F1 Hype: McLaren Honda Reveals New MP4-30 Race Car (Video)

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Early in the A.M. (4am for me to be exact) right after Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso went to the future (see previous post), McLaren Honda finally revealed their 2015 chassis dubbed MP4-30.  This was significant for two reasons.  The first is that this officially launches the rebirth of one of F1’s storied partnerships in McLaren and Honda.  It also marks one of the first times that a car reveal was done exclusively over social media.  That’s right, there was no press conference gala at the McLaren HQ.  The reveal was done by live posting by McLaren via their social media channels (twitter, facebook, instagram), and their website.  I think it was a pretty neat concept to do it this way but I am not so sure other teams will follow suit.

McLarenHonda_MP4-30_1 McLarenHonda_MP4-30_2 McLarenHonda_MP4-30_3 McLarenHonda_MP4-30_4

Anyhow you can finally see the new McLaren Honda in all its glory by clicking on any of the thumbnails or watching the intro video below.  What do you think of it?  I was kind of hoping they would go back to a white and red color scheme like the MP46.  I think the colors they chose look great but since they aren’t associated with Mercedes anymore, why hang on to the silver?  Oh well, either way it still looks pretty fresh.  Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments or tweet us at @MotorworldHype

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SEMA 2014: Tjin Edition Fit Is The Fan Favorite Of The Honda Booth

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If anyone takes a stroll over to the Honda Booth at the SEMA show right now they will find a fleet of 2015 Honda Fits, all with different looks and themes but the official “Fan Favorite” is the Tjin Edition fit co-designed by Neil Tjin and his daughter Kylie.  The father and daughter team wanted to create something that reflected their family so a bit of everything is represented here.  A lot of the exterior is influenced by Papa Tjin; especially the Axalta green paint and the custom metal wide fender flares.  Kylie was insistent that the brake calipers were hot pink and it looks like Neil wasn’t about to tell his little girl no.  Which was a good choice because the pink and green actually go together nicely.  In front of the pink brakes are custom iForged wheels wrapped in Falken Tires.  Inside has a full Sony car audio system and in the trunk is a special basketball caddy designed for his future NBA star son Collin.  The Fit gets its stance from an Airrex hybrid suspension which is partly why there is so much tire tuck.

SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_1 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_2 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_3 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_4 SEMA2014_TjinEdition_HondaFit_5

Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit

Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit Kylie Tjin Special Edition 2015 Honda Fit

All together, its pretty easy to see why the Tjin Edition fit won fan favorite!  Check out the pics by clicking the thumbnails in this post and go over the parts list in the spec sheet below.

Tjin Edition Honda Fit


  • Custom metal fender flares by Josh Freeman
  • Custom Axalta paint job by L&R Auto Body
  • Coplus headlights
  • Coplus foglights
  • Coplus front lip
  • Athentic Japanese red H emblems
  • Webasto Sunroof

Wheels and tires:

  • 18″ iForged wheels (brushed and gunmetal finish with -35 offset)
  • 18″ Falken tires (215/35/18 FK453s)

Brakes and suspension:

  • Baer front big brakes
    • 6 piston calipers (Hot Pink Kylie Tjin Edition)
    • 14″ rotors
    • Custom brackets and brake lines by Unique Fabrication
  • Airrex air management and air suspension


  • Bisimoto pulse chamber


  • Custom Katzkin interior
    • front seats
    • rear seats
    • door panels
    • center consol
  • SoCal Eilte 94Fifty basketball and sporting equipment
  • Scosche magic mount


  • Sony Audio

    • subwoofer

    • amplifiers

    • mids and highs

  • Optima battery

  • Scosche audio wiring

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Hype Video: OK Go Does Synchronized Dance With Honda Uni-Cub’s In New Music Video

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A while back the band OK Go broke the internet when they dropped their video “Here We Go” on YouTube which featured the band doing an incredible synchronized dance on several moving treadmills.  The video sparked hundreds of parodies and attempts to recreate the routine featuring various other vehicles.  To this day “Here We Go” is one of the most watched music videos on YouTube.  Today OK Go is trying to best themselves with the music video for their new song “I Won’t Let You Down” in which the band is riding the Honda Uni-Cub one wheeled electric vehicle for the entire video.

Through what looks like some pretty crazy choreography and some stop motion this music video is a pretty entertaining watch.  If you have no idea what the Uni-Cub is, its a one wheeled electric scooter developed by the Honda robotics division and is positioned as a “personal mobility device”.  From what I can tell its not really meant to replace a car but designed to help people travel a somewhat significant distance whom are too lazy to walk or ride a bike.  Right now the device is in prototype limbo and is not currently for sale which makes it all the more impressive that OK Go managed to get four of them for their music video.  Having said that I would highly recommend checking out the video below.  Even if you aren’t an OK Go fan, watching them scoot around on these things is still pretty entertaining.

