Hype Event: SevenStock 2009

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The 12th annual SevenStock was just one of the corners in a huge Mazda fan trifecta this weekend and the only Mazda event I can actually go to!  Sorry man I’m not a big enough baller to go to Road America and Road Atlanta in the same weekend! SevenStock was pretty awesome though.  There were tons of Rotary’s all over the place and I’m not just talking about the cars that were meant to have them.  Anything you could shove a Rotary in was on display.  There was also the flip side with a few LS1 powered RX-7s, those engine bays got a lot of attention.  There was also another treat at the event but I’m saving that for its own post.  In the meantime check out some pictures here and the rest on our Facebook page.



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What To Do This Weekend Pt. 2: Seven Stock 2009!!

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So after you’re done buying lots of goodies at Sparco’s Garage Sale you should drive a little ways down the street to check out the biggest Mazda meet ever!!  The time has come for another Seven Stock event at Mazda’s HQ in Irvine, CA.  Close to 1,000 cars tons of vendors and events and it is all FREE! I’m so there!  Oh..and one more thing..Mr. Nakamura from Knight Sports will be on hand giving a special presentation! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Be theereeeee..

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What To Do This Weekend: Sevenstock XI, Irvine CA

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If you’re a Mazda fan then this weekend will be like a double X-mas.  First on Saturday will be Sevenstock XI (or 11 if you don’t know your numerals) at the Mazda R&D headquarters in Irvine.  Then on Sunday famed Mazda tuners and race team Tri-Point Engineering will be having an open house at their facility.  Their race cars will be on display and the crew will be giving clinics on suspension setup.  This weekend will be chocked full of Mazda freshness!

Sevenstock Info

Tri-Point Open House Info

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