@Volkswagen Super Bowl XLV Ads: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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In our last Super Bowl XLV commercial post we take a look at the Volkswagen ads.  By now  you’ve probably heard plenty about both of them but just in case you haven’t check them out below.

Volkswagen commercial 1: Black Beetle

In this spot Volkswagen takes a very literal approach to the upcoming new Beetle.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  It is hard to find something more awesome than an insect drifting through the forrest!

Volkswagen commercial 2: The Force

If you haven’t seen this commercial yet then you haven’t been in the country for the last week or so because it has been everywhere!  In this spot a mini Darth Vader is struggling to develop his force powers.  Just when he feels all hope is lost he has one more encounter that reassures the fact that the force is strong in him..

What do I think?  FRESH x2

Why?  This spot covers all the bases.  Women think it’s cute, men think it’s hilarious, and Star Wars nerds think it’s epic.  It is all win!  Plus the kid’s performance is on point!  Volkswagen managed to make an impression on millions of people without going for a massive big budget production for this commercial.  I mean that literally too.  This commercial already has over 18 million views on YouTube!  18 million!  That isn’t even counting the millions of people who watched it on television Super Bowl Sunday.  Other OEM’s should be taking notes!

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@Ford Focus Super Bowl XLV Ad: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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Ford had two commercials this year for the Super Bowl.  One was to bring attention to the new 2012 Ford Focus through a rally competition and the other was just a run of the mill add for the Ford F-150.  In this post we’ll focus on the Ford Focus commercial.

Ford commercial: Focus Rally

To promote the 2012 Focus, Ford has chosen several two-person teams to compete against each other in a cross country rally in which their progress depends on the amount of followers each team has via the official rally site, twitter, and probably Facebook too.

What do I think? MEH..

Why? Well the concept is cool and it looks like Ford is putting a lot of resources and production value into this.  However Mercedes Benz recently did something very similar but it directly tied-in with the Super Bowl and they didn’t promote it as heavily.  Bottom line is while this is cool it’s been done before.  Although, to Ford’s credit they take it a lot further than Mercedes did.

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Kia Super Bowl XLV Ad: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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Kia just had one Super Bowl XLV commercial this year but it was “epic” and centered around the new Optima.

Kia commercial: One Epic Ride

This spot starts off with a couple being robbed of their new Optima by a police officer.  From there it just gets crazier and crazier.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  The commercial delivers what it promises: an epic ride.  How many commercials had a cameo from freakin’ Poseidon?!

What did you think?  Let us know in the comments.

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@ChyslerAutos Super Bowl XLV Ad: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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There was only one commercial representing the Chrysler brand this year during the Super Bowl but it was a big one.  Check it out below.

Chysler 200 commercial: Imported From Detroit

In this spot Chysler communicates a serious message that Detroit is still where its at when it comes to making quality cars.  They enlisted the help of  a well known Detroit citizen to help them get the point across.

What do I think?  FRESH

Why?  Some are arguing that this is the best car commercial of the entire Super Bowl, maybe the best commercial this year period.  While I wouldn’t go that far I won’t deny that this spot is definitely powerful.  It is epic that they got someone of Eminem’s stature to join in on this to represent Detroit.  Good job!

What do you think about this?  Do you also think this commercial is fresh?  Or do you think slim shady sold out?  Voice your opinion in the comments.

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@Chevrolet Super Bowl XLV Ads Part 2: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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In this post I’ll finish up my brief analysis of the Chevrolet Super Bowl XLV commercials.  In this part you’ll see the second Cruze and Camaro commercials as well as an overall brand Chevy brand-awareness commercial.

Chevrolet commercial 5 (Cruze): Misunderstanding

In this second bit for the Cruze a few members of the geriatric community get a bit confused by a commercial for the Chevy Cruze “Eco”

What do I think? MEH

Why? Sure this commercial is funny, but it is hard to have old people in your commercial and not be funny.  They could have taken a few more chances here but didn’t so it falls in the middle with me.


Chevrolet commercial 6 (Camaro): Transformers

The stereotypical car salesman “Al” tries to sell a Camaro that is more than meets the eye…

What do I think?  FRESH

Why?  Sure it was predictable but you can’t go wrong with Bumblebee tossing someone across a parking lot!

Chevrolet commercial 7 (Brand): We can do more

Chevrolet wants to let us know that they can go beyond making cars and trucks.

