DiRT 5 Announced By Codemasters For Xbox Series X. Will Run At 120fps

Just a few moments ago Xbox had their first livestream showcasing games running on their new Xbox Series X console. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t that interested in most of the games shown. That was, until a very pretty looking racing game made its appearance. Then I saw the Codemasters logo and started guessing.

At first I actually thought I was seeing a new GRID game but it is way too soon for that. Imagine my surprise when the DiRT logo showed up at the end!

It makes perfect sense that Codemasters would elect a DiRT game to be their first foray into the next gen consoles. Rally racing just provides so many opportunities to show off beautiful natural landscapes, lightning, and material textures.

DiRT 5 will feature courses from all over the world including New York City, Rio de Janerio, China, Italy, Norway, Greece and more. At each track players will have the option of choosing various weather conditions and can make those conditions static or dynamic.


The DiRT 5 trailer also provides a good sense of the vehicle variety players can expect. Porsches, Mustangs, Aston Martin, buggies, and of course rally cars are all represented in the gameplay preview.

In an post-stream interview Robert Karp, DiRT 5 developer director mentioned that sprint cars will be included as well. If you’re unfamiliar, sprint cars are short wheelbase open wheel racers with massive rear tires and a humongous wing. They race exclusively on dirt ovals, can only turn left, and are really fast. I suggest searching for some sprint car races on YouTube if you haven’t seen them in action before.

This time around couch co-op will be a significant feature as 4 player split-screen will be available. Considering how big TVs are today, I would say that is a very much welcomed addition.

The career mode is obviously going to be a center piece of DiRT 5 and this time around it will presented in a non-linear mode to allow more player choice, but will also be more narrative in nature.

Popular video game voice actors Nolan North ( known for playing “Nathan Drake” in Uncharted series) and Troy Baker ( known for playing “Joel” in The Last Of Us) will be lending their talents as characters players will interact with during the career.

Troy Baker will be playing a mentor who will guide players through signing with sponsors and providing moral support. While Nolan North will be playing the part of a rival and the main antagonist in the story. If you’re familiar with the voice actors then you know that this combo should make for some pretty entertaining banter.

DiRT 5 will be available for both Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles but will release on current gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro), PC and the Google Stadia game streaming service.

Although, since this game was announced during an Xbox livestream event there were some exclusive Xbox “quality of life” features reveled.

It was stated DiRT 5 will default at 4k resolution at 60 frames-per-second (fps) but on Xbox Series X there will be a 120fps option. Though it is likely the higher frame rate will result in a lower resolution like 1080p.

DiRT 5 will also have “smart delivery” on Xbox consoles. What is smart delivery? The best way to explain it is that you will always have the “optimal” version available despite having to only purchase the game once.

For example, let’s say when DiRT 5 launches, you have an Xbox One X and you aren’t quite ready to upgrade to the Series X console. Just buy the game for your Xbox One and whenever you make the jump to the new console, the Series X version of DiRT 5 will automatically download to your library with the upgraded graphics and features. No need to re-purchase the game.

While we still don’t know exactly when the Xbox Series X is supposed to be released, Codemasters did announce that DiRT 5 will launch in October 2020 (the Google Stadia version will launch in “early 2021”).

As more DiRT 5 info becomes available I’ll make sure to fill you in. For now, check out the first screenshots by clicking any of the images in this post or in the screenshot gallery below. You can also watch the first gameplay trailer, the Robert Karp Xbox interview and see read the official press release below.

When you’re done taking it all in, let me know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.

DiRT 5 screenshot gallery:


DiRT 5 Xbox Series X gameplay trailer:


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