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Event Hype: Mother’s Car Polish Exotic Car Show (Gallery)

Posted on 04.17.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


Here we are with another gallery from the epic Long Beach Grand Prix weekend.  As you may or may not know, the TUDOR series has their race on Saturday, so come Saturday night their paddock clears out as they head off to the next race.  In its place on Sunday morning is a cavalcade of luxury and exotic cars filling the lot completely and its all furnished by Mother’s Car Polish.  First thing Sunday morning I headed out to the newly filled lot and started shooting away.  Granted, not every car there was photo worthy but I snapped the best stuff and now I am presenting it all to you in a new gallery.  Just scroll down to check it out.

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Event Hype: Offset Kings Showocase Long Beach (Gallery)

Posted on 04.09.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


There was a lot happening on the streets of Long Beach last weekend and we have pictures of it all!  We are kicking off our coverage with a gallery of the Offset Kings showcase brought to you from the team at illest/hellaflush/fatlace.  The showcase brought out some of the best cars in the so cal area and beyond.  Granted there were a few cars that probably shouldn’t have been there but I didn’t take pictures of those so it works out.  All you need to know is that I shot pictures of the best cars there (which is a lot) all for your viewing pleasure.  Below is the embedded facebook gallery of all the pretty automobiles so scroll down and enjoy!

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Hype: Kraftwerks Releases New Supercharger Kit For NC Mazda MX-5

Posted on 03.25.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


Mazda MX-5′s easily rank among the most fun cars to drive.  Their short wheelbase, suspension set up, and modest power all make up a perfect storm of driving pleasure.  Granted not everyone is won over by its cutesy looks but few can deny the mighty Miata is a formidable road car.  So, naturally people like us want to screw with that and make it faster and crazy.  This is where power adders come in.  Before it was popular to turbocharge Miatas, this was mostly because turbo kits were pretty damn cheap.  The only problem is that the kits were typically meant for the older model MX-5s.  Fortunately, Kraftwerks (a division of Skunk2) has released a new supercharger kit for the ’06-’13 MX-5 (“NC” chassis code).

The Kraftwerks supercharger kit will set you back about $5k but for good reason.  This kit provides more power than the old turbo kits did (will add 110hp to the wheels on 91 octane) and is safer for the engine than going the turbocharged route.  The engineers at Kraftwerks also took care to make sure that the kit bolts on as efficiently as possible.  Which means they made sure to take advantage of existing space so that there are no clearance issues and that the kit will not get in the way of any vital systems.  It also comes with everything you need to make it work at its best: fuel pump, bigger injectors, optional ECU tuning, and an intercooler with all the necessary piping.

There were 30 pre-orders available but it looks like those have sold out so if you want one of these kits you will probably have to wait a while but I think it would be well worth it!

[Source: Kraftwerks ]

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Hype Meet: Cars And Coffee Irvine 3-15-14

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Ok this site was starting to get a little dusty so its time to push forward again with some fresh new content.  We are starting off with my return to Cars And Coffee Irvine last weekend.  In all honesty I just visited to get a little extra shooting time in before I headed off to the Formula Drift Tech Day AKA Source Interlink casting call.  However, I lucked out in the fact that it just so happened that Porsche decided to bring a genuine production-spec 918 Spyder to the event!  News of the Spyder’s appearance brought out many of my industry friends and colleagues like Jon Sibal, Bisi of Bisimoto engineering, and even my old friend and mentor Craig Lieberman!  In fact, I ran into so many people that I haven’t seen in a long time that I actually didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted! But I have a healthy bunch of photos below.  Enjoy!

CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_1 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_2 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_3 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_4 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_5

CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_6 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_7 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_8 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_9 CarsAndCoffeeIrvine_3-15-14_10

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Hype: Mazda Launches Moving MX-5 Tribute Site To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Posted on 02.10.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You (a car person) find yourself in a conversation with a friend or acquaintance who is not so much a car person and one way or another you end up on the subject of the MX-5 AKA Miata.  Your friend says the following “Miata? Isn’t that a girl’s car?” or something along those lines.  You then spend the next 30 minutes combating their disblief talking about how the MX-5 is a near perfect car loved by millions all around the world and is a preferred chassis among road racers everywhere.  Sounds all too familiar right?

