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Gaming Hype: Forza Motorsport 6 Goes Behind The Scenes Of The New Ford GT’s Development

Posted on 01.26.15 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) just ended and by now I think it is safe to say that the new Ford GT easily stole the show with its striking looks and the debut of its new “Ecoboost” V6 engine.  Further increasing its momentum was the announcement that Forza Motorsport 6 was coming and that the new Ford GT would be the cover car.  Today, thanks to Forza, we get to see a behind the scenes look at how the new Ford GT was created and some insight into the design choices made by the Ford team.  Its a pretty awesome way to spend five and a half minutes!  Check it out below.

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12 Days Of Hype: Exotics Racing Is The Only Way To Drive An Exotic Car Like You Stole It…Without Stealing It..

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In the last “12 Days Of Hype” post I talked about Skip Barber racing school as a great gift for the hardcore motorsports fan in your life.  However, if you want to just gift someone a day on a race track with crazy exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and the like, then Exotics Racing is a good choice as well.  With Facilities at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Auto Club Speedway in California they are within relatively easy reach for anyone on the west coast.  Exotics Racing offers different packages that allow participants to take hot laps in one of up to 15 cars that cover the gamut.  Want to drive a Lamborghini Huracan? They have one.  What about a Ferrari 458 Italia? They have a few of those too.  McLaren MP4-12C? Yessir!  They even have Nissan GT-R’s available.

Since all of their experiences are one day they are much easier on the wallet than say a full racing school such as Skip Barber.  Driving packages at Exotics Racing start at around $199 and go up from there.  If someone just wants to ride shot gun then there are high-speed ride alongs offered for $99.  I have personally checked out the facility at Auto Club Speedway and I can tell you that the staff really goes the distance to make sure participants have a good experience.  If you are trying to think of a good gift then I would recommend considering a day at Exotics Racing.  Hit the source link below for more info.

[Source: ExoticsRacing.com]

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2014 LA Auto Show: New Cadillac ATS-V GT3 Is A Muscular Evil Looking Race Car With Lots Of Letters In Its Name

Posted on 11.20.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments

Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Racecar

The new Cadillac ATS-V coupe made its debut at the LA Auto Show.  Its wider, lighter, evil twin, the ATS-V GT3 also made its debut at the LA Auto Show.  It has 600 horsepower, wide arches made from carbon fiber, massive brakes, and I am afraid of it.  Let’s take a closer look and hope that it doesn’t try to kill us.

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Video: Ken Block Hoons Los Angeles In Every Imaginable Way in GymkhanaSEVEN

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I will let you guys in on a little secret.  I actually got to watch Gymkhana SEVEN early at an event over the weekend.  Then again, I posted about it on instagram and twitter so I guess its not so secret.  If you follow us (follow us! @motorworldhype on twitter and instagram!) then  you already know how I feel about the latest Gymkhana flick.  If you don’t then I will give you a quick summary so you can go ahead and start watching below.  This video is easily the best Gymkhana video yet!  The production value is through the roof!  They filmed at places in LA that most would have thought to be impossible!

One of my favorite things about Gymkhana SEVEN besides the production value is the nods and in-jokes about Los Angeles.  Ken visits famous locations, recreates moments in recent LA pop culture, and has some fun with another Los Angeles staple: Lowriders.  Its all really funny and entertaining to watch.  I think many people forget that Ken Block actually “writes” these videos himself.  That might sound weird that he “writes” for videos that have no dialogue but all the nods and jokes I mentioned were straight from his head!  Personally I don’t think the guy gets enough credit for his creative side (speaking of, keep an eye out for a few easter eggs!).  Anyhow, in summary Gymkhana SEVEN is a marvelous, obnoxious, maniacal, beautiful, love letter to Los Angeles.  You owe yourself to watch it below!

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SEMA 2014: The Ringbrothers “Recoil” Chevelle Is Everything We Love About Custom Cars

Posted on 11.07.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


I have seen a lot of modified cars in my time.  There are builders out there who do pretty crazy, unique things.  However, I have never seen anyone transform a car the way that the Ringbrothers do.  They pretty much invented the “resto-mod” style which is essentially restoring classic cars but adding modern twists.  Typically when you see a rest0-mod car it may just be a nicely restored older car with a modern engine and a few modern tweaks to the dashboard but the Ringbrothers take it several steps further than that.

SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_1 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_2 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_3 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_4 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_5

To these guys the word “custom” is taken as literal as possible.  They will go as far as to design unique one of a kind parts in 3D make plugs of them and have custom plastic and or metal parts made from those designs to incorporate into their builds.  If you want to see a great example of that check out their famous “Afterburner” build.

SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_6 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_7 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_8 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_9 SEMA2014_Ringbrothers_Recoil_10

Their newest build “Recoil” has just made its debut at the SEMA show and it is looking like this could be their new marquee creation.  Starting off as a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, Mike and Jim Ring took it completely apart and rebuilt it piece by piece replacing much of it with custom parts designed in their minds and made real through fabrication.  “Recoil” is the end result: a super clean muscle car with amazing lines and carbon fiber hiding everywhere.  Oh, and if anyone thinks that this car is all show all they need to do is look under the hood to find a 980HP supercharged 427 cubic inch V8 mated to a custom 6-speed transmission.  Recoil really is the whole package and I am officially in love with it.  Hopefully, someday I can commission the Ringbrothers to build something for me!  In the meantime I am just going to go ahead and drool over these pictures.  I invite you to do the same!

