Hype Video: Lewis Hamilton Vs Facebook

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In the latest marketing stunt by Vodafone (AKA Verizon here in the US) they have decided to put their mobile broadband network against the youngest champion in F1.  The way it will work is that a 2.7km course will be set up for the young driver to navigate and at the same time a Vodafone mobile device will attempt to download a 288MB file of Facebook pictures.  The test will be if the device can finish downloading all the pictures before Hamilton completes the course hence the cool looking CGI F1 car in the promo video.  This race is slated to go down on September 13th so if you want your Facebook picture added to the 288MB file that Hamilton will race against head over to facebookvshamilton.nl to be a part of the race.


[Source: DigitalBuzzBlog.com]

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yea so .. this got me ready ..

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I know I know I shouldn’t be posting this .. but I don’t care! This got me ready for the 2010 season come on LH!!
One day the MWH will be at a F1 race .. one day ..


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F1: Lewis Hamilton Wins Then Loses In Belgian GP

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This past weekend will easily go down as the most controversial weekend in the 2008 Formula 1 season.  As the cars lined up on Sunday for the Belgian GP, Lewis Hamilton sat on the pole and many thought the young brit would easily run away from the hungry Ferrari’s as his pace all weekend bested both Kimi and Felipe.

However by the second lap Lewis has what he would later refer to as a “pathetic” spin which allowed Kimi Raikkonen to take the lead a lead that Kimi held for the majority of the race.  That is, until the third to last lap.  Rain started to fall and Lewis went into persuit mode and hunted down the Finn.  Lewis made a move to pass Kimi on the inside of a corer but Kimi blocked and pushed Lewis wide, forcing him to cut through the “bus stop” chicane and getting an illegal pass over Kimi.

According to the rules Lewis had to let Kimi re-pass since he gained a position by cutting the track.  Lewis complied and let Kimi pass but then immediately dropped down into Kimi’s slipstream and was able to re-pass the Ferrari and take the eventual win.

All was happy in McLaren town until after the post-race celebrations were over and the race stewards announced that Lewis Hamilton would be receiving a 25 second penalty due to his altercation with Kimi.  This penalty would hand the win over to Felipe Massa and put Hamilton in third place.

Many are calling BS on this including myself but McLaren has officially announced that they will appeal the decision.  With practice in Monza Italy coming up in less than 4 days I wonder how the appeal process will go since things will be rushed.

We’ll keep you posted as news on this develops!

SPEED Post Race Report

Photo [BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images]

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