Hype Video: The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Porsche GT3 Cup

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Its the early hours and you might still feel a bit sleepy so I am going to help you get ready to take on your day with a wake up call courtesy of Clash Production.  Turn up your speakers, headphones, etc. and watch the 8 and half minute long video of pure Porsche GT3 Cup madness as you are put in the POV of the driver while he clicks off some “leisurely” hot laps.  This is better than a bowl of Wheaties any day!

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Tuner Hype: John Benton Loves Classic Porsches…Like Seriously Loves Them.. (With Video)

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They say there are many breeds of “car people” but if you really want to generalize there are really just two.  The first breed is the person who just loves cars of almost all makes models shapes and sizes which is what I would fall into.  The second breed are those who fall hopelessly in love with just one make and/or model of car.  This breed tends to be made up of the crazy ones, and innovators of our culture.  They can find ways to completely re-invent a car without bastardizing its intended aesthetic.  They will make the object of their affection better without changing anything that they loved about it in the first place.  John Benton is of the latter breed.  Mr. Benton loves Porsche but not just any Porsche, the classic Porsches such as the 1963 901.  Benton loves to take these classic Porsches and make them better in the most significant and yet insignificant ways imaginable all while keeping everything completely vintage and original-ish.  If you want a better idea of what I am talking about then check out the video below.

[Source: Fatlace.com]

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Event Hype: Mother’s Car Polish Exotic Car Show (Gallery)

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Here we are with another gallery from the epic Long Beach Grand Prix weekend.  As you may or may not know, the TUDOR series has their race on Saturday, so come Saturday night their paddock clears out as they head off to the next race.  In its place on Sunday morning is a cavalcade of luxury and exotic cars filling the lot completely and its all furnished by Mother’s Car Polish.  First thing Sunday morning I headed out to the newly filled lot and started shooting away.  Granted, not every car there was photo worthy but I snapped the best stuff and now I am presenting it all to you in a new gallery.  Just scroll down to check it out.

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Hype Meet: Cars And Coffee Irvine 3-15-14

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Ok this site was starting to get a little dusty so its time to push forward again with some fresh new content.  We are starting off with my return to Cars And Coffee Irvine last weekend.  In all honesty I just visited to get a little extra shooting time in before I headed off to the Formula Drift Tech Day AKA Source Interlink casting call.  However, I lucked out in the fact that it just so happened that Porsche decided to bring a genuine production-spec 918 Spyder to the event!  News of the Spyder’s appearance brought out many of my industry friends and colleagues like Jon Sibal, Bisi of Bisimoto engineering, and even my old friend and mentor Craig Lieberman!  In fact, I ran into so many people that I haven’t seen in a long time that I actually didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted! But I have a healthy bunch of photos below.  Enjoy!

CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_1 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_2 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_3 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_4 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_5

CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_6 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_7 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_8 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_9 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_10

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Hype: Here Are Some Pictures Of The Porsche 918 Spyder Because Reasons And Because Porsche

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I am trying to re-organize things on my computer and I figured out that for some inexplicable reason I took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder at the 2013 LA Auto Show but didn’t post them.  Again, I have no idea why I didn’t but I didn’t so I am rectifying that horrible mistake right now by posting them!  Please click the thumbnails below and enjoy!

Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_1 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_2 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_3 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_4 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_5

Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_6 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_7 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_8 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_9 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_10

Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_11 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_12 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_13 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_14 Porsche918Spyder_LAAutoShow_15

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Hype Event: Exotics Racing Opens At California Speedway

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Unfortunately, there are many car lovers out there who will probably never get to own amazing cars like the Ferrari 458, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Porsche 911 turbo, or a Nissan GT-R.  If I had my way everyone in the world would be able to have one of these cars in their driveway, but alas such a thing is not possible (not yet anyway).

ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_4 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_5 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_6 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_7 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_9

Although there is another way… What if I told you that you could drive six-figure exotic supercars, on a race track no less?  Well thanks to Exotics Racing such a thing is in fact possible.  I know since I got to pay them a visit at something of a soft opening at their new location at Auto Club Speedway (AKA California Speedway).  Exotics Racing is essentially every car nut’s dream come true.  Imagine showing up at a race track with a fleet of top-end super cars parked in front of you.  Then, a professional driving instructor approaches you and walks you to any of the cars you’d like then coaches you through several laps at full tilt?  In a nutshell that is the reality of Exotics Racing.  All you need to do is show up, pick a driving package and then you are off!

Well, there are a few formalities.  After you choose from a range of driving packages that includes everything from laps in any car you want to ride longs, and even drift car ride alongs, you join a group for a short “in class” instruction session in which the teacher (a professional driver) will talk about the fundamentals of how to drive a supercar, how to drive a supercar fast, and how not to crash said super car.

ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_21 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_18 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_15 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_17 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_1

After the class session the group is split up into smaller groups and taken out in a pair of Porsche Cayennes to take an “introduction lap”.  This is pretty much the equivalent to a “track walk”.  During the introduction lap the instructor will point out all the nuances of the track, covering breaking points, driving line, etc.  All of this is an effort to get the drivers more accustomed to the course.

ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_13 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_14 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_16

From there, you just wait for your name to be called by a driving instructor and you are then escorted to the car of your choice for several laps of awesome!  The really cool part is there are add-ons to help you document your experience the best of which is a video package.  Each car comes equipped with several cameras and track GPS to capture what’s going on outside and inside and it records the entire experience.  For an extra fee drivers can have their videos edited and given to them on DVD or data disc so they can upload their laps to YouTube, Facebook etc.  Trust me, you will want to do this should you pay Exotics Racing a visit.

ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_28 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_31 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_30 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_32 ExoticsRacing_CaliSpeedway_SoftOpen_25

Although I’d have to say one of the coolest things I saw in my visit was Tony’s driving experience.  Who’s Tony?  Tony is a great guy who is a huge sports car enthusiast and also happens to be confined to a wheelchair.  Despite being in a wheel chair Tony is a avid driver thanks to the advent of special hand controls that Tony can use for the throttle and brake.  Exotics Racing is as far as I know, the only service of its kind to offer hand controls for participants who use wheelchairs.  And since the hand controls are removable, wheelchair participants still have a healthy choice of supercars to choose from.  Tony chose the black Ferrari F430 Scuderia…an excellent choice if I’d say so myself!

If you are in California or Las Vegas (their two locations) I would highly recommend checking out Exotics Racing for yourself.  Its well worth the price for experience provided!  If you want to try it out for yourself visit ExoticsRacing.com to book a day!


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SEMA 2013: A Duo Of RWB Porsches Make An Appearance

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You know one thing I never get tired of looking at? RWB Porsches! I know they aren’t up everyone’s alley but I think they are pretty damn fresh.  Despite all the widebody cars showing up at SEMA this year I was only able to find two RWB examples.  Which shouldn’t really be that surprising.  There is only one way to get an RWB car built here in the US and that is from RWB USA directly and at a rate of one-at-a-time it will be a while before we see a big collection of them here in the states.

SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_1 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_2 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_3 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_4 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_5


Either way it was still pretty nice to come across two at the SEMA show.  The first was something of a high profile build and the latest out of the RWB shop and it was parked on some prime real estate in the Toyo Tires booth and the other was in the ISS tuning booth in the south hall and they were both beautiful!  Click the thumbnails for larger pictures and stay tuned for the rest of my SEMA coverage!

SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_16 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_15 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_13 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_12 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_9



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Hype Video: The Men And The Porsche RSR By Clashproduction

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For those of us who already have a passion for Motorsports, we understand that there is an inherent drama in racing that is immediately recognizable.  Since we understand racing we can see the struggle, the sacrifice, the frustration, and joy of motorsport very easily.  However, sometimes when such things are committed to film, especially by very talented individuals, even a initiated motorsport enthusiast can see things in a new way.

For example take Clash Production’s newest flick.  At its core its really just about a team (Dijkstra Racing) and two drivers racing their Porsche RSR at Spa Francorchamps.  Yet, the way that the Clash team filmed the event, just adds more to the experience.  They have a real knack for putting their viewers into the racing seat so to speak.  Seriously these guys are awesome.  Anyhow I will stop typing here so you can scroll down and enjoy “The Men and The RSR”.

Part 1

Part 2

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German Hype: Porsche Attacks The Interweb With 918 Spyder Microsite

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With the Frankfurt Motor Show in full swing across the pond, many supercars are making their world debuts.  One of the most talked about among all the debuts is the final (seriously this time, final) production version of the Porsche 918 Spyder in all its glory. 

Porsche realizes that not everyone was able to book a flight to Germany for the show so to help the world get to know the 918 Spyder a little better, Porsche has launched an official microsite for their new flagship supercar.

The site offers a basket full of information that covers just about anything someone would want to know about their new hybrid baby.  This is a great way to seriously cut into your productivity, especially if you are a Porsche fan!

[Source: Porsche.com]

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Hype: Porsche Bike S Is A Really Expensive Way To Not Own A Fixie

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Everyone knows Porsche’s cars.  What everyone might not know is that Porsche likes to make other stuff.  Like, non-car stuff.  Seriously they have a whole other division for it.  They make furniture, apparel, phones, you name it!  All of their other product is cool but one of my favorite things is the Porsche Bike S.  It looks amazing and totally speaks to Porsche’s automotive design-sense.  Its one of my favorite items to drool over in the Porsche exhibit at the LA Auto Show.

Its made from “hydroforming” aluminum with carbon fiber forks and it is so light it feels like its made out of paper!  It has an 11 speed gear set from Shimano and hydraulic disc brakes.  Yes, disc brakes!  If you couldn’t tell by the amount of exclamation points I’ve used in this post, I really like this bike.  The only thing I don’t like is the price: $4,449.  When a bicycle costs as much as a used car then its kind of a buzz kill.  Oh well, I’ll always have the LA Auto Show.

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