SEMA 2014: Tjin Edition Fit Is The Fan Favorite Of The Honda Booth

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If anyone takes a stroll over to the Honda Booth at the SEMA show right now they will find a fleet of 2015 Honda Fits, all with different looks and themes but the official “Fan Favorite” is the Tjin Edition fit co-designed by Neil Tjin and his daughter Kylie.  The father and daughter team wanted to create something that reflected their family so a bit of everything is represented here.  A lot of the exterior is influenced by Papa Tjin; especially the Axalta green paint and the custom metal wide fender flares.  Kylie was insistent that the brake calipers were hot pink and it looks like Neil wasn’t about to tell his little girl no.  Which was a good choice because the pink and green actually go together nicely.  In front of the pink brakes are custom iForged wheels wrapped in Falken Tires.  Inside has a full Sony car audio system and in the trunk is a special basketball caddy designed for his future NBA star son Collin.  The Fit gets its stance from an Airrex hybrid suspension which is partly why there is so much tire tuck.

SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_1 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_2 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_3 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_4 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_5

Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit

Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit

All together, its pretty easy to see why the Tjin Edition fit won fan favorite!  Check out the pics by clicking the thumbnails in this post and go over the parts list in the spec sheet below.

Tjin Edition Honda Fit


  • Custom metal fender flares by Josh Freeman
  • Custom Axalta paint job by L&R Auto Body
  • Coplus headlights
  • Coplus foglights
  • Coplus front lip
  • Athentic Japanese red H emblems
  • Webasto Sunroof

Wheels and tires:

  • 18″ iForged wheels (brushed and gunmetal finish with -35 offset)
  • 18″ Falken tires (215/35/18 FK453s)

Brakes and suspension:

  • Baer front big brakes
    • 6 piston calipers (Hot Pink Kylie Tjin Edition)
    • 14″ rotors
    • Custom brackets and brake lines by Unique Fabrication
  • Airrex air management and air suspension


  • Bisimoto pulse chamber


  • Custom Katzkin interior
    • front seats
    • rear seats
    • door panels
    • center consol
  • SoCal Eilte 94Fifty basketball and sporting equipment
  • Scosche magic mount


  • Sony Audio

    • subwoofer

    • amplifiers

    • mids and highs

  • Optima battery

  • Scosche audio wiring

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SPOTTED: Tjin Edition/UTI Ford Focus At Cerritos Ford

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If you want to check out the Tjin Edition/UTI Ford Focus up close and you live in the so cal area; the car is parked outside of the Cerritos Ford dealership!

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SEMA 2010: Gene Tjin’s Chevy Camaro

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Apologies for being dark for the last few days but I was hard at work trying to grab some content for MotorworldHype and a few other clients.  Now that I am settled in I want to kick things off with a few fresh shots of Gene Tjin’s 2010 Camaro which won the Facebook fan’s choice award.  It looks even better in person than it did in the rendering.  I’ll try to update this post later on with some engine bay pics and interior shots.



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SEMA 2010 Preview: Tjin Edition 2011 Ford Mustang GT

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Earlier today my buddy Neil “The Ninja” Tjin sent me the full rendering of his 2011 Ford Mustang GT show car which will make its debut at SEMA.  On the outside it will be flexing a custom body kit designed by Neil himself and produced by Extreme Dimensions, a custom DuPont paint job, and Forgestar C5 wheels at the corners.  It will also have a full digital Air Lift system, Baer brakes, and a Vortech supercharger.  If you’re going to the SEMA show this year Neil’s Mustang will be in the Air Lift booth (#23533) on the show floor.  I can’t wait to see it in person!

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SEMA 2010 Preview: aLL STaR Chevy Camaro

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The Tjin family is producing another hot Camaro for SEMA this year only this time instead of Neil “The Ninja” at the helm its his brother Gene “Don’t Call Me Napolean Dynamite” Tjin at the helm.  Despite my close ties with the family I couldn’t get too many details about what else they have in store for Gene’s Camaro but I would assume some type of boost will be on hand.  If you’re feeling the exterior of this car as much as I am you can head over to the Chevy SEMA facebook page and vote for this car to win best Camaro.  If you click the thumbnail below you can get a wallpaper sized version of the pic so you can rep Gene’s Camaro on your desktop.