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Hype: Honda Releases Incredibly Weird 1 Minute Civic Type R Trailer With Only 3 Seconds Of Actual Civic In It (Video)

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Remember back in the 80s and 90s when those incredibly weird and abstract perfume commercials would come on and anyone watching would have no idea what the commercial was for until the last few seconds?  Well it looks like the people behind those spots had kids and now those kids are the ad agency of record for Honda…  There are creepy mannequin ladies, evil wolves, cyborg people, an apocalyptic city and all manner of weird crap going on for almost the entire 60 second run time then right near the end we get a whole three seconds…count ‘em, THREE SECONDS of the Civic Type R concept!  What in the name of Zeus’ butthole were they (Honda’s ad agency) trying to accomplish with this spot besides freaking us all out?

Seriously watch this “R Rated” (not really) video below, then show it to people you know and then time how long it will be before they furl their eyebrows in a classic “WTF” facial expression!

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Hype Event: Eibach Honda Meet 2014 AKA Mecca For Honda Heads (Gallery)

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Once a year droves upon droves of loyal subjects of the “Honda-head” kingdom go on a great pilgrimage to a mythical land known as the “Inland Empire”.  Once they reach this place they gather together to enjoy each others company, buy and trade their wares, and tell tales of triumph over unsuspecting V8’s at traffic lights….  Seriously though the annual “Eibach” meet is one of the biggest gatherings of Hondas in the country and every year it seems to gain momentum.  In fact this year marked the event’s 10th anniversary.  The legend says that at the first meet or what I like to call “Eibach prime” there was only 50 cars.  This year there was easily a few hundred cars!  In fact, in recent years the meet has gotten so large in size that it can no longer be held at Eibach’s massive HQ because they just don’t have the space.  Eibach has instead chosen a spot in Lake Elsinore (at the home of their local minor league baseball team) to hold their epic gathering.  Despite being even further away from major cities than Eibach’s HQ, even more Honda fans showed up than before!  I too made the epic trek to the Lake of Elsinore to behold all of the Hondas for myself as well as snap plenty of pictures for your enjoyment.  Even though it was hotter than a volcano’s butt hole and dusty as all get out, once I saw the rows and rows of clean, excellently executed Hondas it was all worth it.  If you want to see what I saw then check out the gallery below!  Also stay tuned for our coverage from Toyotafest 2014 as well!

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Hype Event: illest x Cycleworld “RUCK OUT” Honda Ruckus Rally In Hawaii Feb. 15th

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Want to rock out with your ruck out in the aloha state? Now is your chance!  If you already live in Hawaii or don’t mind the short flight then you might want to check out the illest x Cycleworld “RUCK OUT” Honda Ruckus Rally on February 15th (yes, the day after Valentines!).  The rally will start with a meet up at the Starbucks coffee ward and end at the illest Hawaii store which will play host to a custom Ruckus show.  There will also be giveaways and a raffle.  All in all it should be a great time.  I wish I could go!  Hit the source link below for the full details.

[Source: CycleWorld.com/RUCKOUT]

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Hype Video: Arvou HKS Honda S2000 Attemps Sub-Minute Lap At Tsukuba Circuit

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Back in the day completing a sub-minute lap at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan was a very big deal.  These days with the leaps and bounds made in tuning tech, serious time attack cars are starting to knock on the door of 50 second laps, even quicker really.  However, changing the equation from a fully prepped time attack car to a car that has a stock engine block is a whole another story.  A while back I showed you a preview of the new HKS GT Supercharger fitted on the Arvou S2000.  Well, recently the Arvou team took their S2k to Tsukuba in an attempt to click off a 59 second lap.  Keep in mind that besides the Supercharger, the Arvou S2000 has a stock engine block!  Do they pull it off? Is the HKS GT Supercharger really THAT good?  Watch the video below to find out.  Oh, and before you ask, they were in fact running street radial tires.

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2013 LA Auto Show: Honda Still Dreams Of Saving The World With Fuel Cell Tech

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Honda has been making a lot of the right moves lately.  They really made the enthusiasts happy with their announcements at SEMA including news of a turbocharged Civic Si in the works.  At LA they looked to appeal to those who are looking to the future of more environmentally friendly and efficient vehicles.  There was still a few performance minded displays but the Honda booth was really all about their new FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) concept.

