Gaming Hype: Tons Of Codemasters F1 2014 Gameplay Video!

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The next Formula One game from Codemasters is coming this October (a month earlier than usual) and we are going to present to you four reasons why we have high hopes for this game.  Check out the four “hot lap” videos below taken from actual game play as a preview of things to come.  Naturally, should we get a copy we will do a full review of F1 2014 and let you know if its worth purchasing.  For now we are pretty optimistic!  Now stop reading and start watching below!

Sochi Hot Lap:

Spa Hot Lap:

Red Bull Ring Hot Lap:

Bahrain Hot Lap:

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Gaming Hype: Codemasters Reveals F1 2014 Gameplay Footage, Plans For The Future

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One of my favorite driving franchises is the F1 series from the gang at Codemasters.  To some controversy their last game F1 2013 was released on what is technically “last gen” consoles (Xbox 360, PS3).  Well, it looks like Codemasters may be sparking some of that controversy again as they have announced that F1 2014 will also be released on the “last gen” consoles.  However, they have also promised that F1 2014 will be their last F1 game that is exclusive to Xbox 360 and PS3 and they have also promised that F1 2014 will be a fitting send-off.

To quell any interweb-rage about F1 2014 not coming to Xbox One or PS4, Codemasters gave a little preview of what we can expect in F1 2015.  One of the biggest tidbits is that the release cycle will likely change. Typically, Codemasters releases their F1 games at the end of the season and before the next season.  This is because Codemasters doesn’t know what new tracks, teams, or drivers will be added to F1 before the season starts so they have to wait until it all shakes out and then make their game.

However, starting with F1 2015  Codemasters will look to release their F1 games earlier in the season rather than the end.  This is because due to the architecture of Xbox One and PS4 it is easier to release content like new teams, tracks, and drivers via DLC (downloadable content) as the season unfolds.  So far, that is all we know about their future plans but Codemasters’ has hinted that they will reveal more about their next gen F1 games once F1 2014 is released this October (October 21st, 2014 to be exact).

I personally can’t wait to see what the team will do with the new consoles.  But I am equally excited for F1 2014!  If you share that sentiment then feel free to scroll down and check out the official gameplay trailer!

[Source: Codemasters Blog]

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Gaming Hype: New GRID Autosport Trailer Provides Buffet Of Touring Car Racing Goodness (Video)

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Codemasters promises that the upcoming GRID Autosport will be a more professional-minded take on the GRID series focusing more on organized motorsport disciplines and in their latest trailer they are driving that point home with a deep look at how Touring Car racing will be represented in GRID Autosport.  It looks amazing and it seems like that is at least in part due to some real world input from BTCC drivers!  Check out the trailer below to see for yourself!

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Gaming Hype: Codemasters Is Taking The “GRID” Series Pro In “GRID Autosport” (With Video)

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GRID_Autosport_Small With E3 coming up in a little more than a month all of the studios are starting to tease and announce new games and projects so for people like me who love racing games this is a pretty exciting time of year.  One of the first big announcements out of the gate is the Codemasters team announcing a new GRID game.  Called “GRID Autosport” this new installment of the series seems to have an even greater focus on pro racing than GRID 4 did.  It seems like they really want to hit all major motorsports disciplines: rally, touring, drifting, and even open wheel!  While the guys from Codemasters say that GRID Autosport wont be a full on sim like Forza or Gran Turismo they say it will have a more realistic feel than previous GRID games.  I suppose it will fall somewhere in between.  Either way based on some of the game play visuals in the trailer below. The other big tid bit is that it appears that this game will not be released on the next gen consoles AKA Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  That bit of news was kind of a bummer at first but in the long run its probably better that Codemasters goes the current gen route rather than rushing the game out to get it on next-gen hardware.  Also, rumor has it that Codemasters has been playing around with the next gen hardware and are currently working on the next version of their EGO game engine.  Hopefully this means we may hear something at E3 this year about oh I don’t know…F1 2014 for next gen?  All just speculation for now but that would be awesome!  Speaking of E3 you can expect GRID Autosport to come out just a little while after E3 on June 24th 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the meantime check out the first official GRID Autosport trailer below as well as some screen shots and official box art.

jarama_02 GRID_Autosport_BoxArt_small sanfran_01 sepang_05 yas_03

GRID Autpsort trailer:

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Hype Video: I Scoop All The Big Boys With The First Review Of The BMW M4 Coupe!…Kind Of….

