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Hype: EAT SLEEP RACE “Boobs & Boost” Shirt To Raise Money For Breast Cancer Awareness

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One of my favorite things about the car culture is when all of its members band together for a cause that is greater than itself.  Popular gear-head apparel line EAT SLEEP RACE is doing their part by releasing a special edition of their “Boobs & Boost” shirt.  The shirt features pink ribbons, the symbol of breast cancer awareness.  100% of the proceeds from shirt sales will go to organizations fighting breast cancer.  Both shirts are $23.99 and can be found at the EAT SLEEP RACE online store.

[Source link: EatSleepRace.com]

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Hype: Let Other Drivers Know How You Feel With LED Rear Window Display From Think Geek

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It has happened to all of us.  We are driving along going about our business and some horse-turd in another car does something stupid like cut us off, tailgates us in the slow lane, or throws a rubber chicken at us (I live in LA, it can happen).  Anyhow, it is in those moments that the one finger salute isn’t always adequate enough to articulate our true feelings to the offending driver.  However, short of some epic road rage meltdown, there isn’t really any other way to communicate from car to car without doing something crazy. …Until now!

Think Geek has released the Drivemotion LED Car Sign, a small LED display device with 16 pre-programmed messages that can be mounted to the rear window of your car so you can truly let any tailgating mofos know what you really think.  The Drivemotion can display text but also “emoji” like characters that are also pretty good at personifying one’s feelings.  For those pacifists out there who are all about peace and love, it should be noted that the Drivemotion can also display positive messages like a “thank you” directed towards a car that lets you in or a “have a nice day” to everyone.  Although if you’re a real misanthrope those messages could be used cynically as well.  The key here is versatility!

The only downside is that users of the Drivemotion cannot create custom messages and the controller for the unit only has three buttons.  This means cycling through the 16 different messages requires several button presses.  So, unless a user knows all the button combinations by heart it may take to long to bring up the appropriate message and the intended recipient may be long gone.  Or it may be easy to accidentally display the wrong message.  It would suck to call someone an idiot when you meant to thank them for giving you space!

Either way this is a step in the right direction.  If you want to try out the Drivemotion LED Car Sign you can pick it up on ThinkGeek.com for about 40 bucks!

[Source: ThinkGeek.com]

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12 Days Of Hype: A GoPro Makes A Perfect Accessory For The Track Day Junkie

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What is cooler than punishing tires all day at the local track or autocross event?  Having video documentation of it!  Although back in the day such a thing was tricky.  Recording footage at the track required really expensive mounts and head-scratching trying to find a place to put said mount.  However, in the age of the GoPro those problems are in the past.  A GoPro can be mounted just about anywhere and are relatively inexpensive compared to the options of the past.  If you have a regular track day visitor in your life and he/she does not already have a GoPro camera then I would highly recommend getting them one as a gift!  While the newest HERO4 Black model is pictured, GoPro actually has several models available that range in price from as little as $120 all the way up to $500 (for the aforementioned HERO4 black model).  Just pick the model that best suits your budget and its intended purpose.  Don’t forget to pick up some of the motorsports related accessories as well like the suction cup mount ($39.99) and the roll bar mount ($29.99).

As a bonus GoPros aren’t just for motorsports stuff there are mounts that will allow for filming of just about any kind of sports activity or other things depending on how creative the user is.  Its really hard to go wrong with this as a gift!  I wish I had one!  For more info hit the source link below.

[Source: GoPro.com]

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12 Days Of Hype: Genuine Ferrari F1 Engine Valve Desktop Display Piece

Posted on 12.18.14 | Andrew Beckford No Comments


Car people love to put cool car stuff on their desks.  Its just a fact of life.  Anyone who loves cars probably has some cool car related thing on their desk at work or maybe hung up on their wall and they are always looking for something even cooler to replace the already cool thing they currently have.  Well this is the cool desk thing to end all cool desk things!  Right now from Ferrari, you can buy an engine valve from a genuine Ferrari F1 engine!  It even comes with a certificate of authenticity and a cool stand to display it with.  The stand will have a plaque that will state the car the valve came from and everything.  This is pretty awesome for just about any car person, specially if they are also an F1 fan!

This desktop piece will set you back $210 plus shipping, which may also be pricy if you want to get this in time for Christmas.  Hit the source link below if you are interested in ordering one.

[Source: store.Ferrari.com]

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12 Days Of Hype: Dsalni Drawn Automotive Print

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Most automotive enthusiasts consider cars to be art.  So they get really excited when they see an art piece of an art piece.  Lost? Stay with me here… There is a really talented automotive artist who goes by Dsalni.  He has a pretty cool blog in which he shows off all his latest works.  The awesome part is that his renderings can be ordered as prints through his online store!  He also puts some of his designs on shirts and hoodies so there is also that.  Basically anything from Dsalni’s store would make a pretty fresh gift.  If you don’t see anything you like in his store you may be able to contact him to commission a custom, personalized piece.  However, he is a busy man and might not be able to finish it before Christmas but it is worth a shot!  Check out his online store at the source link below!

