Hype Video: Nismo GT-R R34 vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Ferrari 360 Modena

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Even though the new R35 GT-R is currently building its own legend the R34 still hasn’t rode off into the sunset in our minds.  Check out this Best Motoring Video excerpt of the Nismo R34 GT-R going up against a Porsche 911 Turbo and a Ferrari 360 Modena.  I love the classic Best Motoring battles!

[Source: GTChannel.com]

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Hype Video: GT Channel Hoons Mitsubishi Evo X Special Edition (Teaser)

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Check out this quick clip of our buddy Dai Yoshihara romping on the new Mitsubishi Evo X Special Edition for GT Channel.  I can’t wait to see the full review!

[Source: GT Channel via Autoblog]

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Dai Yoshihara Tries Out Time Attack With GTChannel.com

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Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with our boy Dai Yoshihara I thought I’d drop an update.  Thanks in part to GTChannel.com Dai has a 350Z roadster time attack car in his arsenal and has decided to try out some hot lapping in the drift off season.  He had his first outing in the car at Buttonwillow last weekend during the Super Lap Battle.  Since the car was fresh off a rebuild and setup the event was more of a shakedown for Dai than a competition but it seems like everything worked out well.  Hopefully this means we will see Dai expand his horizons a little more in 2010.

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Hype Video: GT Channel Interviews Gran Turismo Producer Kazunori Yamauchi

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GT Channel just threw up a video they had from 2009’s E3 where Road & Track’s Sam Mitani had a chance to sit down with Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi.  Sam got Kazunori-san to open up about some of the features of the new Gran Turismo PSP game coming out this fall.  Check it out..



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MINE’S Gets A GT-R Spec V…Will Use Titanium Connecting Rods!!

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I found this series of videos over at GTChannel.com.  Looks like MINE’S just got their hands on a new Nissan GT-R Spec V and GTChannel spoke with the MINE’S CEO Michizo Niikura to talk about what the famous tuner has instore for the $160k limited version of Nissan’s supercar.  Something that caught my attention is that they plan on developing titanium connecting rods!  Michizo-san explains that MINE’S isn’t looking to get a ridiculous horsepower number from the Spec V.  Rather than extracting 700 to 800HP his goal is to get the engine to 600HP but with a much better “engine” response.

After looking at all they have planned for the Spec V it seems as if they’ll easily reach their goal.  Check out the videos below.

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Epic WIN: Nissan Explains Launch Control Controversy

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A while back I gave Nissan an “Epic Fail” for raising the MSRP on the GT-R.  In all seriousness the price increase was nessasary but came at a really bad time since the GT-R was still seeing giant markups at the dealerships.

Well today I am officially revoking my “Fail” of Nissan and instead awarding them an “Epic WIN”.  Why?  Well Road & Track editor/GTChannel Reporter Sam Mitani spent some time with the GT-R’s Chief Vehicle Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno.  During their conversation Mizuno-san explained the mystery behind the Launch Control controversy that has followed the GT-R since its release and finally sheads some light on the issue.

Thanks Nissan and GTChannel.com!


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