Video Game Hype: Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach Track Added To Forza Motorsport 5 As FREE DLC! (Video)

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This is probably one of the best days in my gaming life.  I have been a huge fan of games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo for years but today Forza has really made a dream come true by adding the Long Beach Grand Prix track to Forza Motorsport 5 in its latest DLC.  For those who don’t know, MotorworldHype is based in Long Beach, CA which is pretty much where I was born and raised.  I have been attending the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach since I was a kid so to be able to virtually race on such a detailed recreation in an Indy Car is beyond mind blowing.  Heck, not only can you race the full Long Beach course but it looks like you could re-create Formula Drift Long Beach as well.  This is beyond awesome!  Before this the only way to virtually race Long Beach was with an expensive PC based simulator set up.  No more!  I can’t wait to try this out for myself when we finally get our hands on an Xbox One (hopefully soon).  For now check out the preview video below.

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Gaming Hype: “Honda Legends” DLC Car Pack Released For Forza Motorsport 5 (Video)

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Are you a hardcore Honda-head? If so you will definitely want to know that today the “Honda Legends” DLC car pack was released for Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One.  The car pack includes the 1984 CRX Mugen test vehicle, the 1994 Prelude Si (my favorite car when I was in high school), and the 2014 Civic Si coupe.  That is a pretty strong trio for any Honda enthusiast (especially the Prelude!!).  OK, now here is the best part about this news: the car pack is FREE!  Yep, its is all part of a promo deal with Honda as they get ready to reveal the new Civic Si coupe at the Chicago Auto Show this week.  Pretty sweet huh?!  You can download the Honda Legends DLC pack right now on Xbox Live but if you want to get a closer look at what  you will get then scroll down for the official trailer.

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Gaming Hype: Forza Horizon 2 Coming To Xbox One This Fall? (Rumor)

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2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

For those who do not know me, I am into video games almost as much as I am into cars so I tend to keep my ear to the ground in both areas.  Today I got a bit of juicy news that just so happens to cross over.  Apparently a “verified” Xbox/Microsoft insider took to the biggest video game forum on the internet NeoGAF and leaked a TON of info about the Xbox One and several of their upcoming games.  What got my attention was that the very first tidbit mentioned was that a Forza Horizon sequel is supposedly coming to Xbox One in the fall of this year.  Here is the exact quote from the user “ntkrnl” (edited for profanity):

“Forza Horizon: “Fall 2014, probably September. Super sexy weather system and… bleep-tons of co-op/social stuff. 1080P and open-world, so you can road trip with your bros.”

Yep, not only is Forza Horizon coming to the Xbox One but it will apparently have a new “super sexy” weather system.  Which is something that Forza fans have wanted for a long time in Horizon and Forza Motorsport.

So, how much credence do I give to this “leak”?  Quite a bit actually and I will tell you why:

-NeoGAF is seriously one of the biggest gaming forums in the world and consistently used as a credible source from other major gaming media outlets.  The users on NeoGAF are serious and they used their own contacts to “verify” that this “ntkrnl” person really is who he claimed to be.

-Since Forza Motorsport 5 was an Xbox One launch title it would be pretty unlikely that Turn 10 studios would be set to announce Forza Motorsport 6 so soon and even more unlikely that they wouldn’t show up to E3 this year at all with nothing to talk about.

-This is how things played out when the first Forza Horizon was announced.  It came in between Forza Motorsport 4 and 5, so its not too crazy to think that Horizon 2 is meant to hold everyone over until Forza Motorsport 6 is ready.

-A separate studio produces Forza Horizon (Playground Games) and its logical that Playground was probably developing the next Horizon game while Turn 10 worked on Forza Motorsport 5 which makes the Fall 2014 release plausible.

So there you have it, a few good reasons why this rumor may be true.  Although the only way we will truly know for sure is to wait until E3 to see if Turn 10 makes any announcements.  I will do my best to keep you posted!

[Source: NeoGAF forums]

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Gaming x Drifting Hype: Design Dai Yoshihara’s Falken Tire BRZ Drift Car Livery With Forza Motorsport 5

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If you didn’t hear the news yet, Dai Yoshihara will be moving from his V8 powered Nissan S13 to a Subaru BRZ for the 2014 Formula Drift season.  At SEMA he debuted his new car complete with a special version of the recently released Rocket Bunny Ver. 2 widebody kit.  Although when it was mentioned that the car would be a blank canvas it was meant quite literally as the car was totally white! Blanco!

The reason for this is that Falken Tire is turning to future owners of Forza Motorsport 5 to design Dai’s new livery.  Players are to create a livery design in Forza Motorsport 5, take a screen shot of their design then submit that shot to Falken Tire’s Facebook page and from there a winner will be chosen.  The contest will start during the last week of November (just after the Xbox One launch and Forza Motorsport 5′s release) and run until January 31st.

It is not said if there will be a prize awarded to the person who creates the winning design, but hey bragging rights for something as big as this may just be prize enough for many.

Good luck designers!

Press Release:

Falken Tire Invites FORZA Motorsport 5 Players to Design Livery on Team Falken’s Formula Drift Subaru BRZ

Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (Nov. 8).  – Falken Tire, a manufacturer of high performance on- and off-road tires, will continue its strong relationship with Microsoft in anticipation of the launch of Forza Motorsport 5 by conducting a special design contest for its newest Formula Drift entry.

