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LA Auto Show: Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition Is Exclusive And I Want It (Video)

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Tucked away in a quiet corner of the LA Auto Show is one of the prettiest Italian sports cars I have ever seen! The Alfa Romeo 4C but not just any 4C, the Launch Edition! Only 500 of which will make it to North America. How is the Launch Edition different? Let’s take a look and find out.

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SEMA 2014: Mark Arcenal Reveals Fatlace x FRF Japan Porsche 997 Secret Project

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It was a day or two before SEMA.  I had just walked away from my computer, confident that I had finally put together a solid list of all the cars I wanted to cover from the show; and then it happened… I get on instagram and see a post from Mark Arcenal (creator of the Fatlace & illest brands) with this crazy looking widebody Porsche with a caption saying “I lied. Here is my secret project”.  If you’re thinking that this was the point that I exclaimed an expletive then you would be correct.  However I knew this car was a must have on the list so I found out where it would be and sent my SEMA photo ninja after it.

SEMA2014_Fatlace_FRF_Porsche911_2 SEMA2014_Fatlace_FRF_Porsche911_3 SEMA2014_Fatlace_FRF_Porsche911_4 SEMA2014_Fatlace_FRF_Porsche911_5 SEMA2014_Fatlace_FRF_Porsche911_1

Despite my desperation to get shots of this car I admittedly do not know much about it.  What I do know is that the widebody kit design is all new and dubbed “FRF”.  I am speculating but I think this will be a new brand of body kits meant for modern Porsches as a sub-brand RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) as typically the RWB brand deals more with older generation 911’s and not so much the newer stuff.  I also know that Mark Arcenal is working with Toshiya Ichiraku, the International Director of RWB to bring this FRF kit to the states in which Fatlace would be the exclusive USA distributor.  So, technically this kit isn’t here  yet.  In fact the car you see in the pictures was not built in the states but shipped to Las Vegas directly from Japan.  Although Mark did mention on instagram that they are taking pre-orders for the FRF kit but did not mention when the kit will officially release.  If you have a Porsche 997 and you’re interested in sporting the FRF kit then I would suggest hitting up Mark on instagram or contacting the RWB USA office and they may be able to help you out.

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SEMA 2014: Liberty Walk All The Things! Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M4, Liberty Walk Them All!

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Liberty Walk has really blown up over the last few years.  They started out with just a few unicorn cars that they worked on and shipped over to the U.S.  But after setting up a relationship with LT Motorwerks in California they have turned out quite a few projects.  This year at SEMA Liberty Walk and LT Motorwerks turned out at least 5 projects which includes the two Porsche 911’s we posted earlier.  In this post we are going to take a quick look the rest of their high profile SEMA builds.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador


This was a build that I had been following for a long time.  Ever since Liberty Walk worked their magic on a Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari 458 I knew that an Aventador would be their next logical step.  One has to admire the balls it takes to cut up a brand new $250k Aventador for the sake of a widebody kit.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Liberty Walk’s treatment of Lamborghini’s flagship is sweet but if it were my car there is no way I’d do this!

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_LamborghiniAventador_1 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_LamborghiniAventador_2 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_LamborghiniAventador_3 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_LamborghiniAventador_4 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_LamborghiniAventador_5

Perhaps that is why I admire this car so much.  It looks fresh, and it goes to a place that I could probably never go to myself.  The Forgiatto wheels really set it off as well and I really love the paint choice.  Maybe if I win the lottery I can just buy this car off the owner.  I am going to start working on making that happen…

Liberty Walk BMW M4 Coupes


As if transforming a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a pair of Porsche 911s weren’t enough, Liberty Walk also wanted to take on BMW’s newest sports coupe.  Modifying the BWM M4’s bodylines and still making it look good is no easy task and LT Motorwerks did it not once but twice!  The M4 has a smooth organic look that at first glance doesn’t seem to lend itself well to external modification.  However, Vorsteiner pulled it off quite nicely with their GTRS4 conversion.  How did Liberty Walk do?

