Formula Drift Hype: Fredric Aasbo Wins In New Jersey Rain Battle (quick result)

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Do you know what is harder than drifting?  Drifting in the freakin rain!  While typically a crowd pleasing occurrence, drifting in the rain without spinning out is extremely difficult.  Throw in the pressure of having judges watch your performance while competing for a championship and the difficulty is increased exponentially.  Yet, that is exactly what many drivers had to deal with over the weekend at Round 4 of Formula Drift in New Jersey at Wall Speedway.   It was definitely a battle of attrition but it was Fredric Aasbo who came out on top after defeating Dean Kearny in the final battle.  This is the second year in a row that Aasbo has earned victory in New Jersey.  Tuerck earned third place thanks to his 9th qualifying spot.  This podium definitely tightens up the points race, especially with defending champ Chris Forsberg bowing out early with a defeat to Odi Bakchis in the Top 16.  Below is your official Formula Drift New Jersey Podium and current top 5 pro championship points standings.

Formula Drift Round 4 “The Gauntlet” New Jersey Results:

1st: Fredric Aasbo
2nd: Dean Kearney
3rd: Ryan Tuerck

Formula Drift 2015 Pro Championship Standings:

1st: Ryan Tuerck – 275pts
2nd: Odi Bakchis – 274pts
3rd: Fredric Aasbo – 268pts
4th: Ken Gushi – 228pts
5th: Chris Forsberg – 225pts

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Formula Drift Hype: Ryan Tuerck Wins Round 3 In Orlando (Quick Recap)

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This weekend Formula Drift returned to Florida at a brand new venue in Orlando Speedworld.  Many didn’t know what to expect from this new track and this weekend we got the answer: rain and fire.  In the days leading up to the event the skies over the track opened up and poured onto the venue which cut practice short for some drivers who weren’t lucky enough to get out while the skies were clear.  Once the event hit on Saturday the theme was fire and lots of it as several cars burst into flames including reigning champion Chris Forsberg.  Forsberg’s car caught on fire during his final four battle against Ken Gushi.  Forsberg won the battle but the fire was so bad that he had to use the cockpit fire suppression system which caused technical problems with his cars electronics forcing him to bow out of the final battle against Ryan Tuerck, handing Tuerck the win.  Gushi’s number one qualifying spot guaranteed him third place and his second podium of the year.  The official event results and top 5 standings are below.  If you want to see all the craziness that happened this round check out and hit the “on demand” button to watch the event!

Formula Drift Round 3 Uncharted Territory Results:

1st: Ryan Tuerck
2nd: Chris Forsberg
3rd: Ken Gushi

Current Top 5 Points Standings:

1st: Odi Bakchis (223 points)
2nd: Ryan Tuerck (208 points)
3rd: Chris Forsberg (189 points)
4th: Ken Gushi (173 points)
5th: Fredric Aasbo (162 points)

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Hype News: Goodwood Festival Of Speed Officially Adds Drifting Category

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

Besides Pebble Beach there probably isn’t a more esteemed, classical automotive festival in the world apart from the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.  An annual event in which vintage race cars charge down a windy hill road so that wealthy onlookers may admire and pontificate about times past.  Well, that’s what it used to be anyway.  In recent history the Goodwood festival has gotten with the times and is now where the cool kids hang out.  The original tradition remains but these days its not uncommon to see modern super and hypercars make their debuts at Goodwood or to see the odd race car, even Formula 1 cars.  In fact Goodwood has gotten so current that a few drift cars have made an appearance at the festival and being the keen observers that they are the Goodwood Festival organizers recognized the crowd-pleasing potential of drift cars and has created an official category for them.

Yes, for the first time drifting is now an official part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  This year expect to see the likes of Mad Mike Whiddet, Ken Block, James Deane, and some of the top European drifting talent to go sideways down the hill in a fit of tire smoke and rev-limiter bouncing.  I can’t wait to see it!

What do you think about Drifting being added to the Goodwood Festival of Speed?  Do you think its cool that the festival is keeping up with the times?  Or, do you think they are straying too far from tradition?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Press Release:

For the first time in Goodwood Festival of Speed history, the 2015 event will feature a special category dedicated to the art of drifting on June 25-28 with a number of the discipline’s biggest names lined up to take part.

Red Bull Athlete ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett and Monster Energy Athlete Ken Block, who attends with Ford, are two of the best-known exponents of drifting, and both will return to thrill the sell-out crowds on all three days of live motor sport action in the ‘Catch my Drift?’ category.

New Zealander ‘Mad’ Mike’s Flat-Out and Fearless driving at last year’s event earned him the ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award and his style embodies the theme of the 2015 event, at which he again brings his sensational Mazda RX-7 ready for more tyre-smoking action.

YouTube phenomenon Block, whose stunning Gymkhana videos have achieved more than 300million views online, brings his incredible 850bhp Ford Mustang, dubbed the ‘Hoonicorn’, and will be joined by another Monster Athlete, Festival of Speed debutant Buttsy Butler, and his Toyota Soarer.

