Formula Drift Hype: Round 1 Streets Of Long Beach Action Gallery

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We’ve been promising it all week and it is finally here. All of our (best) pictures from the on track action from Formula Drift round one on the streets of Long Beach last weekend.  In the gallery below we have 200 pictures of sideways cars with smoke around them!  What more could you want!  We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed shooting them.  Although deleting all the bad pictures was kind of a pain.  We seriously took over 1,000 pictures! 1,000!  That’s a lot of shots!  Anyhow I am starting to get off track here, just scroll down for the embedded facebook gallery and check out all of our shots.  We hope you like them!

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Formula Drift: Chris Forsberg Wins Round 1 On The Streets Of Long Beach (Video)

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The 2014 Formula Drift season has officially started and it started with a bang, or perhaps more of a high pitched wail of tires scrubbing asphalt.  The first round saw the debut of new cars, new liveries, and new rules including the controversial removal of the third place battle.  Instead, third place is now determined by the higher qualifier among the two semi-finalists.  Which pretty much means if you are the number one qualifier at an event and you make it to the final four you are guaranteed a podium spot.  Which is exactly how it shook out for 2013 Formula Drift champion Michael Essa.  Meanwhile Chris Forsberg (who lost NOS Energy Drink as a main sponsor but retains them as an associate sponsor) took on Kenny Moen who drove like a man possessed all weekend.  However, Chris Forsberg turned out to be the exorcist and put Moen to rest, going on to win the first event of the season.  I could describe all the craziness that went down but I figured it would be better to show you.  So if you have a spare two hours and missed the event over the weekend just scroll down and you can watch the whole event from the Top 16 on thanks to the DriftStream!  Also stay tuned for tons of pics from the track action and the Offset Kings car showcase!

Top 16 to Finals – Formula Drift Long Beach 2014 by driftstream

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Hype Video: Chis Forsberg Pre-#FDLBC Interview, Now With 100% More Carbon Fiber

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The 2014 Formula Drift season kicks off tomorrow and as I played the “silly season” game with my friends I had Chris Forsberg as a strong championship contender this year.  He was just shy of it last year and he isn’t switching things up with a new car so he has experience and consistency on his side.  Although I had to wonder, why not switch to a new platform?  Also, what was up with the new “carbon fiber ninja” livery?  I posed these questions to the man himself at the Formula Drift Long Beach media day.  To hear it all from “The Force” just scroll down below and watch!

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Hype Video: Drift Opinions WIth Joey Redmond Of Wrecked Magazine

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The 2014 Formula Drift season kicks off this weekend in downtown Long Beach and one of the favorite things for my fellow journalists and other colleagues to do is hang around at media day and BS about things like who we think will win the title before the season starts, liveries that we like, liveries that we hate, and we usually end up going off on some other motorsport tangent like F1.  As you can imagine this is a pretty fun activity, but its beyond fun when Wrecked Magazine creator/editor in chief Joey Redmond joins in.  Seriously, this dude’s filter is seriously clogged and its marvelous.  Despite knowing him for a while I am still surprised by some of the things that come out of his mouth so this year I figured I needed to get some of this on film.  So, below we present to you “Drift Opinions” with Joey Redmond… DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected in the video below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MotorworldHype and its affiliates (if we had any) also we had some audio problems so the background noise is a little loud, blah blah blah… Ok scroll down and watch then commence flaming!

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Drift Hype: Dai Yoshihara Reveals New 2014 Turbo V8 BRZ Drift Car With Contest Winning Livery At illest OC (Video)

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If you thought F1 and Indy Car were the only things going on this past weekend you were wrong! Right after the racing was over, droves of drift fans headed out to Mark Arcenal’s illest OC shop to bare witness to Dai Yoshihara’s new Subaru BRZ Drift Car.  Yes, rather than do the typical tech day reveal the ever stylish Dai decided it would be best to show off his new 2014 Subaru BRZ drift car at one of the most popular fashion boutiques in Southern California. If you like Dai’s new livery you may be interested to know that it was designed by a very talented Forza Motorsport 5 “painter” who won a contest.  Now that person’s artwork will adorn Dai’s new drift machine all season long!  Cool huh?  If you were following us on instagram you may have seen a short video of Dai personally driving his new BRZ into the illest OC parking lot but I decided to bring you some more pics and an extended video below.

DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_01 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_02 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_09 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_12 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_13

DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_14 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_11 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_10 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_07 DaiYoshihara_FalkenTire2014SubaruBRZ_08


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Hype Video: Chris Forsberg Drifts Inside Of A Warehouse Because Drifting

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What happens when you combine Chris Forsberg, an Infiniti M35 drift car, a large empty warehouse, and expressed permission? Awesome happens… Bare witness below in the latest episode of Drift Garage.

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Hype Event: Formula Drift Tech Day 2014 x Source Interlink Feature Car Search (Gallery)

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So, I visited the 2014 Formula Drift tech day with the complete and full intent on shooting any of the new 2014 drift cars that showed up. However, during my time there not many of said drift cars made an appearance. So instead I focused more on the cars that showed up for the Source Interlink feature car casting call.  In fact, the casting call itself got so busy that the Source Interlink parking lot was full of feature car hopefuls by 10am!  I would have hated to be the guy who had to comb through all those rides to choose those worthy of print.  Although I came across more than a few that I personally thought filled the bill; especially the Integra you see in the main picture of this post.  That car had a consistent crowd around it all day.  People were clamoring to catch a glimpse of the glittering gold velocity stacks of its individual throttle body set up.  Oh and a Lamborghini showed up for some reason.  All in all there was a lot of quality there so I put my energies into taking pictures of the rides that caught my attention.  There is still a few drift cars here and there in the gallery though.  Check out a few pics below and then hit the MWH facebook for the full gallery.

FormulaD_TechDay2014_16 FormulaD_TechDay2014_11 FormulaD_TechDay2014_2 FormulaD_TechDay2014_43 FormulaD_TechDay2014_40

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Hype Video: In Drift Garage Episode 3 Chris Forsberg And Ryan Tuerck Play With Fire, Weld A Diff, Then Hit Each Other With Things

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Ever wanted to know what “one wheel peeler” means? Or if a Takata race harness was strong enough to support the weight of a person?  Then this week’s episode of Drift Garage is meant for you!  Join Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck as they continue their quest to turn a once downtrodden Nissan 240SX into a budget drift car AKA “missile car”.  In this episode the pair also welds a diff, and bolts in new Recaro seats and harnesses!  Scroll down and enjoy!

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Hype Video: Chris Forsberg & Ryan Tuerck Play With Dry Ice And Explain Turbocharging In Drift Garage Ep. 2

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In the latest episode of Drift Garage Professor M. Issile hosts us once again as we take a look at Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck’s journey to build a budget drift car.  In this episode the duo cleans and straightens the chassis before adding some much needed boost.  There is also dry ice because reasons.  Watch below!

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Hype Video: The First Episode Of “Drift Garage” Is Out!

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I showed you the teaser for Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck’s new Network A show Drift Garage a while back and now you finally get to watch the first episode!  In the shows maiden voyage Forsberg and crew attempt to educate the audience on “missile cars”; where they came from and how to build them.  There are a few Drift Alliance cameos and plenty of laughs to be had a long the way.  If you happen to have a spare 10 minutes then I highly recommend scrolling down and watching.

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