Pioneer TS-W8102SPL

Posted on 08.20.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Say hello to the king of thump!  The Pioneer TS-W8102SPLis the crown jewel of the SPL Championship Series.  This thing is 8000 watts of carbon fiber coned mega bump power.  This is for the people looking for the end all be all of subwoofers with no regard for anyone else’s definition of “noise pollution.”  One day when I have my ultimate luxury bomb-proof SUV I am going to install 4 of these things.  Keep in mind that championship level stuff isn’t cheap.  One of these bad boys will set you back about $1,500!

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Pioneer AVIC-F90BT In-Dash GPS Navigation Reciever

Posted on 06.10.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

A lot of newer cars come standard with an in-dash GPS these days.  This can be good and bad depending on who makes the car.  However if your car didn’t come with one stock be glad you have a variety of units to choose from!  Pioneer’s AVIC-F90BTis a pretty slick choice if you’re looking for a little bit of everything.  It plays DVDs, has bluetooth, a port to hardwire your ipod, voice command, and of course turn by turn navigation.

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Pioneer AVH-P7800DVD

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I dig performance but I’m a pretty big advocate of comfort and livability as well.  Part of that is a decent helping of I.C.E. With Blu-Ray taking over in the living room all your DVD’s need a place to go.  Why not the car?  The Pioneer AVH_P7800DVD is a nice choice if you’re in the market for a in-dash player.  It has a nice wide 7 inch screen and supports all the major formats.  It’s also satalite radio ready if you want to get rid of the old school antenna.

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