Wheel Hype: Enkei Fujin

Posted on 04.15.11 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Enkei has done some interesting stuff this year.  They have re-released certain designs and have introduced a few new designs as well.  What you see here is one of the new wheels added to Enkei’s 2011 line up dubbed the Fujin.  Enkei’s goal with this 7 spoke design was all about weight and strength.  They build the Fujin using their patented M.A.T. process and as such the 18 inch size of the Fujin comes in at just 19.5lbs while the 17 inch size weighs 17.5lbs.  To pull this off while also having an attractive design is an accomplishment worth noting.  I can easily see the Fujin being the new gotta have wheel of the modern sport compact set.

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Enkei PF01

Posted on 10.13.10 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

A while back we showed you a preview of the Enkei PF01 and its been available to the masses for a while now.  I haven’t seen it too much in the wild and I can’t seem to figure out why.  This is a pretty fresh wheel and based on the design it seems that this wheel could be pretty verstile style wise.  What do you think?

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Hype Preview: Enkei PF01

Posted on 10.14.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

A little while ago Enkei dropped a teaser image of a new wheel dubbed the PF01 that will make its debut at this year’s SEMA.  According to Enkei the new PF01 will be “ultra-lightweight” and will actually come in less than the RPF1 on the scales.  We’ll try to keep you posted on this until it makes it’s official drop on November 2nd.  If the front looks anywhere near as good as the back then this wheel is going to blow up big.

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Enkei RC-T4

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This is the Enkei RC-T4.  I really love the way this wheel looks but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are) this wheel is meant for competition use only.  Which is pretty obvious from the looks as its clearly a rally style wheel but with a bit of a stylish twist.  Maybe if I ever find myself with a purpose built Evo one day I’ll pick up a set of these.  In the meantime I’ll just daydream about what could have been…ahh..


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Enkei RPF1 Matte Black Edition

Posted on 04.06.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Enkei RPF1s in Matte Black with a red Enkei logo?  I think I’m in love!  Evasive Motorsport has these in stock right now.  I suggest you give them a call if you’re in the market for new shoes for the ride.

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Enkei RPF1 Type II

Posted on 02.23.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Check it out, the RPF1 Type II are Enkei wheels that were inspired by the F1 wheels that adorned Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren Mercedes during the 2008 season when he won the championship.  They look pretty fresh and would kill on an Evo or 370Z.


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Enkei GTC-01

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I don’t think I’ve posted about a single Enkei wheel yet so I think I’ll start with one of their more serious offerings.  What you’re looking at above is the GTC-01.  Its a SuperGT inspired wheel that is engineered for lightweight.  They’ll be releasing an “Evolution” version soon.  Word has it that the Evolution set will be two piece and come in 20 inch sizes.  We’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime the original GTC-01 is more than legit for your track beast.

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