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Tjin Edition RoadShow Kicking Off This Weekend

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Here on the west coast we’ll be looking forward to the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach this weekend.  However down south our good friend Neil Tjin will be kicking off his Tjin Edition RoadShow tour in Memphis Tennessee.  His famous Tjin Edition 2010 Camaro will be on hand as well as various innovative displays specifically designed to give show goers a hands on experience with the parts and products used on Neil’s creations.  Should be a fun time for all!  If you’re in the south or the east coast I highly suggest you head out to the tour’s next stop.  Scroll below for a full press release and the first half of the tour schedule.

Press Release:

Tjin Edition RoadShow – The answer to the real world consumers’ desires; an experience that delivers real interaction with real products.

It’s that time of year, the Tjin Edition team is back at it again and this year they’ve teamed up with some of the top manufacturers in the industry to bring car enthusiasts an innovative new program. The Tjin Edition RoadShow will be making its way to more than twenty nationwide events showcasing the GM Design Award / Best GM Vehicle winning 2010 Chevrolet  Camaro SS, a custom rolling chassis and some of the industry’s latest and greatest products.

Make sure to stop by the Tjin Edition RoadShow booth to check out the incredible piece of automotive machinery, pick up limited edition Camaro posters and browse the products from Air Lift Suspension, iForged and Forgestar Wheels, Baer Brakes, Royal Purple, Status Racing, Vortech, Paxton and Lysholm Superchargers, Webasto Sunroofs, Auto Meter Gauges and MagnaFlow exhaust products.

2010 Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro SS Specs:

Air Lift digital air suspension

Auto Meter gauges

Baer brake upgrade

Falken tires

iForged Seneka Wheels

MagnaFlow exhaust products

Royal Purple oil products

Status Racing seats / harnesses

Vortech supercharger

Webasto sunroof

Tjin Edition One-Off Chassis:

Air Lift digital air suspension

Baer brake upgrade

Falken tires

Forgestar wheels

Unique Fabrication one-off chassis

Vortech supercharger


2010 Tjin Edition RoadShow First Half Schedule:

DUB Show                                                      Memphis, TN               April 18, 2010

Carlisle Performance & Style                       Carlisle, PA                   May 8-9, 2010

Cornerstone Car Festival and Meet                        Duncannon, PA            May 15, 2010

Marysville Spring Car Show                                     Marysville, PA              May 22, 2010

Ohio Swap Meet                                            Springfield, OH            May 28-30, 2010

Englishtown Sport Compact                        Englishtown, NJ           June 26-27, 2010

Carlisle All-GM Nationals                              Carlisle, PA                   June 25-27, 2010

State Fair Auto & Bike Show                                    Meadowlands, NJ        July 3, 2010

RPM                                                                Chicago, IL                   July 10, 2010

NMRA NMCA Super Bowl                            Joliet, IL                        July 16-18, 2010 

DUB / OC Car Show                                      Ocean City, MD            August 7-8, 2010

Elite Summer Nationals                                Spartanburg, SC          August 15, 2010

NSRA Street Rod Nationals                          Kalamazoo, MI             Sept 10-12, 2010

Are you ready? The first Tjin Edition RoadShow event takes place in just a few short days at the DUB Show in Memphis for one night only! Make sure to stop by the Tjin Edition RoadShow booth as this will be the only time you can see the GM Design Award winning Best of Show Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro in person in Tennessee!

2010 Tjin Edition RoadShow Partners:

Air Lift

Auto Meter

Baer Brakes







Royal Purple

Status Racing





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SEMA 2009: Tjin Edition 2010 Chevy Camaro

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Neil Tjin’s 2010 Chevy Camaro was easily among the top 5 overall best in the show.  In fact General Motors gave this car the award for “best GM” on the show floor and that is saying A LOT because there were some top notch GM’s there.  Neil’s style has really come along way from his S14 from way back when to now although some things remain the same in his creation, such as the pin striping and the use of 3-piece forged wheels (iForged on the Camaro).  It also seems like he hasn’t gotten tired of the color green yet.  I’d bet many people winced when he told them he was going to build a green Camaro but looking at the finished product I don’t think he could have chosen a better color.  Nice work Mr. Tjin!


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