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SEMA 2014: Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Drift Truck Is The “Ultimate Fun Haver”

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a lot of things.  He is a Formula Drift Champion, a lover of seafood, a friend to Ken Block, a Ford Mustang advocate, but above all he’s just a dude who knows how to have a good time.  That was the exact theme he wanted to go for when Ford handed him a 2015 F-150 Super Crew truck.  After Ford gave him the truck they basically told him to make it his own.  You can certainly say that is exactly what he did.  The first thing that is easy to notice is that he took styling cues from his Formula Drift Nitto Tire mustang by re-creating the color scheme and adding the custom fender flares from auto explosion.

SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_1 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_2 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_3 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_4 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_5

He also had a set of custom RTR wheels made for the truck and anodized them in neon green which matches his competition car.  The green continues in custom neon lights embedded into the headlight enclosure and grill.  Next Vaughn added a big ol’ hydraulic e-brake because at some point before SEMA is over he will drift this massive truck and its going to look pretty damn awesome doing it!  In the meantime check out some pictures of the drift truck by clicking any of the thumbnails.

SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_6 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_7 SEMA2014_VaughnGittin_DriftTruck_8

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Hype Event: Mainstream Productions x Stance Nation Nisei Showoff 2014 (Gallery)

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I have been personally attending “import” AKA “tuner” car shows ever since the very first Hot Import Nights that was held right in my hometown of Long Beach.  A lot of things have changed since then.  Car shows got bigger, more publicized, and well far away from their humble beginnings.  Car shows started to become less “a show of cars” and more of an all out “entertainment event” with concerts, video game tournaments, dance crew battles, DJ battles, bikini contests, “fashion” shows, pretty much anything that was eye and ear candy was thrown into the mix to try and add value to the growing prices of admission to offset the growing venues.

At first it was cool.  Each car show was like going to a rave.  There were thumping beats, crazy lights, and increasingly elaborate displays for cars and vendor booths.  Things just got bigger, brighter, and louder.  However, like most bubbles the scene eventually popped.  Blame the economy, the over commercialization, judging controversies, or maybe a combination of several things but at some point the car show scene fell off dramatically, mostly.

Now “mostly” is an important word because despite what was happening with all other car show series, there was one that stayed consistent through the ups and downs and never really lost the respect of enthusiasts.  I am referring to Import Showoff by Mainstream Productions helmed by Ken Miyoshi.  You may not know his name if you are younger than 25 but he has been an important figure in our culture for the last 20 years.  He pretty much created the concept of the “import car show” as we know it and exposed America to drifting far before D1 came to Irwindale so many years ago.  He is a humble guy but incredibly driven and cares deeply for the car culture and putting together a quality show.  When things got big bright and loud he didn’t really buy into it even though those big shows started to take away from Import Showoff’s attendance.

He stuck to his roots and kept things all about the cars and the culture and never strayed too far beyond that.  It may have hurt his series for a while but eventually things changed.  One day we all kind of figured out that we wanted more substance than flash, more culture than commercial, more sunny days hanging out with our friends than flashing neon lights in a dark convention hall.  Then we remembered that there was a show that had been providing those things all along: Import Showoff.

These days Showoff is mostly condensed to a few shows a year: Chinatown Showoff and Nisei Week showoff and to this day many veterans of the scene will tell you that Nisei Week Showoff is the best show of the year.  Its small, and typically held during one of the hottest times of the year but the quality of cars on deck makes it all worth it.  Also with the recent team up of Mainstream Productions and StanceNation, the quality of cars has only grown exponentially.  That is why I urge you, if you have the chance to come out to the Nisei Week Showoff next year.  Make a trip out of it, trust me when I tell you that if you love import cars it will be worth it.

Anyhow, that’s enough of my lecturing about how awesome things used to be.  I went to the Nisei Showoff over the weekend and put together a pretty killer gallery of over 300 pictures!  Check out our Facebook gallery below!  Thanks again to Ken Miyoshi for inviting us to the show and for keeping it real all these years!

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Hype Video: Awesome CEO Ralph Gilles Does Awesome Burn Out In Dodge Hell Cat Because Awesome

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Usually when we think of a “CEO” we think of some stuffy old person in a suit who most likely doesn’t use or much less enjoy the products or services they hock on the rest of the population.  Sure, Bill Gates uses Windows on his home computer but do you think hes on Xbox Live once a week yelling profanities as he gets aggro on newbs in Halo?  Probably not!  This is why a guy like Ralph Gilles is refreshing.  Sure he ran the business end of SRT and has to do all the boring stuff but at heart he is a car nut like the rest of us.  He is every bit of the enthusiast and he is not afraid to show it one bit!  Hence the video below in which Mr Gilles peels off one heck of a monster burn out in the upcoming 707HP Dodge Challenger “Hellcat” in front of a roaring crowd.  Seriously, can we just make this guy the next President already?  I’d totally vote for him!

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MotorworldHype Wishes Everyone A Happy Independence Day Because ‘Murica!

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Happy Birthday America!  For over 200 years you have given us awesome things like Freedom, Justice, and big smoky burnouts from unnecessarily powerful muscle cars!  Let us all celebrate our independence today by honoring our country and those who serve it in the interest of our freedom.  We should also grill copious amounts of meat and blow stuff up (if its legal in your town)!

[Image source: CorvetteBlogger.com]

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Hype Contest: American Muscle Is Giving Away A 589HP Supercharged Mustang (Video)

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Nothing says ‘merica! like a incredibly loud and powerful muscle car.  All of us would love to do glorious burn outs in a proper muscle car but it ain’t cheap!  Luckily, muscle car parts retailer American Muscle is offering up the chance to win their 2014 Ford Mustang project car that they debuted at SEMA last year!  The car is totally stacked with tons of goodies, including a Vortech supercharger which is where a good chunk of its 589HP comes from.  If you want to enter the contest click this text to go to the entry page and if you want to learn more about the car then check out the video below.

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