Lewis Hamilton DQ’d From Australian Grand Prix

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New year same post-race drama. It was announced that Lewis Hamilton would be stripped of his thrid place victory at the Australian GP after it was given to him when Jarno Trulli was stripped of the 3rd spot when he was penalized for passing Lewis while the safety car was out. When the race was over McLaren protested Jarno’s position and was then awarded the bronze. However today in Malaysia Lewis was called before the FIA officials after they found “new evidence” in regards to the incident.

It turns out that McLaren instructed Lewis to let Jarno by while the safety car was out rather than McLaren’s story of Trulli simply taking the position away by force. The evidence in question was a review of radio transmissions between the McLaren pit and Lewis where it was heard that they indeed instructed Lewis to let Jarno by. As a result Jarno was given back his third place spot while Lewis and McLaren were stripped of their finishing position and points.

With Lewis’ teammate Hekki Kovalainen getting himself a big fat DNF at Australia this new development gives McLaren a 0 for that whole weekend, putting them in the same boat as Ferrari going into the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend.

This is going to be an interesting Formula 1 season!

Photo: Autosport.com

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Mercedes Benz TV

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Mercedes has a TV channel, kind of. This nify site has been floating around the interweb for a while but I just recently came across it.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Its going to be nothing more but a bunch of Benz commercials” and ok yeah of course there is a little bit of self promotion on the site but there’s cool stuff on the site as well.

Check out this video of Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Hekki Kovalainen taking a hands on tour of the team’s “Formula 1 Forge”

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