Hype: Want To Smell Like A Lamborghini? Well You Can With New “L” Cologne. Seriously, Lamborghini Made A Cologne…

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Some people love “new car” smell.  I think its pretty nice too (as long as it doesn’t contain harmful toxins) but I think one of the best new car smells comes from exotic cars.  Frequenting car shows as much as I do I have inhaled my share of alcantara, leather, carbon fiber, and ABS plastic in my time and it is quite intoxicating (no pun intended).  However, would anyone of you actually want to wear that scent?  Lamborghini is hoping so as they just announced that they will be launching their own cologne at the Geneva Motorshow called “L”.   Seriously, this is happening.  Crazy right?

I am sure that “L” won’t actually smell like a Lamborghini interior but technically its possible since they never say it won’t smell like a Lamborghini…  If you are interested in a leather wrapped bottle of “L” then get in line fast as Lamborghini says they will only produce 999 vials of the stuff.  If you miss out then don’t fret too much because Lamborghini says they will actually produce three more scents after this in the near future.  I wonder what the next one will be; Acuqa Di Exhaust Pour Homme perhaps?

Press Release:

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 21 February 2014. Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, the clothing and accessories line with the DNA of the House of the Raging Bulls’ super sports cars, presents the Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The must-have

The newest product in the collection is definitely the perfume “L”, for men who love essential, unique luxury. The first of the four fragrances, a limited edition with only 999 produced, will be presented in a world preview at the Geneva Show on 4 March. The perfume, designed by a creative team and perfume experts for Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extends the values of the worldfamous super sports car brand to an olfactory experience. “L” is the first perfume by Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extending the product range for the first time to fragrances for men.

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Hype Art: EAT SLEEP RACE Limited Edition Canvas Prints Illustrate Tuning As A Weapon

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The guys from EAT SLEEP RACE are trying to add some culture to our lives with a few extremely limited edition prints of some of their latest artwork.  The first, dubbed “shootout” seamlessly combines the aesthetics of a turbocharger with that of an old school revolver while the second portrays spark plugs as ammunition.  Both pieces are pretty provocative but visually pleasing at the same time.  I’d totally rock both of these on my wall.  There is only one problem: they are only printing 12 of each!  Yes, only 12! If you want one you better move quick!  You can order the prints online right now for $29.99 each and once they are sold out they will not be reproduced! Just click the source link below to go straight to the EAT SLEEP RACE store to buy one.

[Source: EATSLEEPRACE.com]

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Hype: GARAGETUNED x JDMEGO x Evasive Motorsports S2000 Triple Colab Skate Deck

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If you follow the JDMEGO blog you know that over the last few months Judson AKA “DropJay” did several artwork pieces for skateboard decks yet none of them showed up in the JDMEGO store.  Well that’s because they are over in the ILoveRacing.com store!  Just make a few more clicks! Come on don’t be lazy…  Besides if you want to own this sweet Evasive Motorsports S2000 skate deck for only 50 bucks then you are going to need to move quickly.  This would look so fresh mounted on a wall!

[Source: ILoveRacing.com store]

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Hype: “Hatch Life” Cell Phone Case By GARAGETUNED

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Are you in love with EG and EK Honda Civics?  Do you drool over just about any generation of VW Golf?  Then you might just be about that “Hatch Life“.  If so then Pac Rim’s GARAGETUNED brand has a cell phone case that’s perfect for you.  The best part is that its available for iPhone 4/4s/5 AND Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 so you’re covered on both iOS and Android fronts!

[Source: iLoveRacing.com]

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Hype Collab: Pac Rim x JDMEGO x Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S Skate Deck

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Today I have a triple collab to tell you about!  Pac Rim’s new brand “GARAGETUNED” got together with Evasive Motorsport to create a skate deck featuring their famous Scion FR-S time attack car!  However, rather than just use a photograph JDMEGO was brought on to illustrate Evasive Motorsport’s track beast. 

