Hype Video: John Lasseter Tests Luigi’s Flying Tires Ride In Cars Land

Posted on 12.29.11 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Today we bring you another sneek peek of the upcoming “Cars Land” opening at Disney’s California Adventure Park.  In this video the “Luigi’s Flying Tires” ride not only gets tested but is tested by the creator of Cars and Pixar helmer John Lasseter himself.  For those who don’t know the Flying Tires ride is really a throw back to a “Flying Saucers” ride that Disneyland used to have back in its early days.  However instead of UFOs riders sit atop of giant tires as they glide around.  Essentially you become the puck on a giant air hockey table, but you get to control the puck!  I am definitely looking forward to taking some tires for a spin when the ride opens this summer.  You get it? Tires? Spin? Do you see what I did there?

[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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Hype Video: New “Cars 2” Trailer! Lightining McQueen In Japan Super GT?

Posted on 11.16.10 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

A new trailer for Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2” made its debut today!  From the looks of the trailer it seems that instead of going back to the NASCAR-esque setting, Lightning McQueen will be heading out to Japan to compete in the “World Grand Prix” which looks very similar to Japan’s Super GT Series.  Check out the new trailer below.


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