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_1 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_2 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_3 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_4 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_5

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_6 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_7 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_8 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_9 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_BMW_M4_11

In a word: nicely.  While it doesn’t quite have the harmony of what Vorsteiner did, Liberty Walk’s take on the M4 is pretty compelling to look at.  It kind of clashes with the factory design but in a good way if that makes any sense.  Its design forces you to look at it and admire the small details.  In the two examples here I think I like the white one the most.  The iForged wheels go nicely with the body modifications although I can’t argue that the chrome wrapped example that was parked in the Savini wheels booth is pretty nice to look at as well.  What do you think?  Would you go for this look on your M4?

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SEMA 2014: The “DV8″ 911 Is Brilliant, Innovative, And Complete Sacrilege To Porsche Fanboys Everywhere

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I have a theory when it comes to building cars, or basically any kind of creation and that theory is that it is impossible to create something truly innovative and awesome without violently pissing off at least a few people.  No matter how brilliant an idea is, if it is something that changes the status quo major flame wars are to be expected.  To take on something that like regardless takes some brass ones.  That is where Falken Tire Motorsport Marketing Manager Nick Fousekis comes in.

Like all of us Nick was witness to the explosion of the Toyobaru phenomenon AKA the rise of the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ and saw all the individuals who were picking up rear wheel drive sport cars for $25k.  Nick decided that he wanted to have cool sports car for $25k too but he didn’t want an FR-S or a BRZ and he wanted his car to have double the performance offered by the split personalities of the GT86 platform.  Being constantly surrounded by Porsches due to Falken Tire’s GT3 race program Nick decided that a Porsche 911 would be his platform of choice.  Its not hard to find a Porsche chassis for a decent price, but making one fast is another story.  Their flat six engines have tons of potential but it also takes tons of money to get those engines to that point.  He needed a less expensive way to make reliable power.  It was at this point he was inspired by the current trend in drifting, (another motorsport in which Falken Tire is heavily involved) he was going to shoe-horn a Chevy V8 into it.  “Sayyyy whhaaaaaat?!” Said all the Porsche fanboys in the world!

SEMA2014_Porsche_911DV8_1 SEMA2014_Porsche_911DV8_2 SEMA2014_Porsche_911DV8_3 SEMA2014_Porsche_911DV8_4 SEMA2014_Porsche_911DV8_5

Saying that you are going to put an American V8 in a Porsche 911 is enough to get you thrown off a bridge in some parts of the world, or at the very least harassed in some parts of the internet.  However, as crazy as the idea sounds, dropping an American V8 into a Porsche is not unheard of.  In fact there is a shop out in Las Vegas called Renegade Hybrids that specializes specifically in just such a conversion.  Naturally, Nick turned to them to build the conversion for a 996 chassis he had on deck for the project.  While the conversion was being done Nick was able to find an authentic GT3 widebody aero kit thanks to his Motorsport connections and turned to Race Tech Services (a race car shop that works closely with Falken Tire’s drifting program) to install it.  The Aero package is a bit out of the price range but this wasn’t about the looks, the goal was to create performance as good as or in this case much better than any new sports car in the $25k range.

The result is what Nick has dubbed the “DV8” (get it?) Porsche 911.  Its awesome, its innovative, and its mere existence is driving some people into a complete rage spiral and I love it!  For a closer look, just click the thumbnails in this post.  If you’re lucky you may just catch the DV8 Porsche 911 at a car show or motorsport event next year.

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SEMA 2014: Vorsteiner Debuts The GTRS4 BMW M4 Conversion

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Vorsteiner is known for their BMW tuning and back when the E9X M3 came out they blew everyone’s minds with their GTRS3 widebody conversion that added some significant junk in the M3’s trunk (no pun intended).  When BMW released the new M4 coupe many were wondering how long it would take for Vorsteiner to work their widebody magic or if they would even do it at all.  Well right now at SEMA Vorsteiner has answered those questions with “yes” and “right now” as they revealed the GTRS4 (the 4 is for M4…get it?).

Vorsteiner_GTRS4_1 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_2 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_3 Vorsteiner_GTRS4_4

When Vorsteiner was creating the GTRS4 conversion they wanted to go for something that was still aggressive but not quite as wild as what they did with the GTRS3.  On lookers will notice that when comparing the GTRS4 to the GTRS3 the S4 has very few hard lines or angles.  Its much smoother and more in harmony with what BMW was already going for when they designed the M4.  I would almost go as far to say that the GTRS4 looks like something BMW created themselves, which is a testament to how good Vorsteiner’s body design artisans are.  Despite its harmonious looks the GTRS4 conversion actually adds an additional 4 inches of width to the front of the car and a whopping 7 inches of width to the rear.