Just about any car person has had this conversation.  Even if you don’t particularly like the MX-5 you still feel inclined to defend it because like it or not it represents the kind of purity that all of us who love to drive seek from our cars.  Its so hard for the uninitiated to believe that such a small diminutive vehicle can have such a loyal and fierce following.  Yet, it does and has for the last 25 years.  For 25 years the MX-5 has put smiles on faces, taken racers to a checkered flag, escorted drivers along beautiful roads, provided a better than average drive to work in the morning and an even better drive home in the afternoon.  Its difficult really to sum up the well deserved following and the reasons why that the MX-5 enjoys but to celebrate its 25th anniversary Mazda made a valiant attempt by launching a tribute microsite featuring the original MX-5 program manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto talking about why Mazda developed the MX-5 in the first place and what their goals were.

If you like the MX-5 even a little bit then you really want to check this site out.  Besides Yamamoto-san telling the epic tale there is also an interactive timeline of all things MX-5!  There is more to come as well!

Visit the site here: http://www.mazda.com/mazdaspirit/craftmanship/mx-5/mx-5_25th/

Press Release:

Mazda Launches Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Website

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation launched the Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary website at 0:00 (Japan Standard Time) on Monday, February 10, 2014.

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the debut of the Mazda MX-5 (known as Roadster in Japan), the website aims to deepen the bond between Mazda and its customers all over the world and express gratitude for the support the model has received over the years. The website will be gradually updated to provide information on the past, present and future of the Mazda MX-5, including a look back over the model’s 25-year history, messages from the engineers behind its development, and event notices and reports.

During the 1960s and 1970s, numerous lightweight and fun-to-drive sports cars offered nimble handling and free-spirited open-air motoring. In the 1980s, Mazda decided to resurrect this spirit with a new roadster for the modern age. Using the latest engineering techniques of the time, Mazda developed the MX-5 and announced it at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989 as a reminder that driving could still be fun despite ever-stricter safety and quality standards. Through a variety of product improvements and full-redesigns in 1998 and 2005, the body has been kept lightweight and weight distribution optimized in order to enhance driving, safety and environmental performance, while preserving the pure driving fun that is unique to a lightweight open-top sports car.

Total production volume of the Mazda MX-5 exceeded 920,000 units in December 2013, and the model continues to hold the Guinness World Record for the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car. To date the model has received more than 200 awards from around the world, including Car of the Year Japan 2005-2006.

Popular the world over and passionately adored by a zealous fan base, the Mazda MX-5 is a car that has truly made history. Inheriting the spirit that has remained unchanged since the first generation, the car will continue to offer drivers all around the globe a unique fun-to-drive experience well into the future.

# # #

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Hype Video: In Drift Garage Episode 3 Chris Forsberg And Ryan Tuerck Play With Fire, Weld A Diff, Then Hit Each Other With Things

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Ever wanted to know what “one wheel peeler” means? Or if a Takata race harness was strong enough to support the weight of a person?  Then this week’s episode of Drift Garage is meant for you!  Join Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck as they continue their quest to turn a once downtrodden Nissan 240SX into a budget drift car AKA “missile car”.  In this episode the pair also welds a diff, and bolts in new Recaro seats and harnesses!  Scroll down and enjoy!

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Gaming Hype: “Honda Legends” DLC Car Pack Released For Forza Motorsport 5 (Video)

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Are you a hardcore Honda-head? If so you will definitely want to know that today the “Honda Legends” DLC car pack was released for Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One.  The car pack includes the 1984 CRX Mugen test vehicle, the 1994 Prelude Si (my favorite car when I was in high school), and the 2014 Civic Si coupe.  That is a pretty strong trio for any Honda enthusiast (especially the Prelude!!).  OK, now here is the best part about this news: the car pack is FREE!  Yep, its is all part of a promo deal with Honda as they get ready to reveal the new Civic Si coupe at the Chicago Auto Show this week.  Pretty sweet huh?!  You can download the Honda Legends DLC pack right now on Xbox Live but if you want to get a closer look at what  you will get then scroll down for the official trailer.

