Hype Event: Motion Auto Show 2012 (Gallery)

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I was starting to get some serious car show withdrawal so you can imagine my excitement when it came time for Motion Auto Show to come back to our home town of Long Beach and fill our convention center with rows and rows of top notch rides.  One of the reasons I really like the Motion Auto Show is because the producers of the show Pro-Motion and the shows architect Mike Morita go out of their way to create an experience that is a lot like the car shows we were used to from the early days of the scene and so far they have always gotten it right!  I also commend Pro-Motion and Morita-san for pre-screening all the cars that register for the show.  Back in the day I hated spending my cash on a car show ticket only to find the show full of cars that were damn near stock! 

Between the cars, the dance contest, models, and vendors the attendees of this years Motion Auto Show in Long Beach definitely got their money’s worth.  If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to the show this year I highly reccomend going next year.  In the meantime check out some pictures below and see our full gallery on our Facebook page.


Click HERE For Gallery

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SEMA 2011: EvoSoul Evo X

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Had your fill of green yesterday? We thought so.  That is why today we are kicking things off with this amazingly clean yellow Mitsubishi Evo X built by EvoSoul and Pentech Automotive.  We don’t know too much about this car other than it comes equipped with a bunch of EvoSoul goodies and Hankook tires but the clean execution of this car was enough to grab our attention.  SEMA always has its fair share of crazy over the top rides and some of them actually pull off that look well but every now and then we come across something that is clean, simple and done right.  Thus our reason for posting this lemony yellow Evo X here.


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Wheel Hype: Special Edition Gloss White Volk Racing TE37SL At Evasive Motorsports

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RAYS Engineering in Japan recently rolled out a production runof the TE37SL (Super Lap) in a special edition gloss white color straight from the factory.  The guys at Evasive Motorsports put in an order for sizes specific to the Mitsubishi Evo X (18×10.5 +15).  So if you are an Evo driver you may want to jump on this ASAP.  Note: because of the aggressive size if your Evo X is lowered you might need to roll your fenders to fit these bad boys on.  A set of four will set you back just over $3k.

[Source: EvasiveMotorsports.com]

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Engine Hype: Cosworth FSL Headgaskets Get Expanded Applications

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We all know that when it comes to engine parts there are few people who know their stuff better than Cosworth.  They make some of the best high-performance internal parts that money can buy.  However, if they don’t make stuff for your car then you miss out unfortunately.  Luckily today Cosworth is making thousands of people very happy by announcing that their FSL headgaskets are now available for 19 additional applications including the GT-R, Nissan KA24DE, Mitsubishi 4G63 and 4B11, and the Toyota 2ZZ used in the Lotus Elise and Exige.  If you want to know what makes the FSL headgasket so special then you should check out the official press release below as it is better that you read it from the experts!


Press Release:

Cosworth New Product Release: 9-2-2011

Cosworth FSL Head Gaskets: Updated applications

Using technology originally developed by Cosworth for WRC Rally engines, Cosworth FSL Head Gaskets feature true cylinder head sealing technology utilizing a precision engineered stamped stainless steel gasket layer with a folded ridge acting as an imbedded cylinder bore sealing ring. Constructed from multiple layers of high grade stainless steel each application features superior construction compared to conventional multi-layer steel gaskets. Additionally, Cosworth High Performance FSL Head Gaskets are manufactured from pre-coated die cut (not laser cut) stainless steel resulting in a uniform distribution of the nitrile rubbercoating and consistent shape of the gasket. Cosworth FSL Head Gaskets are proven to perform in high-horsepower and high boost professional motorsport engines are engineered to seal in power under the most demanding conditions.

Now available in 19 new applications including Nissan VR38 and K24DE, Mitsubishi 4G63, 4B11 and Lotus /Toyota 2ZZ  with larger bores sizes and a range of thicknesses and sizes to accommodate standard and oversize cylinder bores.

Part Number Application Retail $
20023907 Nissan GTR VR38DETT (3.8L) Bore = 98mm   T ~ .8mm  (Pr) 379.00
20023908 Nissan GTR VR38DETT (3.8L) Bore = 98mm   T ~ 1.1mm  (Pr) 385.00
20023909 Nissan GTR VR38DETT (3.8L) Bore = 100mm   T ~ .8mm  (Pr) 385.00
20023910 Nissan GTR VR38DETT (3.8L) Bore = 100mm   T ~1.1mm  (Pr) 399.00
20027438 Nissan KA24DE (2.4L) Bore = 90.5mm T ~ 1.1 mm 172.00
20027439 Nissan KA24DE (2.4L) Bore = 90.5mm T ~ 1.5 mm 172.00
20027440 Nissan KA24DE (2.4L) Bore = 90.5mm T ~ 1.8 mm 172.00
Mitsubishi   Retail
20023897 Mitsubishi Evo IX 4G63 (2.0L) Bore = 87mm T ~ 1.3mm 179.00
20023898 Mitsubishi Evo IX 4G63 (2.0L) Bore = 87mm T ~ 1.5mm 185.00
20023894 Mitsubishi Evo IV-VIII 4G63 (2.0L) Bore = 87mm T ~ 1.1mm 179.00
20023895 Mitsubishi Evo IV-VIII 4G63 (2.0L) Bore = 87mm T ~ 1.3mm 185.00
20023896 Mitsubishi Evo IV-VIII 4G63 (2.0L) Bore = 87mm T ~ 1.5mm 189.00
20023890 Mitsubishi Evo X  4B11T (2.0L) Bore = 88mm T ~ 1.1mm 175.00
 20023891 Mitsubishi Evo X  4B11T (2.0L) Bore = 88mm T ~ 1.3mm 175.00
20023892 Mitsubishi Evo X  4B11T (2.0L) Bore = 90mm T ~ 1.1mm 179.00
20023893 Mitsubishi Evo X  4B11T (2.0L) Bore = 90mm T ~ 1.3mm 185.00
Subaru   Retail
Toyota (Lotus)   Retail
20024870 Toyota (Lotus) 2ZZ-GE Bore = 83.5,  T ~ 1.1mm 172.00
20024871 Toyota (Lotus) 2ZZ-GE Bore = 83.5,  T ~ 0.38mm 174.00
20024872 Toyota (Lotus) 2ZZ-GE Bore = 83.5,  T ~ 1.2mm 179.00