[Source: Dsalni Drawn Store]

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12 Days Of Hype: PACRIM I Heart Boost Zipper Hoodie

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The days are getting colder and nothing can keep a person warm like a hot, toasty turbo!  Do you have a boost junkie in your life?  If so, chances are they would probably really like this “I heart boost” hoodie from PACRIM.  Its a zip up hoodie with a unique design which incorporates a turbocharger into a heart!  Cool huh?  We think so!  The front logo is embroidered but there is a larger version of the design which is silkscreened on the back.  If you want to pick one of these up for that special boost-a-holic in your life you can order them right now on iLoveRacing.com at the link below for about 40 bucks!

[Source: iLoveRacing I heart boost hoodie]

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Hype Event: Ollo Clip Photo Exhibition “Shutter Speed”

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I think its safe to say that just about anyone who owns an iPhone knows what an Ollo Clip is.  For those of you who don’t allow me to explain.  The Ollo Clip is a genius little gadget fitted with two lenses, with four configurations (Fish Eye, Wide Angle, Macro 10X, Macro 15X) that slides over the built in iPhone’s camera lens and gives users the ability to take really cool shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  For the last year or so Ollo Clip has reached out to a few key figures in the automotive culture, gave them an Ollo Clip and told them to have at it.  Each individual was allowed to take the most creative pictures they could come up with as they conducted their daily goings on be it racing, building cars, organizing car shows, etc.

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_1 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_2 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_3 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_4 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_5

Last night Ollo Clip gathered the best pictures from the instagram accounts of those users and put them together into a pretty cool photography exhibit dubbed “Shutter Speed” at the Box Eight studio in downtown Los Angeles.  It was a pretty cool event, though relatively low key compared to some of the other events I’ve been to.  But it was a great atmosphere with cool people and a few pretty cool cars sitting dead center to provide extra eye candy on top of the awesome pictures on display.  To get a taste of what it was like click on the thumbnails.  If you like the idea of being able to expand your phone’s photo capabilities I would highly recommend checking out Ollo Clip.  They are pretty much the go to external lens for iPhones and they just announced a model for the iPhone 6.  If you’re an android person there is an Ollo Clip out now for Samsung Galaxy phones.

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_6 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_7 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_8 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_9 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_10

OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_12 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_13 OlloClip_Exhibition_2014_14

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Hype: Want To Smell Like A Lamborghini? Well You Can With New “L” Cologne. Seriously, Lamborghini Made A Cologne…

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Some people love “new car” smell.  I think its pretty nice too (as long as it doesn’t contain harmful toxins) but I think one of the best new car smells comes from exotic cars.  Frequenting car shows as much as I do I have inhaled my share of alcantara, leather, carbon fiber, and ABS plastic in my time and it is quite intoxicating (no pun intended).  However, would anyone of you actually want to wear that scent?  Lamborghini is hoping so as they just announced that they will be launching their own cologne at the Geneva Motorshow called “L”.   Seriously, this is happening.  Crazy right?

I am sure that “L” won’t actually smell like a Lamborghini interior but technically its possible since they never say it won’t smell like a Lamborghini…  If you are interested in a leather wrapped bottle of “L” then get in line fast as Lamborghini says they will only produce 999 vials of the stuff.  If you miss out then don’t fret too much because Lamborghini says they will actually produce three more scents after this in the near future.  I wonder what the next one will be; Acuqa Di Exhaust Pour Homme perhaps?

Press Release:

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 21 February 2014. Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, the clothing and accessories line with the DNA of the House of the Raging Bulls’ super sports cars, presents the Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The must-have

The newest product in the collection is definitely the perfume “L”, for men who love essential, unique luxury. The first of the four fragrances, a limited edition with only 999 produced, will be presented in a world preview at the Geneva Show on 4 March. The perfume, designed by a creative team and perfume experts for Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extends the values of the worldfamous super sports car brand to an olfactory experience. “L” is the first perfume by Collezione Automobili Lamborghini, extending the product range for the first time to fragrances for men.

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Hype Art: EAT SLEEP RACE Limited Edition Canvas Prints Illustrate Tuning As A Weapon

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The guys from EAT SLEEP RACE are trying to add some culture to our lives with a few extremely limited edition prints of some of their latest artwork.  The first, dubbed “shootout” seamlessly combines the aesthetics of a turbocharger with that of an old school revolver while the second portrays spark plugs as ammunition.  Both pieces are pretty provocative but visually pleasing at the same time.  I’d totally rock both of these on my wall.  There is only one problem: they are only printing 12 of each!  Yes, only 12! If you want one you better move quick!  You can order the prints online right now for $29.99 each and once they are sold out they will not be reproduced! Just click the source link below to go straight to the EAT SLEEP RACE store to buy one.

[Source: EATSLEEPRACE.com]

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Hype: GARAGETUNED x JDMEGO x Evasive Motorsports S2000 Triple Colab Skate Deck

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If you follow the JDMEGO blog you know that over the last few months Judson AKA “DropJay” did several artwork pieces for skateboard decks yet none of them showed up in the JDMEGO store.  Well that’s because they are over in the ILoveRacing.com store!  Just make a few more clicks! Come on don’t be lazy…  Besides if you want to own this sweet Evasive Motorsports S2000 skate deck for only 50 bucks then you are going to need to move quickly.  This would look so fresh mounted on a wall!

[Source: ILoveRacing.com store]

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