What do I think?  WACK

Why?  This is just a quick PR puff piece.  Sure the intentions are noble but this isn’t really anything we haven’t heard before.  They could have gone without this one.

What do you think about this second set of Chevy commercials? Let us know in the comments.

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@Chevrolet Super Bowl XLV Ads Part 1: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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Chevrolet had so many commercials for this year’s Super Bowl that we have to break this one up into two posts.  They even had more than one commercial for the same car.  There were at least three different commercials for the Cruze and two for the Camaro.  In this first part I’ll chime in on one of the Camaro commercials, the Volt commercial, the lone Silverado commercial, and the first of the Cruze commercials.

Chevy commercial 1 (Camaro):  Miss Evelyn

In the first Camaro spot Chevy takes a unique approach by asking the question “what would it be like if we let you create our commercials?” The result according to them is an action packed ad filled with explosions and a “hot red-headed” teacher.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  To some this spot might come off as a bit corny but if you look a bit deeper you can see that Chevy is just playfully poking at some of their own past commercials and adding a healthy dose of humor.  It isn’t spectacular but it was still enjoyable.

Chevy commercial 2 (Volt): Discovery

In the latest commercial for the Volt Chevy starts to take a some of ownership for all of the media praise they’ve gotten for they’re revolutionary plug-in extended-range hybrid car.  They liken the Volt to major discoveries such as electricity and the light bulb.

What do I think?  FRESH

Why?  I know Chevy going a bit on the lofty side in this commercial by comparing a car to great discoveries like space travel and computers but let’s face it: the Volt is a big deal.  If you like Chevy or not you can’t deny that the Volt is a major step in where things will be going  for the foreseeable future. Sure it is a bit braggadocious but in these times its cool to see some good ol’ American bravado.

Chevy commercial 3 (Silverado): Tommy

With all the car commercials being shown this spot called “Tommy” was one of the few truck commercials of the entire Super Bowl.  That’s surprising considering that the football crowd represents a good chunk of the truck demographic.  In this commercial the Silverado plays the hero…several times…

What do I think?  MEH..

Why?  While this commercial is funny and not bad by any means, the “Lassie” bit feels like it has been done many times before.  I still give Chevy kudos for not forgetting their truck lovers in all of the car hype though.

Chevy commercial 4 (Cruze): Status

In this first spot for the Cruze Chevy shows off a way their new car can help one with their “social agenda”.

What do I think? WACK

Why?  This isn’t as much a knock against the commercial itself as it is me being disgusted with the social picture that this ad paints.  Have we become so vain that we need to have our Facebook status updates read to us out loud by our cars while we’re driving?  If that is the thing that puts you over the fence into making a $20k purchase then congratulations…you’re a d-bag!

Do you agree with my assesments of these commercials so far? Disagree? Don’t let me be the only one venting opinions.  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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BMW’s Super Bowl XLV Ads: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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BMW had two different Super Bowl commercials to serve up this year.  Both commercials avoided the “over the top” approach that is normally associated with Super Bowl ads and instead focued on up coming technology and demonstrating how they are “doing their part” so to speak.  Scroll below to watch, see my opinions, and add your own in the comments.

BMW commercial 1: “Changes”

In this spot BMW is introducing their intent to bring their diesel line up to the states and they’ve found an interesting way to reassure America that their diesels wont be anything like we may remember from years past..

What do I think? FRESH

Why? Many manufacturers have talked bout their diesel offerings but from what I’ve seen none have really stepped up and said they’re going to do it better than everyone else.  Good for you for having some balls BMW!


BMW commercial 2:  “Defying Logic”

In this spot BMW is making an attempt to show their commitment to strengthen our countries ill economy by setting up shop here and creating jobs.

What do I think? WACK

Why?  This comercial was very close to a “FRESH” rating but I think they’ve muddled up the message.  It is great that they want to show us how they will pitch in to help our enconmy but the title “defying logic” really takes the good intention out of it.  It feels like they’re saying: “It doesn’t make any sense to help you, but we will because that’s how good we are.”  It’s a bit lacking in the tact department if you ask me.

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@Audi Super Bowl XLV Car Ad: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

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Audi’s commercial “Release The Hounds” is continuation to the “Goodnight” commercial they released during the NFL playoffs.  In this bit Audi illustrates an “escape” from “old luxury”.  Watch below then see what I think and add what you think in the comments.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  I think Audi nicely depicted that they are going to set themselves apart from the rest of the luxury crowd and be more than a status symbol.  Also the Kenny G comedy bit was a nice touch!

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