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Hype Event: Nisei Week Showoff 2011

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There have been many car show series that have come and gone but the one name that has always had the respect of the import car enthusiasts is “Showoff”.  Import Showoff has been around since the mid-90s and while they aren’t quite the force they used to be the name will still bring out the core enthusiasts.  The annual Nisei Week Showoff in Little Tokyo is the one show many of us still anticipate with real enthusiasim.  Why does the Nisei Showoff stand out?  On the surface it doesn’t seem like much.  The Nisei Showoff is usually small (ranges from 100-200 cars) but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in quality and atmosphere.  Nisei Week Showoff is the show that all the cars the kids jock on the forums go to.  So as you can imagine we were stoked to make the trip out to Little Tokyo again for Showoff this year. 

While the car count was slightly lower this year compared to last year, Ken Miyoshi and Mainstream Productions certainly did not dissapoint when it came to the quality and variety of cars on hand.  There was everything from old school Mazdas and F2o powered classic Celicas to a Lexus LF-A!  There was even some European flavor with a few Porsches and a Lamborghini Murcielago parked next to a Gallardo.  There were a few classics that we never seen before thus cannot really describe to you but feel free to look through the pictures below and the full photo set in our Facebook gallery to see if you can recgonize everything we shot!



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X Games 17 Hype: The Night Before Rally (With Video)

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X Games 17 Rally has come and gone but we were on site to bring you as much of the action as possible. We are starting off by answering the question “What do the rally cars do the night before X Games?” The answer: They jump! A special jump session was set up to test out the 50 foot gap jump made entirely from dirt and gravel. We were there to take a few shots and we even compiled a short video of all the jump action. You can see a few pics and the video below. For a full photo gallery just visit our Facebook fan page.

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Hype: Brembo GT 6 Piston Monoblock Caliper For Mitsubishi Evo X

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This is admittedly embarrassing to admit but anything with the word “monoblock” in it will usually get my attention and will probably have a place here.  In this instance its the new Brembo Gran Turismo monoblock 6-piston brake caliper for the Mitsubishi Evo X.  These calipers aren’t new to the market but they’re new to Evo X owners!  And Mitsu-heads will be happy to know that these calipers will work just fine with the stock rotors, which will save you some coin.  Also it doesn’t matter if you have an Evo X in regular or MR flavor these pistons have you covered.  Don’t like red? You can pick these up in Black, Silver (interesting!), or Yellow.

This particular set up is sold exclusively through Race Technologies so if you want to pick up a set then you should contact them via email at sales@racetechnologies.com and they’ll help you out.

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Turbo Hype: COBB Tuning Mitsubishi Evo X “400S” Kit (With Video)

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Instead of worrying about if the Evo has met its demise or not I would suggest having fun with the Evo X that you may already have and we all know one of the best ways to have fun with a car is to add more power.  COBB Tuning has released what they call the 400S kit.  This package consists of an upgraded turbo, a COBB Tuning Access Port, and various other bits that when combined will boost your output to 400hp!  The kit will set you back about $5600 bucks but considering everything you get with it, that’s a steal!  You can check out a video of the kit in action below.

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@GReddy_Power 33F Intercooler Kit For Mitsubishi Evo X

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If you have a turbocharged car one of the best ways to pick up a few extra horses and make things easier on your turbo is to upgrade your intercooler.  GReddy has a pretty good history with intercooler upgrades so if you’re rocking an Evo X I’d reccomend their 33F intercooler kit.  It’s wider than stock and has bigger inlet and outlet end tanks (70mm).  Besides the added performance it just looks fresh behind the front bumper!


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Hype Blurb: Buddy Club Project X Track Day

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Over the weekend I was invited out to Willow Springs Raceway by Buddy Club for a private media track day.  Buddy Club brought out Yasushi Kikuchi (the driver who clicked off a 53.6 second lap at Tsukuba Circuit) to give esteemed media members ride alongs in their 50% carbon fiber bodied Nissan GT-R.  They also opened up the “streets of willow” track to us so we could do our best impressions of Kikuchi-san in our own cars.  Mitsubishi was nice enough to once again put me behind the wheel of an Evo X for the occasion.  This time around instead of an MR I got the good ol’ five speed GSR model.

The downside is that it was raining for pretty much the entire day which made for quite the slippery track.  Which made me extra glad that I was behind the wheel of an Evo X!  While FWD and RWD cars were struggling to find grip, I could do no wrong in the Evo!  Sure I slid around a few times but there was nothing that the Evo couldn’t save me from.  The car was literally braver than I was.  It welcomed the slippery surfaced off-camber turns of the infamous “omega corners” and asked for more.

This further solidifies my opinion that the Evo X in any trim, is worth the money.  It really is a great all-around car.  It has livability, nice features, looks, and performance that is more than enough for the street and just enough to have loads of fun on the track (wet or dry).

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a ton of pictures because of the rain (I have but a lowly rebel which isn’t weather sealed) but I did snap a few shots and some shots of my ride for the weekend.  Enjoy!



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