HKS CZ200S Mitsubishi Evo X Tsukuba Time Attack Car

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HKS Japan has been working on a replacement for their famous carbon fiber Evo VIII time attack car in the form of an Evo X dubbed the CZ200S.  If you don’t know by now, its a popular Time Attack past time to try and complete a lap of Japan’s Tsukuba circut in less than a minute and shave off time from there.

So far with only off the shelf HKS parts the CZ200S squeezed off a 59.495 so half the battle is won right there.  Now their challenge is how much lower they can dive below their best time.  This is definately going to turn out to be an interesting story for their team.  I’ll try to keep you guys updated on their progress.


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Evasive Motorsports Offering Race Prep Service

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This is mostly for the So Cal readers but our buddies over at Evasive Motorsports just announced that they’ll finally start offering race prep service to customers.  They have all the high tech equipment needed for percicse wheel allignment, corner balancing, and suspension tuning.  So the next time I need my 1982 Nissan Stanza to be ready for the next time attack event, I know where I’m going to get it set up!

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Endless Nissan Silvia S15 For Sale

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Do you happen to have a spare $60k laying around?  If so you could afford a nicely modded and rare Nissan Silvia S15.  Turns out Endless USA is putting their project car on the selling block.  I know what you’re thinking, but no this isn’t a drift car.  This S15 is an honest to goodness street car that just happens to have almost everything on it.  They even say that this car is titled, registered, and insured.  How they pulled that off I don’t know.  What I do know is that this is a sweet deal!


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Fresh Video: Lexus IS-F vs Audi RS4

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I love  They have tons of money and they do awesomely crazy things!  One of the not-so-crazy but cool things they do is a segment called “shoot out” where they give a professional driver two different cars in the same class and let him loose at a race track to see which one he likes best.  In this episode its our new favorite the Lexus IS-F against Audi’s awesome RS4.  Which one will come out on top?  I love both cars so to me there are no losers.  However in a more realistic way…there is actually one loser… Watch the video to find out which one it is.

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Fresh Video: MINE’s R35 GT-R vs. Spoon NSX-R GT

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There’s a lot of G’s and R’s in that post title isn’t there?  Enought about that! Check out this video preview from the GT Channel! This is seriously the biggest Japanese tuner battle ever!  MINE’s R35 GT-R is going heads up against Spoon Sports twin-turbo NSX-R GT at Willow Springs. 

Formula D drivers Dai Yohsihara and Tyler McQuarrie were the lucky sods that got to pilot the supercars around the track.  You can see a few behind the scene’s pics on Dai’s blog.

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TEIN RB26 Powered S15 for Sale

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I can’t believe they are selling this car. It’s one of the craziest and cleanest custom builds I’ve ever seen though I haven’t seen it run personally. I wonder if it’s fast. Regardless the fabrication work on this car is off the charts. This car in all white (no decals) would be so sick! All you need is 80 Large!!!

Own this unique and powerful S15. Built as a complete competition vehicle for drift or circuit, this 550-600HP Silvia is simply a Monster. The car was built over a 2 year period by personnel in the US and Japan. Featured as a cover car in the March 2006 issue of Import Tuner magazine. 

The chassis was stripped, then acid dipped, and stitch welded. Next the firewall was cut to push the RB motor back 13″, and then a complete roll cage was added. The 6 cylinder RB26DETT was stroked to 2.8L, heads were ported, complete valvetrain was upgraded, and every aspect of the engine was modified to make optimal power for years to come. The power output goal was not peak power but usable mid range, and the end result is a motor package that pulls throughout the RPM band to the tune of 550-600 peak horsepower (Capable of more if needed). This power plant is mated to an OS Giken 6-speed sequential transmission and LSD. The exterior is comprised mostly of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The complete widebody C-West kit is complimented by Carbon Fiber Doors, Hood, Trunk, and Wing. Sparkling pearl white paint covers the entire body, while a low gloss grey coats the interior. Electronics include standalone engine management, and engine vitals are monitored by the DEFI Super Sports Cluster. FIA approved Bride Gardis III, 3″ Takata harnesses, and electronically controlled fire system keep both car and driver safe. The suspension on this S15 has been completely modified with pillowball joints, tie rod style extended arms, TEIN Super Racing coilovers, dual EDFC, and a host of other parts. To optimize the widebody the control arms were extended to widen the S15’s track. Stoptech brakes are used all around to bring this monster to a halt, which are controlled by a full Tilton pedal set with bias adjuster. A multitude of ENKEI wheels are available with this vehicle ranging from the polished RP03 Type RCs to grey RPF1. Please carefully look over the entire specification sheet to find all the detailed parts used on this custom Silvia.

Starting Price $80K (negotiable as there are many extras, and spares)

For more info contact Tein USA.

Check out it’s beauty from the Import Tuner feature photos below…



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GT-R Unloaded

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If you’ve been following all the Hype about the R35 GT-R and in love with it all. This new DVD from Best Motoring will be a must have. Releasing this August in the US, Best Motoring Volume 23: Nissan GT-R Loaded shows numerous GT-Rs put to the test. It’s a Skyline fanatics wet dream come through.

Contents include:

  • GT-R vs the World Mega Test & Battle
  • GT-R Generations Battle
  • GT-R Gan-san’s First Drive
  • Behind the development of the R35 GT-R: Exclusive Interview with GT-R Chief Engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno
  • GT-R Keiichi Tsuchiya Tsukuba Time Attack
  • Mine’s R35 GT-R First Drive
  • Featured Cars:
    Nissan R35 GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 GT3, Honda NSX-R, Mine’s R35 GT-R, R32 Bee Racing GT-R, R33 Hosaka Tuning Factory GT-R, R34 MCR GT-R

    Featured Drivers:
    Motoharu Kurosawa, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Naoki Hattori, Daisuke Ito, Juichi Wakisaka, Takayuki Kinoshita, Seiji Ara

    Order it at Live Sockets.

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    BF Goodrich G-Force R1

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    Sources tell us the BFG G-Force R1 is one of the best tires for Time Attacks. If you are a road racing and circuit fanatic – this is something for you as well.

    The g-Force R1 radial is BFGoodrich’s Track & Competition DOT racing tire developed for prepared vehicles looking for race- and time attack-winning performance, as well as track-day drivers seeking predictable grip that is comfortable to drive at the limit. The g-Force R1 radial is designed to offer best in class dry grip, cornering power, steering response and turn-in precision to inspire driver confidence for the quickest times lap after lap.

    The g-Force R1 uses a competition tread compound molded into a symmetric, non-directional, semi-slick tread design with just 4/32″ of beginning tread depth eliminating the need for shaving. Rubber bridges are molded repeatedly across the two DOT-required circumferential grooves to promote even wear and further the tire’s slick-like performance. While the tires require minimal scuffing, heat cycling is recommended to further enhance consistency and wear. The tread compound warms up quickly and operates over a wide temperature range to provide predictable grip that is forgiving and easy to drive at the limit. The symmetric, semi-slick tread design allows the g-Force R1 to rotate in different directions and be used at different vehicle wheel positions to maximize treadlife. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by a spirally wrapped polyamide cord on top of a two-ply nylon cord carcass.

    NOTE: While BFGoodrich g-Force R1 radials meet DOT requirements, they are not appropriate for highway use as the expected miles of wear from their racing tread compounds is greatly reduced. The g-Force R1 radials are not recommended for driving in wet conditions where there is the risk of hydroplaning. Drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds in these conditions.

    Interested? Go to Tire Rack to get a set.


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