Hype: JDMEGO Evo Skate Deck! Whhhaaaaaaaatttt?!

Posted on 08.14.13 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Look, I’m not even going to go into some spiel on the quality of the wood in this skate deck or its weight or how it would be any good for the actual act of skateboarding.  It probably makes for a great board but that is totally irrelevant here.  What is relevant is that this thing looks FRESH, there are only so many in existence, and someone likes JDMEGO even a little bit they should be clicking until their fingers are raw to order this immediately!

That is all…

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Fresh Video: RiceBoyTV.com Visits Ken Block @ Work

Posted on 10.22.08 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Our buddies at RiceBoyTV got bored one day and decided to stalk down DC Shoes Co-Founder and Subaru rally driver Ken Block at his job.  To my surprize not only did Ken not kick them out but he even gave them a guided tour!  Who would’ve thought?  I wonder if he hooked up Nads with free kicks…hmm..


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