is venturing out from their usual German nameplate tuning into other regions of Europe like the UK with their Bentley packages and Italy, starting with Ferrari and now continuing with a full tuning program for 2009+ Lamborghini Gallardo LP models.  The new program named “Renazzo V” completely transforms the Gallardo into a full-on carbon fiber switch blade, adding several new angles and edges to increase its aggressive look and save weight.  The aero package has at least nine total pieces to help better channel air and add downforce while keeping weight gain minimal.  The package is finished off with a set of aluminum forged Vorsteiner wheels.

Right now the pictures below are just a preview.  This package will not be available until February/March of 2013 and as of now the MSRP is unknown but I would venture a guess that it will be in the $15-$20k range.  That price is shocking for us regular folk but probably chump change for the men and women that make up Vorsteiner’s clientele!


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Wheel Hype: Vorsteiner VS-400 Step Lip Is Three Pieces Of Legit

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Listen up Euro fan boys.  Vorsteiner just dropped new meshie shoes for your “insert awesome European car here”.  The new VS-400 is a concave, step-lipped, three-piece mesh wheel that is right at home on something like a BMW 1M.  The great thing about this design is that it adds some class without the yuppieness.  You are not going to see some glittery shirt, flat billed cap-wearing, tribal band tattooed douchbag rocking these bad boys.  That is one of the best things about Vorsteiner, they only market to the people who can appreciate what they produce.


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German Hype: Vorsteiner To Release Tuning Program For W218 (2010+) Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG

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The CLS has a special place in our hearts at MotorworldHype as my buddy and co-founder RJ de Vera once had a Mercedes Benz CLS of his own a few years ago; So whenever we see something new for the CLS it usually grabs our attention pretty quickly.  Owners of the current (W218) CLS 63 AMG might be happy to know that Vorsteiner is working on a tuning program for the “coupe” that should be releasing near the end of the summer.  Vorsteiner kept things simple with this package by keeping it to a subtle lip in the front, front grill replacement, fender appliques, understated side skirts, a rear diffuser, and boot lid spoiler.  As always each part of the aero package is made from Vorsteiner’s autoclaved carbon fiber.  The program is finished off with a set of forged Vorsteiner wheels (19 inches up to 21), a titanium exhaust, and custom Vorsteiner floor and trunk mats.

So far there is no word on MSRP or exactly when the program will be available.  As of now all we have to go on is “late Summer 2012”.  I would probably make a guess that we should see it ready for sale towards the end of  August.  If I get anymore updates I will post them ASAP!  In the meantime check out some very realistic renderings of what the program will look like when its released.


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Wheel Hype: Vorsteiner VS-310 Is 3-Piece Forged Awesome

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It has been a while since I have done a wheel post so jumping back into it I wanted to make sure I came back with something good.  Thus, I present to you the Vorsteiner VS-310!  This is one of the few “split-spoke” designs from Vorsteiner and like the other split spoke designs the VS-310 has a nice aggressive look.  Sizes start at 19″ and go up to 22″ and widths go from 8″ to 13″ so you can go big and wide if you want.  I will pause here so you can form your double entendres….got them?  OK!  Anyhow, the VS-310 is a pretty sweet wheel for the Euro guys, heck you might want to sport this with some of the higher end Japanese cars.  I can see the VS-310 looking very nice on a Lexus IS, Acura NSX, or even a Nissan 370Z. 


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German Hype: Vorsteiner Debuts Aero Package For BMW 1M Coupe

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To buy the BMW 1M coupe you have to really, really love the 1-series.  If you are that in love with your 1M coupe, then you are probably wary of making any changes to it and you could hardly be blamed for that.  The 1M coupe is a good looking car.  It may be a bit too stout or “bulldog-ish” for some but for those who “get it”, the 1M’s design is great.  Vorsteiner kept those facts in mind when they set out to create a full aero package for the tiny, mighty M.  So, it should come as no surprise that Vorsteiner’s 1M coupe package is quite subtle.  Their goal in this package was more to reduce weight, add some downforce, and coax some airflow to where it is needed.  For instance the front splitter features integrated ducts to channel air to the front brakes and the rear diffuser features extended fins for better flow of air under the car.  The package also includes a carbon fiber trunk lid with an integrated rear spoiler for double duty in reducing weight and adding downforce.  Naturally all the pieces of the aero kit are made from Vorsteiner’s pre-preg carbon fiber.  When the kit is launched there will also be an option for a titanium exhaust, a set of concave wheels, and as usual a Vorsteiner floor mat set.




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