Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Trunk For Nissan GT-R

Posted on 03.09.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Looks like PasswordJDM is the first to bring a carbon fiber GT-R trunk to the American market.  It actually looks pretty nice.  The weave looks good and they claim to use a very high quality epoxy resin that’s so awesome that it doesn’t need a clear coat.  I wonder who will be the next ones to drop a GT-R CF trunk?


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Ventross Drops Prices On Their IS-F Aero Parts

Posted on 01.14.09 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Our friends at Ventross decided to shave a bit off the top on their dry carbon fiber aero parts for the Lexus IS-F.  Check out the new break down.

Front CF Splitter-Old price: $1,345 New Price: $1,211

Rear CF Diffuser-Old Price: $1,145 New Price: $1,031

Aero CF Boot Lid Double Sided Back-Old Price: $1,995 New Price: $1,796

Aero CF Boot Lid Single Sided Back-Old Price: $1,485 New Price: $1,337


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Vorsteiner VRS Boot Lid for E92 BMW 3 Series Coupe

Posted on 12.03.08 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Vorsteiner makes excellent carbon fiber products.  We should know.  We used their stuff on our Lexus IS-F GT SEMA car.  Vorsteiner just released a new carbon boot lid (trunk) for the E92 BMW 3 Series coupe and it looks pretty fresh.  Vorsteiner makes some QUALITY carbon so this is definately worth a look if you’re in the market.


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