With fenders that wide it would take a special wheel to fill it.  Luckily since Vorsteiner also produces wheels they created a forged three-piece specifically for the GTRS4 finished in “Gloss brushed shadow”.  The 20 inch wheels are 10.5 inches wide in the front and 13 inches wide in the rear which contributes to a massive footprint left behind by the Pirelli tires adorn the rollers.

SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_1 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_2 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_3 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_4 SEMA2014_VorsteinerGTRS4_5

Naturally all of the body pieces on this conversion are made from Vorsteiner’s patented carbon fiber.  With many wide body kits these days made from fiberglass, its crazy to the think that Vorsteiner sticks to their guns and always uses carbon.  Its also crazy to think how much this set up will probably cost due to the quality of the materials used.  There aren’t many performance mods on this particular GTRS4 but the mods that were done certainly count.   First, a KW Suspension system was bolted on which gives the GTRS4 its low stance.  Then, Vorsteiner turned to ESS Tuning for a special ECU flash that bumps the horsepower to 550HP at the crank.  However those performance bits are not included as part of the package.  Everything else you see (including some special edition badges and interior bits like floor mats), is included.

Even though this is only the debut of the GTRS4 and Vorsteiner has not “officially” began taking orders, as of this post I know of at least one confirmed customer of the kit so far.  Although I am sure that number has likely gone up significantly since the car has been seen by thousands of people online and on the SEMA show floor.  Again, pricing and availability of the GTRS4 is still unknown at this point but I already know for sure its WAY more than I can afford!  If you are in the same boat then dream with me by checking out some official pics and live pics from the SEMA show!

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SEMA 2014: Here Is A Pair Of Liberty Walk Porsche 997s Because Why Not?

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RWB pretty much owns the conversation when it comes to widebody Porsches these days.  Despite widebody Porsches being around for decades it was RWB who brought them back to current consciousness due to Nakai-san’s homage to the widebodies of old.  However, anyone who knows RWB knows that they keep their treatments exclusive to 911 examples that came out in the 80s and 90s.  What is someone to do who owns a 997?  Where do they go if they want a piece of Japanese-designed widebody goodness?  Who will answer that call?  None other than Liberty Walk, that’s who!

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_3 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_4 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_5 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_6 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_7

For those of you who are unaware who Liberty Walk is, imagine them as automotive stylist who are all about extreme tastes and holding nothing sacred.  Specifically, they have no qualms about cutting up a brand new six figure exotic car to put their take on it.  Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “Liberty Walk Ferrari 458″.  Yes, they chopped up a brand new Ferrari 458!  It looks awesome though.  Anyhow, this is about their latest creations a pair of Porsche 997s which have made their debut at the SEMA show going on right now!

SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_2 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_8 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_9 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_10 SEMA2014_LibertyWalk_Porsche997_11

There is just something about a Porsche that makes it the perfect candidate for a wide treatment and the 997 is no exception.  Liberty Walk knew just how to work the OEM body lines to create something eye-catching and compelling.  I’d love to see one of these in red, which I am sure will happen pretty soon after this double debut!  To get a better look at the two Liberty Walk Porsches just click on any of the thumbnails in this post and stay tuned for more SEMA car spotlights!

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SEMA 2014: Tanner Foust Collabs With ENEOS Oil And RWB To Create Super Wide And Super Orange Volkswagen Beetle

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RWB has solidified itself as an iconic body kit for Porsches.  It is hard to look at an RWB Porsche and not fall in love.  In fact, I might even say its darn near impossible!  Anyhow, most car people also know that back in the day the classic VW beetle had ties to Porsche as well as they shared components and a designer.  That was pretty much all the leeway Tanner Foust needed to convince Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) to work his magic on a brand new 2015 VW Beetle.  Nakai, being very aware that a Beetle is not a Porsche is still intrigued with the VW and wanted to give the car a shot, especially since he and Tanner go back for nearly a decade and have been looking for a way to work together.  The result is what you see here, a  bright orange, super wide Beetle that has significant RWB flavor with a touch of Tanner’s GRC-spec Beetle mixed in.