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Hype Video: Arvou HKS Honda S2000 Attemps Sub-Minute Lap At Tsukuba Circuit

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Back in the day completing a sub-minute lap at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan was a very big deal.  These days with the leaps and bounds made in tuning tech, serious time attack cars are starting to knock on the door of 50 second laps, even quicker really.  However, changing the equation from a fully prepped time attack car to a car that has a stock engine block is a whole another story.  A while back I showed you a preview of the new HKS GT Supercharger fitted on the Arvou S2000.  Well, recently the Arvou team took their S2k to Tsukuba in an attempt to click off a 59 second lap.  Keep in mind that besides the Supercharger, the Arvou S2000 has a stock engine block!  Do they pull it off? Is the HKS GT Supercharger really THAT good?  Watch the video below to find out.  Oh, and before you ask, they were in fact running street radial tires.

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Hype Bowl 2014: The Three Worst Car Commercials AKA The Whack Three (Video)

Posted on 02.03.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


I showed you the best now its time for me to show you the god awful.  It never ceases to amaze me how a huge multi-million dollar company can spend a huge portion of those millions on ad space for one of the most watched television events in the world, yet still drop the ball so hard on executing a commercial.  Heck, really it doesn’t even have to be a “great’ commercial as long as its adequate but sometimes they can’t even hit the mediocre mark!  What’s going on people?!  Sigh…ok lets get this over with.. scroll down please.

Third Place: “Doberhuahua” – Audi

This was more of a disappointment than a straight out bad commercial.  First of all lets not get it twisted: I am not an Audi hater.  In fact, I like Audi a lot which makes this spot all the more disappointing.  Audi has been doing some seriously crazy stuff over the last few months.  Remember all that cool new tech they showed off at CES? Laser beam headlights? Cars that can read street signs and park themselves?  They’re practically living 5 years in the future but instead of showcasing any of that (the way they did when they partnered up with Marvel and Iron Man) they bring us some weird monster movie throw back staring a creepy mutant dog!  What the heck Audi?!  There is so much more that could have been done here!  I weep at the possibilities…  Next year Audi better come correct!

Second Place: “Nice” – Hyundai

Oh Hyundai, like Audi you did so little with so much.  When I first learned that Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki would be the lead in Hyundai’s Super Bowl spot I had very high hopes going in.  Imagine my disappointment after watching what transpired.  I am still not even totally sure what was going on in this spot.  Whatever this girl says just magically happens to poor Johnny yet he still can’t get the hint that he stop trying to hit on her from a moving vehicle? BLAH!  Dude! I know its a cheap tactic but they could have played off of Johnny’s Big Bang character Leonard Hofstadter!  This could have been so much better than it was!  Instead it just ended up as a confusing mess.

First Place: “The Truth” – Kia

Here it is. The worst of the worst.  What Kia did here is so bad its baffling!  No matter what your opinion of the Matrix movies are, I think we can all agree that the character Morpheus is awesome.  Yet, the folks at Kia drove up to Lawrence Fishburn’s house with a truck full of money and convinced him that turning the folk hero for the entire people struggling for freedom from robotic overlords into a shill for the K900 was a good idea.  I guess there really are no plans for another Matrix movie otherwise there is no way I can see the studio allowing this farce to happen!  Thanks to Kia I can no longer take Morepheus seriously!  PRO TIP: When trying to advertise your car, don’t ruin a Sci-Fi icon in the process!! FAIL-SAUCE!!

There you have it.  The three worst (in my opinion) car commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.  Now just to be clear I don’t dislike any of the brands mentioned in this post.  I really like Audi and Hyundai won me over with the Genesis coupe and Kia…well I don’t dislike Kia.  I am only singling these companies out because of the commercials they made this year, which just happened to not be so great.  Really, I want ALL car commercials during the Super Bowl to be awesome but that wont happen unless the OEMs and the ad agencies they hire know what not to do.  So consider this a loving (albeit pointed) critique.  Let us all hope that these guys do much better next year!

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Hype Video: Watch A Snow Camo’d Nissan GT-R Play In A Winter Wonderland Thanks To Clash Production

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Happy Friday everyone!  Why not kick off the end of the week with another sweet flick from the guys at ClashProduction?  Actually, this is kind of a sequel really.  Remember a while back when they produced that awesome film of a snow camo’d GT-R racing snowmobiles up a ski slope?  Well as usual with most film productions there was a lot of unused footage from that feature so the guys at Clash decided to take the unused footage and cut together a whole new flick.  In fact, this new one is even longer than the first one!  Scroll down to enjoy 7 glorious minutes of a GT-R playing in the snow

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