Wheel Wednesday: New BBS FI-R Is A 20 Inch Wheel On A Serious Diet

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I’m not against adding shiny and/or chrome wheels to a car as long as their tasteful looking.  The downside is that even the tasteful looking chrome wheels can be super heavy and adding heavier wheels is in my opinion a huge no-no!  Legendary wheel makers BBS is looking to remedy that situation with their new FI-R wheel.  The FI-R is a forged Y-spoke wheel with lightness in mind.  While they aren’t featherweights, the 9×20 inch version of these wheels comes in at just under 17lbs a piece which is decent for a 20 inch roller.  The wider 12×20 inch variety weighs in at 20lbs, again pretty good considering its size.

BBS had cars like the Porsche 991 GT3 and new BMW M3 & M4 in mind when producing these but I’m sure there are a few other applications that could benefit from these sweet shoes.  Oh, one more thing, The FI-R’s can also be had in center-lock flavor if so desired.

What do you think of the BBS FI-R?  Are you into it or are you tired of Y-spoke wheels already?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype

[Source: BBS-usa.com]

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Wheel Wednesday: Work Wheels Seeker CX Is Aimed Squarely At The Vee-Dub Crowd

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Its been a while but Wheel Wednesday is back and this week I am showing off a wheel that was specifically designed to make any VW-phile swoon.  Its from Work Wheels new “Seeker” line and its called the CX.  It has what I can only describe as a “super mesh” design that looks perfect under the arches of just about any generation VW Golf but would likely look just as good on a Jetta or Passat.  What’s life without experimentation?  The CX is a two-piece wheel and customers can get custom offsets in 1mm increments.  A step lip barrel is available as an option as well for those who like it spicy!  All in all the CX is a nice pair of euro shoes for your VW and worth of a Wheel Wednesday mention.  If you want a set hit up your local Work Wheels dealer and they should be able to hook you up!

[Source: WorkWheelsUSA.com]

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Wheel Wednesday: Advan Racing GT

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Welcome to another edition of Wheel Wednesday!  This week we picked the “GT” wheel from Yokohama’s Advan Racing line.  The GT is basically a tougher more “race-inspired” version of the TCIII.  It comes in three different lip sizes from standard all the way to “extra deep” and just for a touch of extra slickness the logo on the spoke is machined in, not a decal!  We really love how much this wheel takes the TCIII design up a few notches.  Its also made through a process called “mold form forging” which makes it light and strong so besides looking good it comes with a fair amount of function.  That is why the Advan GT is our wheel Wednesday pick!

[Source: Mackin Industries ]

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Wheel Wednesday: Rotiform Race TMB

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This week’s Wheel Wednesday features a piece from a wheel company right here in California, in the OC specifically.  Rotiform wheels is a relatively new company but they have made big waves, especially in the Euro car scene.  Their designs are reminiscent of old school Euro designs but with modern flare and quality.  This particular wheel from Rotiform’s “race” line is dubbed the “TMB” and I have no idea what it stands for.  What I do know is that it is a three-piece forged wheel that looks absolutely beautiful on a slammed Audi.  For that fact alone it earns a Wheel Wednesday honor.

If you are interested in a set of TMB’s their sizes range from 13″ to 16″ and start at $700 per wheel.  Rotiform wheels are custom tailored for each customer depending on their car and suspension set up so any interested parties should hit them up directly at Rotiform.com.

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Wheel Wednesday: Super Advan RACING Ver. 2 AKA “The 3 Spoke”

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This week’s Wheel Wednesday is a throwback to my high school days.  Back then wheel designs were a little more abstract sort to speak.  Wheel companies had no problem playing with spoke designs and dimensions.  Honestly, most of them looked like crap.  However, one such odd ball wheel really took off and that was the Super Advan RACING Ver. 2 which was more commonly known as “the 3 spoke” wheel, because it had…3 spokes.  Well, three split spokes to be precise.  Anyhow it was a great wheel and only those who were really “fashion forward” in the scene rocked them.  Two such people who stand out are former Super Street writer and current Clipper fan-boy Ricky Chu’s 240SX and N.O.B. Taniguchi’s famous D1 Grand Prix S15 Silvia.

