FORD v FERRARI Official Trailer Released

Listen up kids, the Subaru WRX vs the Mitsubishi Evo is definitely not one of the biggest rivalries in automotive history. I know that’s a shock but try to compose yourselves. Anyway, the real biggest rivalry is easily Ford vs Ferrari.

Back in the 60s Ferrari thought pretty highly of themselves as they were dominant in just about every motorsport they participated in during the time. Ford tried to take them on but typically came up embarrassingly short.

That is until the day that Ford turned to a local tuner named Carroll Shelby to take on the prancing horse. It was truly an epic story. In fact, so epic that they’ve made a movie based on it.

FORD v FERRARI aims to tell the true story of how Carroll Shelby went to war against Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race and the birth of the GT40 race car. If you know your history then you are already aware of how the race turns out. Though this film, instead focuses on the journey to the ultimate result. Most people don’t know how crazy the idea of taking on Ferrari was. Especially from a company like Ford.

To say the “blue oval” was an underdog going into the race is a massive understatement. The film features Matt Damon playing Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale playing British driver Ken Miles forming an unlikely partnership to take on the prancing horse.

The film is directed by James Mangold who also directed Logan and Walk The Line. If his past work is any indication, it could end up being an Oscar contender. This first FORD v FERRARI trailer already has me sold. Check it out for yourself below!

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