This Is The New Batmobile

Director Matt Reeves took to Twitter yesterday and gave the world its first look at the new Batmobile which will be piloted by Robert Pattenson in The Batman which is the first reiteration of the character since Ben Affleck’s portrayal.

Obviously the first thing I noticed is how much of a departure it is from Batmobile’s of the past. Starting with Michael Keaton’s Batman from ’89, just about every Batmobile has been a showcase of tech both real and imaginary.

This new Batmobile looks straight up like a hot rod muscle car. The only difference being the rear mounted engine. By the way that engine is absolutely massive and I can’t quite tell if it is a V8 or a V10. It looks like a V8 at first glance but when I zoom in, it looks like there may be more than 4 ignition coils on each side. Either way, it looks like a monster of an engine.

Some closer inspection also reveals two massive turbos on each engine bank. Bats wielding some serious power here. It also appears that there is no firewall between the engine and the front seats which would be insane and incredibly badass all at the same time.

With the engine in the back, its likely that all the hidden artillery is likely up front. Or, there would be a whole other engine just for the front wheels. I wouldn’t be surprised by either scenario to be honest.

The one thing for certain is that this car definitely does not seem to have all the tech or armor that we’re used to seeing on a Batmobile. This seems like much more of a throwback to the Adam West Batmobile of the 60s.

The Batman is supposed to take place early in Batman’s career so perhaps he hasn’t quite gotten as tech savvy yet? Either way this car looks like a beast.

Though, for as cool as it is, it does cause me to wonder a bit. Batman is all about being stealth and stalking in the night. Sure, this car is painted matte black but with that engine set up it has to be louder than a freakin’ fighter jet!

The bad guys would hear him coming from miles away! Not very subtle Bats…

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