Indy Car: ABC Supply 500 Quick Result

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I know normally when I do these posts I make some kind of joke poking fun at you for missing the race.  However, considering all the stuff that happened at this event including the terrible accident with Justin Wilson (more on that in a separate post), I am just going to get to the point and ask you scroll down for official race results if you should need them.



ABC Supply 500 Results:

1st: Ryan Hunter-Reay
2nd: Josef Newgarden
3rd: Juan Pablo Montoya

Top 5 Points Standings:

1st: Juan Pablo Montoya (500pts)
2nd: Graham Rahal (466pts)
3rd: Scott Dixon (453pts)
4th: Will Power (439pts)
5th: Helio Castroneves (423pts)

Next weekend is GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, which is also the last race of the season.  While it looks like Juan Montoya has a comfortable lead in the points, the last race is worth double points per the new rules.  This means as of now the top 6 are still mathematically contenders for the 2015 championship.

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Indy Car Hype: MAVTV 500 Official Results (With Video)

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Miss out on some of the racing this weekend?  No worries we got you covered!  We’ll start off with the results from the Indy Car race this weekend at Auto Club Speedway here in sunny California.  There was a surprise win at the MAVTV 500 this year.  Who was it?  Scroll below to find out!


Indy Car MAVTV 500 Official Results:

1st: Graham Rahal
2nd: Tony Kanaan
3rd: Marco Andretti

I bet that wasn’t the podium you were expecting was it?!  If you think that’s crazy check out the highlights below.

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Indy Car Hype: GoPro Grand Prix Of Sonoma Quick Result (With Video)

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Ok, before you say it I know I missed out on the last race but I had a good reason; personal, but a good reason trust me!  Anyhow on to the next!  Over the weekend Indy Cars returned to Sonoma Raceway for the GoPro grand prix.  This race is the final road race of the season and after this comes the MavTV 500 at California Speedway.  So who came out on top?  Who is leading points going into the season finale?  Scroll down to find out as well as check out a video of race highlights.



1st: Scott Dixon
2nd: Ryan Hunter-Reay
3rd: Simon Pangenaud
Current points standings (Top 5):

1st: Will Power (626 points)
2nd: Helio Castroneves (575 points)
3rd: Simon Pagenaud (545 points)
4th: Ryan Hunter-Reay (534 points)
5th: Scott Dixon (523 points)


GoPro Grand Prix Of Sonoma Highlights:

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Indy Car Hype: Iowa Corn Indy 300 Quick Result (With Video)

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Here we are again.  Its Monday and in your whirlwind of a weekend you spaced on the Indy Car race and have no idea what happened, who won, who crashed, who got out of their car in the middle of the race to pee, nothing!  Tsk tsk!  Oh well, I will fill you in on the winners and even show you some highlights from the race.  Its all below!




1st: Ryan Hunter-Reay
2nd: Josef Newgarden
3rd: Tony Kanaan


Race highlights:

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Indy Car Hype: Pocono 500 Race Results (With Video)

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Did you miss the race at the great triangle of Pocono?  Figures! Its ok though I won’t get upset but I will tell you that you missed one heck of a race!  There was plenty of slicing, dicing, and drama but you can see all of that in the highlight video below.  If you just want a quick rundown of the podium scroll down!




1st: Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd: Helio Castroneves
3rd: Carlos Munoz

Race Highlights:

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Indy Car Hype: 2014 Indy 500 Quick Results (With Video)

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Just in case you have been on another planet for the last 24 hours or so I have decided to do a quick result post for the results of the 2014 Indy 500.  Chances are most of you know but just in case…below is the wrap up!  It was a heck of a race and a crazy finish, which you will get to watch below in a 10 minute highlight reel!  So scroll down for the results and the high points of the 2014 Indy 500!




1st: Ryan Hunter-Reay
2nd: Helio Castroneves
3rd: Marco Andretti


Race Highlights:

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Indy Car Hype: Grand Prix Of Indianapolis Quick Result (With Video)

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Indianapolis Motorspeedway is a world class racing facility but most probably wouldn’t know it because most of the time major series such as Indy Car and NASCAR just use it to go around in a bunch of circles!  Formula One used to use the infield road course a while back but that uh, didn’t work out so well…  This year, the Indy Car Series finally had the good sense to get some use out of the sprawling infield course for a race on the 2014 schedule as the “Grand Prix Of Indianapolis”.  How did it turn out?  Well if you’re into spoilers scroll below for the race results.  Below that is a short highlight reel with all the action.


Race Results:

1st: Simon Pagenaud
2nd: Ryan Hunter-Reay
3rd: Helio Castroneves

Race highlights:

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Indy Car Hype: Honda Grand Prix Of Alabama Quick Result (With Video)

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Miss the Indy Car race over the weekend?  Once again I am here to help you get caught up (in case you didn’t DVR the race either).  First things first, the race was delayed for quite a while due to heavy rain and by heavy rain I mean the joint darn near flooded!  However despite the massive amount of water all over the facility, once the weather cleared up, track workers got the course cleaned up and ready.  It was pretty awesome!  Ok, now on to the important part! Scroll below for the official podium results and a highlight reel of the race.



Race Results:

1st: Ryan Hunter-Reay (2nd win in a row)
2nd: Marco Andretti
3rd: Scott Dixon

Race highlights:

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Indy Car: Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach Quick Results (Video)

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Did you miss the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach over the weekend?  Well I am here to say that you missed out and a crazy, crazy race!  Nothing went down the way I expected it to yet at the same time it had an incredibly familiar conclusion.  Don’t know what I mean?  Well, if you know that you will not be able to watch any of the replays then scroll down for the official results and a video of all the highlights and that should get you significantly caught up.  Also stay tuned as we have tons of pictures of all the other action going on in Long Beach over the entire weekend!


1st: Mike Conway
2nd: Will Power
3rd: Carlos Munoz

Race Highlights:

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Indy Car: Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Quick Results (Video)

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While I may have fallen a bit behind on F1, I am on the ball when it comes to Indy Car.  This past weekend marked the season opener which welcomed new drivers and welcomed back familiar faces such as Juan Montoya.  It also marked the debut of fan favorite Tony Kanaan with the Target Chip Ganassi team.  The weekend started off with a surprise performance from Takuma Sato who captured the pole position.  Although he was not able to completely cash in on earning a front row spot.  So who did win?  Scroll below for results and a race re-cap.


1st: Will Power
2nd: Ryan Hunter-Reay
3rd: Helio Castroneves

Race Recap:

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