Goodwood can now announce that EXTREME Drift Allstars, the leading live action drift brand, will bring four supremely-talented drivers to the Festival of Speed.

James Deane, last year’s EXTREME Drift Allstars European Champion, who brings his Falken Motorsports Nissan 200SX S14 to Goodwood’s iconic 1.16-mile Hillclimb. Deane made history in 2014 by setting a new world record for a continuous twin-vehicle drift lasting an astonishing 17.72 miles.

The Irishman will be joined by the man he beat to last year’s European crown, Poland’s Piotr Wiecek, who brings his 1000bhp Budmat R34 Skyline to the UK and will look to show the kind of form that carried him to the 2014 Polish national title.

Norway’s top drifting star, Joachim Waargaard, will give his eagerly-anticipated BMW M4 its first outing in public at Goodwood while Australian Champion Luke Fink will drive his world-famous LBP PS13 V8.

Add in another Polish ace, Kuba Przygonski, driving a Toyota GT86, plus a dedicated area for the cars within the newly-expanded F1 Paddock presented by Sky Sports F1, and a sensational display of flat-out and fearless driving is guaranteed.

Ticket information is available from or via the Goodwood Ticket Office on 01243 755055.

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Event Hype: Formula Drift Long Beach Gallery 2. Juicy, Smokey, On Track Goodness!

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It took some time but I can finally give you my 100 picture plus on track gallery of all the action from Formula Drift last weekend!  Hopefully you like them!  I have condensed the gallery down from over 1,000 plus shots!  Crazy huh?  Anyhow scroll below for the full gallery.  Note: the gallery is Facebook-based so you’ll need to be signed in to view it!  Ok, that’s enough talking.  Enjoy!

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Drift Hype: Formula Drift Round One (Quick Results)

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Were you unable to make it out to Formula Drift Long Beach over the weekend?  Did you also miss the live stream?  Well, let me first say that you’re doing it wrong.  OK, now that’s out of the way I will give you the gist of the results.  Actually, you can figure that out just by looking at the picture above but if for some reason you can’t tell who those people are then its all laid out for you below!


Formula Drift Round One “Streets Of Long Beach” Results:

1st: Fredric Aasbo
2nd: Odi Bakchis
3rd: Ryan Tuerck

It was one heck of an event!  Stay tuned for an event wrap up as well as a full gallery coming soon!

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Hype Event: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach x Formula Drift Round 1 Media Day (Video)

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Yesterday, I took a quick trip to downtown Long Beach to hang out with some celebrities and see a bunch of bright shiny new drift cars.  It was all a part of the annual pre event media day that the Long Beach Grand Prix Association and Formula Drift teams up to produce every year in which hundreds of members of the media are invited out to meet the drivers for the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race, Formula Drift drivers, and even go on a few ride longs around the streets of Long Beach.

ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_1 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_4 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_6 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_9 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_13

As usual I had a great time and also had a chance to shoot some of the newest drift cars that we will all get to see this weekend at Formula Drift round one in addition to the Toyota Pro Celebrity Scion FR-S’ being ripped around by their drivers.  For, those who don’t know, the Toyota Pro Celebrity race has been going on for the last 38 years and besides providing some hilarious race track entertainment, it also benefits charity.  The Toyota Pro Celebrity Race has raised millions of dollars for children’s hospitals in Long Beach and Orange County.  One of the biggest buzzes of the day was around Tanner Foust and his return to Formula Drift and public debut of his new 900HP V8 powered VW Passat drift car.  You’ll see pictures of that in this post (just click the thumbnails) and in the full gallery on our Facebook page.  OMGDrift also had a chance to go for a ride along with Tanner and filmed the whole thing with a cool GoPro rig.  You can watch that video below.  Stay tuned to the site for more as we lead up to the first round of Formula Drift on the streets of Long Beach this weekend.

The Toyota Pro Celebrity Race will take place the weekend after (April 18th 2015) as part of the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach Weekend.  Stay tuned for coverage of that as well!

ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_20 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_23 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_38 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_40 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_41

OMGDrift Tanner Foust ride along video:

Click HERE for our Facebook Gallery.

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Formula Drift Hype: Dai Yoshihara Reveals 2015 Livery (Video)

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He’s been teasing it on his Instagram account all week but, Dai Yoshihara has finally revealed the full livery of his Subaru BRZ Formula Drift car.  The new livery continues the Falken Tire design (as they are still a co-sponsor) but rather than teal and blue the new color scheme is white and blue to match Dai’s new sponsor Turn 14 Distribution.  For some video of Dai breaking in his new livery scroll below for a one minute rip session produced by GT Channel.  What do you think of Dai’s new livery?  Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @MotorworldHype.