They have always been notoriously hard to find and expensive.  Even back when they were in full production it was rare to see them at a show and even more rare to see them on the street (wheel locks weren’t so great back then) so when they were spotted it was automatically an event!  As far as I know this wheel has been discontinued but if one looks hard enough they might be able to find a set in good condition for sale.

I know that anyone willing to rock this set of shoes on a show car today would earn instant nostalgia points.  That’s the kind of clout these bad boys have.  As such, I salute you Advan 3 spoke!


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Wheel Wednesday: The Legendary BBS LM

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There are hundreds of thousands of different wheels out there in the world but there are only a few that are nearly universally loved and coveted.  The BBS LM is at the top of that short list.  For as long as I could remember the BBS LM has been a “dream wheel” to just about anyone I’ve meet who likes cars even half as much as I do.  There is a reason why the BBS LM is one of the most copied counterfeited wheels in the world.  However, there is just no substitute for the real damn thing!

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Wheel Wednesday: Fatlace x AME F/ZERO2 Collab Brings AME Design Back From The Past

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As you may have read in the JCCS coverage, the trend of restoring old school JDM rides is here to stay.  Visionary leader of fashion brand Fatlace, Mark Arcenal saw this coming a long time ago and began working with Japanese wheel company AME to try and bring back some of their past designs.  The result of their collab is the new F/ZERO line, including the F/ZERO 02 which brings back two old school AME wheels but with modern fitments.

The wheels made their public debut at the JCCS show and are now available for pre-order.  At only about $800 a set I predict these wheels will be a hot ticket Christmas item!

[Source: Fatlace.com]

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Wheel Wednesday: Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Flows Freshly

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This week’s Wheel Wednesday pick comes to us from Vorsteiner in the form of their new V-FF 101 wheel.  We picked this week for its unique take on the wide split spoke design.  At first it might seem as if it has been seen before but when looking closer there are all types of small nuances that set it apart.  Throw in the fact that this wheel features the new flow forged technology which seem so be the new hotness among forged wheel manufacturers and you have all the components you need for a nice set of rollers.

[Source: Vorsteiner.com]

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Wheel Wednesday: Barramundi Design “Eleven” AKA The New Hotness

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Happy Wheel Wednesday!  This week’s wheel is the coveted “Eleven” from Barramundi Design.  I picked this wheel because it has been spreading like wildfire at all the local shows and meets out here, especially with the Honda heads!  Despite their funny name Barramundi wheels are quality stuff.  All of Barramundi’s wheels are billet, forged pieces and typically multi-piece.  I picked the “Eleven” for Wheel Wednesday because I have seen them a lot lately on Integras and they have always looked incredibly fresh!  If you pushing a DA or DC then this might be the wheel to get.

If you are already looking to pick up a set you can get the “Eleven” from JHPUSA.com for about $2,900.  Not cheap I know, but quality never is!

[Source: JHPUSA.com]

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Wheel Wednesday: Work Meister S1 3 Piece Is Proof Wheels Can Be “Rauh”

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This week’s Wheel Wednesday pick is an oldie but a goodie!  How long have we drooled over the Work Meister S1 in all its forms?  The S1 (especially the 3 piece version) has always been a coveted wheel but its popularity really blew up when it became the wheel of choice for Nakai-san of Rauh-Welt Begriff for his Porsches.

As soon as enthusiasts saw the harmony that can exist between a Japanese wheel and a German sports car their feelings for the S1 when from like to love.  Feelings went from love to covet when people realized how expensive S1’s are.  A set can start at over $2,900 and that’s the “bro deal“.  However the S1’s price tag has done little to deter its admirers from picking up a set.   Now, S1’s can be seen on everything from the import staples, to other German sports cars, even modern muscle cars.

Transcendence like that makes the S1 more than worthy of a Wheel Wednesday pick!

[Shopping Source: EvasiveMotorsports.com]

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