Currently the best-rated videogame racing franchise of the past 10 years, the new Forza Motorsport 5 game is slated to be released on the “all-in-one games and entertainment system” –  according to Microsoft officials – the new Xbox One.  In anticipation of the November 22 launch, Forza Motorsport 5 will be at the heart of a nine-week promotional effort Falken Tire has set in motion beginning late November. The contest will encourage gamers and Falken Tire customers from around the world to submit their design for the new Subaru BRZ competition car to be driven by 2011 Formula D Champion Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara for the 2014 drift season.

“Falken Tire is again reaching out to the Forza online community to ask people to create their own one-of-a-kind Falken livery for Team Falken’s new Subaru BRZ,” said Nick Fousekis, Falken Director of Motorsports Marketing.  “We are asking players to submit their Forza 5 Motorsport screenshot-based designs to Falken Tire’s Facebook page.”

“The winning design will live on Dai’s Subaru BRZ for the entire season,” declared Jonathon Bradford, Team Falken’s Formula Drift Supervisor. “Being a part of this very important network of Forza Motorsport players is key to building awareness of our brand as well as the Formula Drift Championship,” he stressed.“We suspect there’s a very strong crossover among fans and participants of both sports, and they’re also likely Falken customers.”

Added Fousekis:  “We are pleased Discount Tire will return to co-sponsor Dai’s new BRZ for the 2014 season, and with SPD Metal Works handling the building of the car, Dai has set the bar high for his championship effort. I know he’s also excited – as we all are – about having a special look designed by a Forza Motorsport 5 player.”

Working in conjunction with Turn 10 Studios, the contest will begin during the final week of November and run until the 31st of January 2014. Official Falken and Falken Sponsor Logos must be integrated into the submitted designs, with visibility from all corners of the car (quarter panels, and the center of front and rear bumpers).  In addition, Falken’s 2014 partner sponsors’ logos must be included, which are:  Discount Tire; Sam’s Autoland; BC; Sparco; SPD Metal Works; and Mobil 1. In addition, a “creative interpretation of the traditional ‘Falken Scallops’ livery should be included,” according to Fousekis.

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Gaming Hype: Turn 10 Announces Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass. Every DLC Car Will Get Forzavista Treatment

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Remember how cool it was when Turn 10 announced that there would be monthly Forza 4 DLC for like a whole year?  No?  Well it was freaking cool.  In fact, it went over so well that they will be doing it all over again for Forza Motorsport 5.  Yes, every month there will be a 10 car DLC pack for Forza 5, not counting any free DLC gifts or promotions that may also come along the way.

The really awesome news about this is that every single car in every DLC pack will also get the “Forzavista” treatment! Players will be able virtually walk around, sit in, and start up every DLC car they get in amazing detail.  So far there is no announcement of a “season pass” to buy it all up front but I am sure that will come down the pipe soon.

[Source: Forza Motorsport 5]

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Gaming Hype: How Forza 5 Team Helped Develop Xbox One’s Impulse Triggers (Video)

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By now it is widely known that Forza Motorsport 5 will be an official launch title when the new Xbox One console is released in November.  What isn’t so well known is that Turn 10 Studios (the Forza 5 dev team) worked closely with Microsoft as they developed the Xbox One hardware.  In this video with “Major Nelson”, Dan Greenawalt of Turn 10 explains the thinking behind utilizing Xbox One’s “impulse triggers” by using their haptic feedback to help train Forza 5 players.  Its pretty interesting stuff!  Watch below.

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Gaming Hype: My Forza Motorsport 5 Gameplay Impression (Video)

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When I went to E3 2013 my goal was to play as many racing games as possible so I could report it all to you.  Among all the games I played I know the game that most of you looked forward too the most is Forza Motorsport 5.  I know this because its the racing game I looked forward to the most myself!  I actually had several opportunities to play the latest Forza game over the course of E3 as I was lucky enough to be invited to a few special events by Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft.  So, after getting the chance to play Forza 5 several times, I have finally formulated my opinion and first impressions! 

In addition to the game I also have a few quick words about the prototype Thrustmaster steering wheel I used to play Forza while at E3.  If you are interested at all in Forza 5 and/or the new wheel then you are going to want to hear this so scroll down for the video!

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Hype Video: Forza Motorsport 4 Trailer

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In case you haven’t seen it already here is the trailer for Forza Motorsport 4!  Not too much is known about this game yet except for the fact that Top Gear USA will have some type of involvement with the game.  Also according to G4 the game will also have support for Microsoft Kinect.  Which means we will probably see the special mode that Turn 10 Studios showed off at E3 last spring.

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SPOTTED @E3: Ferrari 458 Italia

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I got my first up close look at the new Ferrari 458 Italia just a short while ago on the E3 show floor.  It was parked right in the middle of the Turn 10 Studios exhibit.  I have to say, after seeing it up close I don’t hate it as much as I used to!

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Hype Rumors: Future Of Forza? Forza IV? Project Natal Functionality?

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We just got a personal invite for a private Forza event hosted by Turn 10 Studios in which they’ll announce “The Future Of Forza”.  They also elude to being the first to try a “brand new console racing experience.”  Could this be an early peak at Forza IV (that’s 4 for those who aren’t down with the roman numerals)?  Could it be a new patch that would give Forza III functionality with the highly anticipated Project Natal prepheral?  We can only guess until we attend the event on Wednesday night.  We will keep you posted!

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