If you want one hit up iLoveRacing.com ASAP!  These decks are only 50 bucks each so they’re bound to go fast!

[Source: ILoveRacing.com]

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Hype: JDMEGO Broken Hearts Club License Plate Frame

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Remember the awesome JDMEGO “Fake Parts Break Hearts” shirt I showed you last week?  Well now JDMEGO’s latest public service announcement comes in license plate frame flavor!  For 10 bucks you can spread the word that knock-offs are emotionally harmful to those of us who appreciate quality!  Pick up a frame now at the JDMEGO store.

[Source: JDMEGO.com]

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Hype: Porsche Bike S Is A Really Expensive Way To Not Own A Fixie

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Everyone knows Porsche’s cars.  What everyone might not know is that Porsche likes to make other stuff.  Like, non-car stuff.  Seriously they have a whole other division for it.  They make furniture, apparel, phones, you name it!  All of their other product is cool but one of my favorite things is the Porsche Bike S.  It looks amazing and totally speaks to Porsche’s automotive design-sense.  Its one of my favorite items to drool over in the Porsche exhibit at the LA Auto Show.

Its made from “hydroforming” aluminum with carbon fiber forks and it is so light it feels like its made out of paper!  It has an 11 speed gear set from Shimano and hydraulic disc brakes.  Yes, disc brakes!  If you couldn’t tell by the amount of exclamation points I’ve used in this post, I really like this bike.  The only thing I don’t like is the price: $4,449.  When a bicycle costs as much as a used car then its kind of a buzz kill.  Oh well, I’ll always have the LA Auto Show.

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Hype: Sparco’s WTX-7 Air Will Protect Yo’ Neck (And Your Head Too)

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When given the option, carbon fiber is almost always better versus some other type of material.  I mean sure, most probably would not want to wipe with carbon fiber toilet paper but in just about every other case its just better!  Where carbon fiber really excels is saving weight and standing up to heavy impacts, which is why having a carbon fiber helmet is ideal.  Sparco (Sparco.com) has several carbon fiber helmet options but the WTX-7 Air makes for a great choice because its lightweight, certified by SNELL (SA2010), FIA approved, and comes in at just $1,000. 

I know that price tag seems high but for a carbon fiber helmet approved for just about every motorsport, that is a pretty good price!  The WTX-7 Air also has vents to keep the visor clear and user cool.  There are also fittings for a drink tube and intercom system.  There is also the clear and simple fact that it looks awesome! 

If you have the cash and you’re looking for a new skull shell, this would make a great choice.


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Ridiculous Hype: Mansory 24kt Gold iPhone 5. Not iPhone Case, but iPhone!

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Every now and then the automotive world crosses over with every day consumer products.  Sometimes it works out pretty well (see Porsche Design) other times its a disaster (see Porsche Design).  Then there are those rare moments when it just causes head scratching confusion.  This falls under door number three!  Say hello to the 24kt gold iPhone 5.  Yes, a gold iPhone, not a case, but a phone!

This golden communication device is produced by the folks at Mansory, who are better known for their “over-the-top” body kits for the worlds most expensive exotic cars.  Why they decided to make a gold iPhone? I have no idea.  But, they only made 50 of them which means you probably can’t get one even if you could afford whatever the asking price is er, was for this thing.

Although, I guess it would be kind of cool for some people to officially declare themselves king/queen of the hipsters if they pulled out a legit golden iPhone.

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Hype: JDMEGO Evo Skate Deck! Whhhaaaaaaaatttt?!

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Look, I’m not even going to go into some spiel on the quality of the wood in this skate deck or its weight or how it would be any good for the actual act of skateboarding.  It probably makes for a great board but that is totally irrelevant here.  What is relevant is that this thing looks FRESH, there are only so many in existence, and someone likes JDMEGO even a little bit they should be clicking until their fingers are raw to order this immediately!

That is all…

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