WRC 8: A Realistic Rally Racing Game That I Totally Suck At

If you’re reading this then you know that I play a lot of racing games, especially on consoles. Forza, Gran Turismo, Formula 1, Ridge Racer, the list goes on. However what you might not know is that when it comes to rally racing games, I am just not that great at them. If I had to make a guess as to why I am not great at them, I would probably say it is the unique dynamics of driving on multiple surfaces that seems to cross my wires.

Despite all that, I still really like playing rally games even if I’m not all that good. So, when Big Ben Interactive contacted me to try out the final version of WRC 8 I was excited but also slightly nervous.

The WRC video game series is known for being a very high-level simulation style game for the hardcore rally fans. It is definitely not something meant for “casual” players.

Before getting a review copy I had only played WRC 8 once at E3 this year and even with a highly advanced steering wheel rig, I still had a difficult time. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

So, what would someone like me, a low-skilled, but highly enthusiastic rally fan think of a high-end rally sim game like WRC 8? Check out the video below for my perspective.




WRC 8 is definitely meant for the more hardcore players. If you only casually like rally racing then I would suggest sticking with games like DiRT or just drive off road in Forza Horizon.

However, WRC 8 does have functions in place to help novice drivers get better. So, if you are willing to put the time in, this game can actually make you better.

Obviously, if you are already good at rally racing games and you are a WRC fan then this is a no-brainer, pick it up ASAP.



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