Pioneer “ib-Flat” TS-SW1001S4 Subwoofer

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Check it out.  Pioneer just dropped a new series of thin subwoofers dubbed “ib-Flat” that still give hard kick but is thin so it can fit in other mounting positions instead of trying to shoe-horn a huge enclosure in your trunk.  The mounting depth is only 3 inches but they can go up to 1200 watts max power and 300 watts nominal power.

Press Release:

ib-Flat Slim Subwoofers

Ideal for consumers who want the added benefit of bass in their cars, but are not fond of the inconvenience associated with large subwoofer enclosures, Pioneer’s new ib-Flat subwoofers have a mounting depth of less than 3.25-inches deep and require a much smaller enclosure to produce the tight bass that can be discovered in any type of music.  Consumers can ultimately acquire powerful, tight, accurate bass without taking up a large amount of space, so there’s room left for the essentials like groceries and golf clubs.  Other benefits include: 

  • Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone The ib-Flat woofers were given a “rock” treatment, utilizing basalt fibers that were implemented in Pioneer’s TS-D speakers to increase rigidity to its proprietary Air Suspension cones.
  • 6-Layer Pure Aluminum Wire Voice Coil – A 6-layer pure aluminum wire used in the subwoofers significantly decreases the overall weight of the voice coil to only 1.3 ounces, allowing the magnet to more accurately control the voice coil. This lightweight material also helps to increase efficiency for greater output levels, and improve power handling due to its ability to dissipate heat.
  • Larger Cone and Magnet – The 3-layer fiber woven radial surround employed in the subwoofers was shifted to the outer edges to make room for a larger replacement cone. The technique resulted in more air movement and lower bass response. In addition, a larger ferrite magnet was used for increased control of the voice coil which provides more accurate bass response and greater power handling.

 The combined technologies in the ib-Flat subwoofers improved the overall output sensitivity by two decibels in the crucial bass frequencies so consumers not only hear the “kick” of the drum beat but also feel it.  The ib-Flat subwoofers produce deeper, more powerful bass using less power out of an amplifier. 

The ib-Flat Slim Subwoofers start at a suggested price of $200.

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Pioneer AVH-P7800DVD

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I dig performance but I’m a pretty big advocate of comfort and livability as well.  Part of that is a decent helping of I.C.E. With Blu-Ray taking over in the living room all your DVD’s need a place to go.  Why not the car?  The Pioneer AVH_P7800DVD is a nice choice if you’re in the market for a in-dash player.  It has a nice wide 7 inch screen and supports all the major formats.  It’s also satalite radio ready if you want to get rid of the old school antenna.

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