BF Performance GT600 Based On Lamborghini LP560-4

Posted on 03.10.10 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

The guys at BF Performance decided that some people may not be entirely happy with their stock Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.  I can’t imagine they found too many of those people but they do exist!  So to help them get a little more enjoyment out of their very expensive Italian supercar BF Performance developed a carbon fiber body kit and even an option to convert the all wheel drive system to rear wheel drive for a more sporty feel.  All in all I’d say they pulled the job off pretty well.  The addition of carbon fiber is almost always a good thing!


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LA Auto Show: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Convertible w/Video

Posted on 11.20.08 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Did you really think Lamborghini would come out with a coupe like the LP560-4 and not take its top off?  At the LA Auto Show this week they pulled the sheet off the drop-top version of what they feel will be their top selling car for the next few years just as the previous Gallardo was.  Much is carried over from the coupe to the convertible but it just seems to look a little bit better with the top down.  Check out the official reveal below.

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