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Formula Drift Hype: Dai Yoshihara Teases New Livery For 2015

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The Formula Drift season fast approaches and with it come leaks, teasers, and reveals of all the new drift car liveries.  A few hours ago the 2011 Formula Drift champion posted a teaser image to instagram of the new livery on his Subaru BRZ.  Most already knew it wouldn’t be the familiar blue and teal of Falken Tire as they have stepped out of team ownership, yet Falken Tire and Discount Tire are still supporting Dai as their stickers are clearly visible in the image.  What we don’t know is who Dai’s new main sponsor is.  This will probably come to light in the coming days but for now this is all we get.  Aesthetically speaking though, from what is visible so far the new livery design looks pretty good!

As soon as we know more we’ll let you know right away.  What do you think of Dai’s new livery?  Yay or nay?  Who do you think Dai’s new main sponsor is?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source Dai Yoshiara instagram]

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Hype News: Formula Drift Becomes A No Drone Zone (Video)

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The 2015 Formula Drift season starts in less than a month and millions of drift fans (including me) all over the world are getting excited.  As a member of the media I have seen many outlets use all types of innovative and enterprising ways to capture the fast sideways action.  It started with elaborate mounts for DSLR cameras being placed everywhere from on cars to fences near clipping points.  The advent of the GoPro camera made such placement much easier and even more creative.  However, what really took off (pun loading in 3, 2, 1…) was the use of camera drones.

If you are unfamiliar with what a camera drone is, think of it as a very powerful RC helicopter but with several props and is capable of hovering several hundred feet in the air.  These drones typically come with gimbals that can be equipped with GoPro cameras or DLSR cameras and allow for gaining very high quality aerial footage.  Such drones are being used for everything from Hollywood productions to capturing news.  They have become quite popular due to their ease of use and the fact that relative to hiring a real helicopter for camera work, a drone is dirt cheap!

Because of these factors drones started to become common place at Formula Drift events for the last two seasons.  At the Irwindale finale last year I remember seeing at least three drones hovering over the track and doing fly-bys of the grandstands as fans waved to them.

Although, it looks like starting this season that kind of thing will just be a memory.  Formula Drift has recently sent out an email to all media reps detailing new guidelines and rules for the 2015 season and one of them is that all Formula Drift events are officially “No Drone Zones” as in drones will no longer be allowed.  While this rule doesn’t affect my ability to cover Formula Drift events it may affect others and it confused me as to why Formula Drift would move to ban drones after allowing them for the last few seasons.  Especially since (to my knowledge) I have never heard of any major accident or incident at a Formula Drift event involving a drone.  I decided to do some digging and while there is no official statement from Formula Drift on why they created the new rule, a source close the organization provided some insight.

According to the source this move is mostly pre-emptive and that regardless of the past, drones are still a “liability” and can “cause distraction”.  Also, just because there hasn’t been any major drone crashes yet does not mean it can’t happen.  Can you imagine the fallout if a rookie drone pilot crashes a big drone with sharp spinning blades into the packed grandstands at Irwindale or Long Beach? Which is likely the other reason for the ban the source cited as allowing drones in an official capacity would significantly raise insurance costs for Formula Drift.

When looking at things from that point of view this new rule makes much more sense.  Although that’s just my opinion?  What do you think?  Is it smart for Formula Drift to put the kibosh on drone cameras before something horrible happens?  Or do you think they are over reacting?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us @MotorworldHype.  If you want to see what a camera drone looks like in action, check out a quick video feature below we did on a pair of drone pilots filming round 1 at Long beach a few years back.

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Hype News: Tanner Foust Returning To Formula Drift This Season (Video)

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Tanner Foust is easily one the most popular personalities in motorsports today.  Between hosing Top Gear USA and contending in Rally Cross in both America and in Europe the man has a pretty full plate, which is a big part of the reason why he stepped away from drifting a few years ago to focus on those things.  Well, it looks like Tanner has missed drifting so much (winning two Formula Drift championships tends to do that) that he is making a return to the sport this season.  He will still continue his Rally Cross and Top Gear hosting duties so for now he will only run a partial season with the rumors suggesting he will drive at the Long Beach, Road Atlanta, and Irwindale rounds of Formula Drift this year.

As far as what he is driving, Wrecked Magazine says it will be a 900hp Volkswagen Passat.  Yes, a Passat!  While it would be expected that Tanner would campaign a VW since they are a major sponsor and platform provider of his Rally Cross program, but a Passat?  Well, for those confused I offer a few theories for this choice.  First, to those drift purists who may be asking “Isn’t the Passat front wheel drive?” the answer is “yes and no”.  In America, the Passat is currently only offered in front wheel drive.  However, in Europe the Passat can be had with all wheel drive, making it legal for RWD conversion and competition in Formula Drift.  For those asking “Why not the Golf R then? That car is AWD”.  Again you would be correct bur the AWD Golf R is a 2016 model car so chances are VW may not be ready to put marketing dollars behind it and lets be honest, marketing dollars are what drive motorsport programs such as these.

Either way I am glad to see Tanner return to drifting and now we all have one more big reason to look forward to Formula Drift this year!  For the official video announcement of Tanner Foust’s return scroll below.

[Source: Formula Drift, Wrecked Magazine]

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