SEMA2014_TannerFoust_RWBeetle_1 SEMA2014_TannerFoust_RWBeetle_2 SEMA2014_TannerFoust_RWBeetle_3 SEMA2014_TannerFoust_RWBeetle_4 SEMA2014_TannerFoust_RWBeetle_5

Nakai added 8 inches of width (let the double entendres begin!) in total with a custom set of fenders that actually look pretty natural on the Beetles stock body lines.  Although obviously being that much wider meant a new set of wheels were in order so Motegi Racing (one of Tanner’s long time sponsors) stepped up with a custom cut set of Traklite wheels that are a whopping 10 inches wide in the front and 12 inches in the back.  Talk about a large foot print!  Then the car was sprayed in what I have dubbed “super orange” paint and given a RWB style livery with the black stripe at the bottom.  The list of modifications beyond that is sparse save for a few R-line VW goodies in the interior.  However, I have a feeling that many more performance mod’s are in this Beetle’s future.  What do you think of its looks?  How do you feel about the color?  Let us know in the comments.

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Hype Event: Ollo Clip Photo Exhibition “Shutter Speed”

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I think its safe to say that just about anyone who owns an iPhone knows what an Ollo Clip is.  For those of you who don’t allow me to explain.  The Ollo Clip is a genius little gadget fitted with two lenses, with four configurations (Fish Eye, Wide Angle, Macro 10X, Macro 15X) that slides over the built in iPhone’s camera lens and gives users the ability to take really cool shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  For the last year or so Ollo Clip has reached out to a few key figures in the automotive culture, gave them an Ollo Clip and told them to have at it.  Each individual was allowed to take the most creative pictures they could come up with as they conducted their daily goings on be it racing, building cars, organizing car shows, etc.

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_1 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_2 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_3 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_4 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_5

Last night Ollo Clip gathered the best pictures from the instagram accounts of those users and put them together into a pretty cool photography exhibit dubbed “Shutter Speed” at the Box Eight studio in downtown Los Angeles.  It was a pretty cool event, though relatively low key compared to some of the other events I’ve been to.  But it was a great atmosphere with cool people and a few pretty cool cars sitting dead center to provide extra eye candy on top of the awesome pictures on display.  To get a taste of what it was like click on the thumbnails.  If you like the idea of being able to expand your phone’s photo capabilities I would highly recommend checking out Ollo Clip.  They are pretty much the go to external lens for iPhones and they just announced a model for the iPhone 6.  If you’re an android person there is an Ollo Clip out now for Samsung Galaxy phones.

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_6 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_7 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_8 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_9 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_10

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_12 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_13 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_14

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Hype Video: The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Porsche GT3 Cup

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Its the early hours and you might still feel a bit sleepy so I am going to help you get ready to take on your day with a wake up call courtesy of Clash Production.  Turn up your speakers, headphones, etc. and watch the 8 and half minute long video of pure Porsche GT3 Cup madness as you are put in the POV of the driver while he clicks off some “leisurely” hot laps.  This is better than a bowl of Wheaties any day!

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Hype Video: Tanner Foust Attempts To Melt By Brain With His New Global Rallycross VW Beetle (cellphone video)

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Tanner Foust's GRC VW Beetle

Tanner Foust’s GRC VW Beetle

Yesterday I took a drive down to San Pedro to check out the scene of the next round of Red Bull Globalrally cross happening this weekend (you can watch live on tv!).  The rumor was that Tanner Foust’s new VW Beetle was going to make its debut at this event so my real motive for making the trip was to check out his new car in person.  I got much more than I bargained for.  It turned out that the event organizers were doing media ride alongs and I was lucky enough to sit shotgun with Tanner Foust as he took to the course in his brand new car.

I will admit I was a bit nervous.  However, I figured this was a new car, its a media ride along, he will probably take it easy on me.  I was completely wrong.  Although to be fair my first indicator should have been the flagger literally warning me that Tanner was about to melt my face off.  You will see what I mean when you watch the incredibly bouncy cellphone video I shot of my experience below.  If its too crazy then I apologize.  I was too busy trying to not pass out to really put deep thought and consideration to my shot composition.

Anyhow, scroll down and enjoy!

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