Former NFL Quarter Back Campaigns Lamborghini Gallardo In World Challenge

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So what do you do when you’re a retired NFL Quarterback, live in the great state of Texas and have a little bit of disposable income?  In Dan Pastorini’s case you buy a Lamborghini Gallardo, gut it, and go racing.  After a playing QB to the Houston Oilers back in the day Pastorini made a decision to try his hand at motorsports.  This weekend he attempted to make his debut at Sebring in the World Challenge race piloting his track prepped Lamborghini Gallardo but during practice the motor popped. 

So rather than tempt fate and further ruin a very expensive Itailan supercar he packed it up for the weekend and is setting his sights on the next race at Long Beach.  Good choice Dan!  I can’t wait to see his car in action during the LBGP in April.  If they grant us press passes this year I’ll try to get an interview for you.  In the meantime check out the video below.

Thanks to Bill Wood for the tip!

Photo Credit: Mark Weber


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What To Do This Weekend: Sevenstock XI, Irvine CA

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If you’re a Mazda fan then this weekend will be like a double X-mas.  First on Saturday will be Sevenstock XI (or 11 if you don’t know your numerals) at the Mazda R&D headquarters in Irvine.  Then on Sunday famed Mazda tuners and race team Tri-Point Engineering will be having an open house at their facility.  Their race cars will be on display and the crew will be giving clinics on suspension setup.  This weekend will be chocked full of Mazda freshness!

Sevenstock Info

Tri-Point Open House Info

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GMG Racing Porsche 997 WC-GT3

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If you own a high dollar european car chances are you know who GMG is.  They tune and build everything from VW’s to Porsche Carerra GT’s.   After they’re done making other people’s cars faster they spend their weekends running their Porsche GT3 cup racer in a pro series and they love it.  In fact, they love it so much that they decided to build a street going version of it called the “WC-GT3”.  The “WC” stands for World Challenge as in SPEED World Challenge the pro series they race in.

So what makes the WC-GT3 different from a normal GT3 (if you consider a Porsche GT3 “normal”)?  Well for starters try custom GIAC ECU software mapping and a “WC” center section with titanium piping.  Next off you could throw in a custom GMG suspension set up that includes components from Moton and Eibach.  Bringing it all to a screeching halt are Brembo GTR F1calipers that have titanium pistons.  You also got Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires that are wrapped around BBS E88 wheels.  There’s actually a ton of extras that come with this special edition and I’m too lazy to type them all.  If you want to know that badly and just happen to have a few spare suitcases full of money I suggest you contact GMG about picking one of these up.


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Lexus IS GTF World Challenge Race Car

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Looking through the Lexus Forums I found the IS GTF race car which was one of the inspirations for our ISF GT street/track concept. This car is of course an all out race car with race car trimmings. Look at how wide the thing is :O

DRC Motorsports will debut their new Lexus World Challenge GT car for the Mid Ohio Speed GT Race presented by Remington. The debut will mark a culmination of almost a years worth of effort by the team to bring this car into World Challenge. The car will be piloted by reigning Touring Car champ Jeff Altenburg. This will make the 4th different car Altenburg has driven this season in World Challenge competition. He has raced a Porsche at MMP and two Vipers at Sebring and Long Beach in preparation for running the Lexus IS GTF for the last half of the season.

“I’ve been looking forward to racing this Lexus for some time now.” Altenburg says, “Our IS GTF has been a long time in development but I know it’s going to be worth it once we hit the track. Greg Fordahl (DRC Lead Engineer) is one of the best in the business and I’ll be working with him and the rest of the DRC Motorsports Team to get the most out of this car. ” 

The original plan was to debut a second car this weekend with Touring Car standout Robb Holland behind the wheel however time ran out to get that car fully sorted and the decision was made to only run one car this weekend. 

“I, like everyone else on the team, have been looking forward to debuting this car for a long time.” Holland says “Even though I won’t be driving the Lexus this weekend I’ll be at Mid Ohio to support the team and learn as much as I can about the car so when I get my own IS GTF at Road America I can be up to speed as quickly as possible”

Team owner Dennis Carlton says that the team plans on running the remainder of the 2008 schedule in preparation for an all out assault on the GT Championship in 2009. 

DRC Motorsports would also like to recognize it’s partners who were vital in the success of the program.

The Motorsports Gallery
RNR Composites 
Germain Lexus
H&R Springs
Cutter & Buck 
Stoptech Brakes 

Looks like the car debuted at a race in Mid Ohio in July and has been race at two more races afterward. It finished 24th, 20th, and 21rst so this year seems to be more of a development year for the DRC team.

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GMG “World Challenge” Audi RS4 Exhaust

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The Audi RS4 is a hooligan in a European suit.  It has a high revving powerful V8, all-wheel drive, but for some reason Audi made the exhaust note quite tame.  For what it is the RS4 doesn’t have the sound it should.

The GMG WC (World Challenge, after their SPEED World Challenge Racing Team) gives the RS4 a proper growl at idle and an ample roar at wide open throttle.  It’s also 20lbs lighter than stock so the benefits extend beyond audible.

Check out the sound in this youtube vid:


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