DC Shoes Re-Designs Auto Site

Posted on 06.18.10 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

DC Shoes has done a bit of pre-summer cleaning and redesigned the “Auto” section of their website (dcshoes.com/auto).  The team page has been re-done and stuffed full of new photos and even some video.  There is also a section to keep up with where each of their sponsored drivers are in the rally standings.  Good stuff!

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Hype Video: DiRT 2 Preview With Ken Block

Posted on 08.03.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

With the passing of rally racing god Colin McRae, Ken Block of DC Shoes was tapped to fill the huge shoes as the new face of the DiRT rally racing video game.  Check out the latest preview with Mr. Block explaining his love affair with racing on dirt.

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