Honda_LAAutoShow2013_7 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_4 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_5 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_8 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_10

The FCEV is meant to be the successor to the FCX Clarity concept which also debuted in LA a few years ago.  The new FCEV is a fuel cell vehicle that is meant to be more efficient than the FCX Clarity and offer more space.  Honda techs were able to reduce the size of the fuel cell in the FCEV so that the entire power train of the car actually fits under the hood.  That may not seem like much but when it comes to fuel cell cars that’s a big deal!  Honda also promises that the FCEV will have a range of 300 miles and be 60% more efficient than the FCX Clarity.

Honda_LAAutoShow2013_2 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_3 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_11 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_12 Honda_LAAutoShow2013_13

While fuel efficiency and hydrogen power aren’t very common subjects on this site, its cool to see that Honda is still experimenting and trying new things.  Maybe once they have this down they will figure out a way to make a high performance fuel cell vehicle?  One can only hope!  For pics of the FCEV and a few other tidbits in the Honda booth just click the thumbnails.

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SEMA 2013: Honda Brings The Boost To Their Booth

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Ever since Honda started to visit SEMA in an “official” way many H-heads out there have been hoping that Honda would finally offer a factory version of what they have already been doing for years: boost.  This year it looks like fan boys finally got their wish, kind of.  The big news at the Honda booth was the announcement of an HPD (Honda Performance Development) Supercharger kit…for the CRZ.

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_16 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_17 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_18

While that is great news for CRZ owners/lovers it is no secret that the CRZ has had mixed reactions from the rest of the Honda community; which could be why HPD decided to make the CRZ the target for this kit.  See some complained that the CRZ didn’t have the performance to make it as fun as Honda said it would be.  However with this this kit based on licensed centrifugal supercharger tech from Oscar Jackson Racing pushes the output of the CRZ to a healthy 187HP at only 6,500RPMs.  More than enough to put more zip in the CRZ’s step.  For those Honda fans who are un-fans of the CRZ I offer this consolation: if this HPD supercharger kit works out then there is a possibility that HPD may offer kits for other cars like the Civic Si in the future!

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_8 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_9 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_10 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_11

Continuing the boosted theme Honda also brought out the amazing 1,029HP 2014 Odyssey van built by Bisimoto engineering.  This thing was bonkers!  Not only did it have a ridiculously massive intercooler out front but the van was absolutely slammed and stance’d on some massive Fifteen52 wheels.  This is one soccer-mom-mobile I would totally drive

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_7 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_4 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_12 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_2 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_3

Apart from the CRZ and the bonkers Odyssey Honda also brought out a few trick Si’s as well as what appeared to be a turn-key Civic Si race car complete with cage and race cluster.  All in all the Honda booth was a pretty satisfying experience, especially those who have sworn allegiance to the big H!



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Event Hype: Japanese Classic Car Show 2013 (Coverage)

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Even though we may get older and our tastes change, we never really lose our soft spot for the cars that we loved growing up.  And if you’re my age some of those cars are now thought of as “classics”.  Its beautiful and sad all at the same time! But I digress… This past weekend was the annual Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) in the shadow of the Queen Mary here in Long Beach.  I have been going to this event off and on for the last few years this event has seen tremendous growth.  Heck, I got to the show less than an hour after it opened and the massive parking lot was nearly full!

I was astonished to see how many people showed up so early.  Although, really I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Its no secret that the JCCS is the country’s biggest gathering of vintage J-cars.  This event was proof that the rise of vintage JDM love is not just a fad.  In fact, this was the 9th year of the JCCS since its start which just shy of a pretty big milestone.  Only the legit events last as long as JCCS has.  Further evidence is the increasing participation of the OEMs in this show.  Yes, OEMs!  It started with Toyota but this year Mazda and Honda have joined in on the fun!


In fact, Honda brought out a few gems from their museum, including the original 1984 CR-X Mugen prototype test vehicle!  Mazda brought two of their 4 rotor LeMans race cars as well as a pair of 2014 Mazda3s.  Toyota provided plenty of vintage eye candy including a few 2000GT’s and mint condition Land Cruisers.  Maybe for the 10th anniversary Nissan will get involved?  There were plenty of privately owned classic Skylines on hand. Actually, there were plenty of privately owned beautiful classic cars on hand.  Rows and rows of mint condition gems that would make anyone with a pulse stop and look at least for a little while.


If at all possible, plan ahead of time and make the trip out to Long Beach for the 10th annual JCCS show!  If you love cars you will not be disappointed!  In the meantime, if you missed this year’s show we have a Facebook gallery of nearly 200 pictures to enjoy!

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