Hype: EAT SLEEP RACE “Boobs & Boost” Shirt To Raise Money For Breast Cancer Awareness

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One of my favorite things about the car culture is when all of its members band together for a cause that is greater than itself.  Popular gear-head apparel line EAT SLEEP RACE is doing their part by releasing a special edition of their “Boobs & Boost” shirt.  The shirt features pink ribbons, the symbol of breast cancer awareness.  100% of the proceeds from shirt sales will go to organizations fighting breast cancer.  Both shirts are $23.99 and can be found at the EAT SLEEP RACE online store.

[Source link: EatSleepRace.com]

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12 Days Of Hype: PACRIM I Heart Boost Zipper Hoodie

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The days are getting colder and nothing can keep a person warm like a hot, toasty turbo!  Do you have a boost junkie in your life?  If so, chances are they would probably really like this “I heart boost” hoodie from PACRIM.  Its a zip up hoodie with a unique design which incorporates a turbocharger into a heart!  Cool huh?  We think so!  The front logo is embroidered but there is a larger version of the design which is silkscreened on the back.  If you want to pick one of these up for that special boost-a-holic in your life you can order them right now on iLoveRacing.com at the link below for about 40 bucks!

[Source: iLoveRacing I heart boost hoodie]

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Hype: Want To Smell Like A Lamborghini? Well You Can With New “L” Cologne. Seriously, Lamborghini Made A Cologne…

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Some people love “new car” smell.  I think its pretty nice too (as long as it doesn’t contain harmful toxins) but I think one of the best new car smells comes from exotic cars.  Frequenting car shows as much as I do I have inhaled my share of alcantara, leather, carbon fiber, and ABS plastic in my time and it is quite intoxicating (no pun intended).  However, would anyone of you actually want to wear that scent?  Lamborghini is hoping so as they just announced that they will be launching their own cologne at the Geneva Motorshow called “L”.   Seriously, this is happening.  Crazy right?

I am sure that “L” won’t actually smell like a Lamborghini interior but technically its possible since they never say it won’t smell like a Lamborghini…  If you are interested in a leather wrapped bottle of “L” then get in line fast as Lamborghini says they will only produce 999 vials of the stuff.  If you miss out then don’t fret too much because Lamborghini says they will actually produce three more scents after this in the near future.  I wonder what the next one will be; Acuqa Di Exhaust Pour Homme perhaps?

Press Release:

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 21 February 2014. Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, the clothing and accessories line with the DNA of the House of the Raging Bulls’ super sports cars, presents the Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The must-have

The newest product in the collection is definitely the perfume “L”, for men who love essential, unique luxury. The first of the four fragrances, a limited edition with only 999 produced, will be presented in a world preview at the Geneva Show on 4 March. The perfume, designed by a creative team and perfume experts for Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extends the values of the worldfamous super sports car brand to an olfactory experience. “L” is the first perfume by Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extending the product range for the first time to fragrances for men.

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Hype: GARAGETUNED Mazda RX3 Shirt Is About That Bosozoku Life

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If you are in to Japanese cars and culture chances are you have heard the word “Bosozoku” at least once.  For those uninitiated out there Bosozoku started out as a term used for Japanese motorcycle gangs but over the years that culture slowly merged with the Japanese car culture resulting in crazy over-the-top super widebody vintage J cars.

One such example is seen on the GARAGETUNED shirt above featuring a Bosozoku style Mazda RX3 illustrated beautifully!  If you dig it you can pick it up at the iLoveRacing online store for 20 bucks!

[Source: iLoveRacing.com]

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Hype: JDMEGO’s “This Car Show Sucks” Shirt Is Fastest Way To Get Kicked Out Of Said Car Show

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In typical JDMEGO fashion they are ignoring conventions and just saying what many people are thinking.  Although this one is even more edgy than usual!  Seriously, if you wear this to your local show you have some serious balls!  The best part is that what you see above is actually the back of the shirt; in the front it actually says “staff”!  Crazy right?  Again if you have the stones to wear a shirt that says “This Car Show Sucks!” at a car show then you are the MAN! Er, or Woman, whichever…

[Source: JDMEGO.com]

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Hype Collab: PUMA x BMW Motorsport evoSPEED Lo

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I have said it before and I will say it again: I love a good collab.  Emphasis on the word “good.”  But I won’t turn this into a rant on bad marketing and such.  Instead I will tell you about these sweet kicks from PUMA that should equate to instant awesome for any BMW fan.  The shoe you see above is the result of a partnership between PUMA and BMW Motorsport, thus birthing a BMW Motorsport evoSPEED shoe that instantly heel toe’d its way into my heart!

I love the “BMW Motorsport” signage across the front strap and adding the iconic “roundel” to the side of the shoe is genius.  If you like what you see as much as I do you can pick up these kicks on the PUMA online store right now.  In fact they are actually on sale for $80 (regular price $100)!

[Source: PUMA Online Store]

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Hype: JDMEGO “Tuning Ruined My Life” Illustrates The Dangers Of Car Addiction

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The politically correct term for people like me is “enthusiast”.  Yet, in my time as an “enthusiast” I have heard the love of cars, racing, and tuning referred to as “the bug”, “the disease”, “the addiction”, and other monikers usually synonymous with a vice or sickness.  As harmless as tinkering with a car may seem, those who are in the know realize that what usually starts off as a weekend project can turn into a life long obsession!

As such JDMEGO has once again summed up this phenomenon in a shirt dubbed “Tuning Ruined My Life“.  The title is pretty self explanatory, is it not?  If you want to warn others about the dangers of tuning addiction then this shirt might just be the way to do it!  Only 20 bucks at the JDMEGO store!  If you are a sufferer of tuning addiction, fear not.  With support you can get through it; one step at a time…

[Source: JDMEGO.com Store]

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Hype: “Hatchbacks” Shirt By Pacific Rim

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Guess what? Just like JDMEGO, Pacific Rim has re-designed and re-launched their website as well!  Along with the re-launch comes a host of new goodies and apparel from the Pac Rim team.  In this new shirt dubbed “Hatchbacks” wearers can celebrate the evolution of the Honda Civic hatchback all the way from the EF up to the EP chassis.

Honda heads are going to want to cop this ASAP! 

[Source: iLoveRacing.com]

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Hype: JDMEGO “Fake Parts Break Hearts” Shirt Says What We Are All Thinking

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It has happened to all of us at least once.  We are at a show, or even just a parking lot somewhere and spot a car that looks stunning.  It can be as clean as all get out, great color, very well put together, and then suddenly BAM it hits us: Upon closer inspection we see that the set of wheels, body kit, etc are the total knock off version of what we thought we were looking at.  This buzz killing moment is summed up eloquently by JDMEGO in their new “Fake Parts Break Hearts” shirt.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  If you want to express your heartache about fake parts then pick up this shirt now.  Its available in black (as seen above) and in white for twenty bucks.

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Hype: JDMEGO Evo Skate Deck! Whhhaaaaaaaatttt?!

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Look, I’m not even going to go into some spiel on the quality of the wood in this skate deck or its weight or how it would be any good for the actual act of skateboarding.  It probably makes for a great board but that is totally irrelevant here.  What is relevant is that this thing looks FRESH, there are only so many in existence, and someone likes JDMEGO even a little bit they should be clicking until their fingers are raw to order this immediately!

That is all…

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