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The new M4 Coupe and M3 sedan made their world debuts a while ago and ever since then auto journalist all over the world have been waiting with baited breath for that coveted press drive invite from BMW.  I however am not waiting because I am pretty bloody sure my invite is going to get “lost in the mail”.  I mean I am appreciative of all the readers of this blog but I know my viewership isn’t up there with the Autoblogs and Jalopniks of the world.  However, just because I’ll be under BMW’s radar doesn’t mean I can’t still drive the new M4 coupe!  I just did it in a different way.  If you want to know exactly what I mean and what I think about the new M4 coupe then just watch the video below.  Also, keep in mind that this was all done in fun so please don’t fire bomb me!  Enjoy!

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Hype News: Documentary About Gran Turismo Creator Kazunori Yamauchi To Debut On Hulu On Jan 22nd 2013 (Video)

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Remember a while back when I told you about an upcoming documentary starring the mysterious creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi?  Well today that documentary got a release date (there is a Gran Turismo 5 joke in there but I won’t touch it).  “KAZ: Pursuing The Digital Divide” will be released next Wednesday on January 22nd 2014.  What’s more is that the “KAZ” doc will be released on the popular Hulu video streaming service!  There is a caveat here though.  In order to watch on your TV or mobile device you will need to be a Hulu Plus subscriber.  However, if you are totally fine with watching it on your computer or laptop then a free Hulu account is all you’ll need to enjoy the film!

In addition to the Hulu announcement a new trailer was released today as well, watch it below!

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Gaming Hype: Gran Turismo 6 Glitch Allows Players To Get An Easy 20 Million Credits (Video)

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One of the down sides to modern console racing games is that the good cars cost a lot of in-game credits and those credits are typically not easy to come by.  When a player only gets about 5,000 to 10,000 credits for winning a race and the cool cars cost up to a million credits then you can see why players will often look for shortcuts!

Luckily the guys at IGN found a glitch in Gran Turismo 6 that when exploited correctly can allow someone to earn an easy 20 million credits!  In involves a fair level of console/game trickery but the results seem to be well worth it!  Watch the video below to learn how it works.

[Source: IGN YouTube channel]

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Hype Video: Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

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If the car culture was a monarchy then Jay Leno could easily be the king.  Seriously this guy knows just about everyone there is to know and they all know him.  That’s why Jay often gets to play with cars that most people may never even see in person.  In his latest play date, Mercedes Benz brings their stunning AMG Vision Gran Turismo car to Jay’s garage.  Jay also talks a little about how Polyphony Digital (the team behind Gran Turismo 6) virtually re-created his custom RWD twin-turbo 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado as a playable car in the game.  The coolest part comes at the very end of the video though, so scroll down and watch!


So did you watch?…Isn’t it crazy?! The AMG Vision Gran Turismo is one big RC car!!

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Hype Video: Gran Turismo 6 Intro Is Both Aryton Senna Tribute And Love Letter To Automotive Design

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I have three bits of the best news you will hear all day. First: its Friday! Second: Gran Turismo 6 comes out today! Third: You won’t need to buy a next-gen console to play it (unless the newest console you own is a PS2)! All awesome right?

Yes, its a little hard to believe its happened so quickly, especially considering how long development on Gran Turismo 5 took but Gran Turismo 6 is finally here!  As long as you have a Playstation 3 and 60 bucks you can run out to the store right now and go pick up your copy.

Once you place the game in your system you will be greeted by possibly the best racing game intro I have ever seen.  It starts off with a tribute to Ayrton Senna which includes clips of what appear to be interviews with Ayrton’s family members which is a huge deal.  Even the official SENNA documentary didn’t go quite that deep.  From there comes a beautiful cinematic love letter to the process of automotive design.  You will just have to watch to see what I am talking about.  Finally in the last few seconds we get a tease of what looks like the ability to play as Aryton Senna in the game!  Could this be why he is noticeably absent in F1 2013 classic edition?  Who knows!  I would have loved to review this game so I could tell you, but I am not on Sony’s “Cool kids” list so alas I was not sent a copy.  What I do know is that if you aren’t sold on Gran Turismo 6 yet, this flick just might do it.  So scroll down, watch, and enjoy!

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Gaming Hype: New Gran Turismo 6 Trailer Boldly Goes…Very Fast

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Gran Turismo 6 is the only major console racing game sequel that isn’t going to the next gen consoles.  Many saw this as something of a questionable move but their latest trailer dubbed “Concept #6″ may just prove the doubters wrong.  The trailer is almost nothing but game play footage and it all looks great despite the PS3 becoming technically “obsolete”.  The theme of the trailer is pretty cool too.  It really paints the cars as “characters” with a bunch of interesting little moments that you just need to see.  Watch it all below and pay special attention at the end!

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